Birthday greetings to a man funny in prose
The better the cognac, the more stars on its label. The older the cognac, the more refined and noble its taste. We want to wish you that you, like cognac, become stronger and more seasoned with age, softer and more tender and, as a result, more expensive!
Birthday greetings to a man friend in prose
Happy birthday, my dear friend! It seems like I’ve known you for a thousand years. And on this wonderful day, I wish you to live at least 150 years. Our life is interesting and multifaceted. I wish you to have time in it to realize as many goals as possible and realize as many plans as possible. You’re a good person, a great friend. And I, as a female friend
Happy birthday greetings to the male leader in his own words
Dear Manager, happy birthday! Ambitious plans, competent and executive subordinates, comfortable working conditions, search for new opportunities, profitable investments, decent people, loyal friends. May luck accompany everything, and a lucky guiding star illuminates the road!
A short birthday greeting to a male friend
I wish you health, stable finances,
Things to burn in the hands of your strong ones.
In the family – understanding, happiness, patience,
In a career – great success.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday greetings to a man friend in verse
Walk through life boldly,
You are a man – you are my friend.
Happy birthday congratulations,
Keep peace in your soul.

Show what you can do,

Achieve everything yourself.
Having received the location,
Beautiful lovely ladies.

Don’t be shy to stand out,

Give me change if that’s the case.
If you are very brave,
Then you will understand that everything is nothing.
Funny birthday greetings to a male colleague
We came to celebrate our birthday.
Colleague, so let’s treat us.
They brought good things with them in their palms,
We want flowers to bloom for you.
And we drew happiness to the cart,
So happy birthday to a colleague.
We wish that the director did not scold
And he gave out bonuses more often.
Everything was easy at work,
Everything worked out quickly, nicely.
And always on your way,
A burning bright star!
Birthday greetings to the male leader in prose
Happy Birthday! I wish you joy, creative ups, conquering steep peaks, constant success! I wish reliable people around, strong nerves and peaceful weekends, unforgettable trips and real family happiness!
Happy birthday greetings to the male director in his own words
Our dear and respected director, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you to always act confidently and look forward optimistically, I wish you to never leave your ideas and plans without implementation, I wish you to constantly stay in the status of a happy and successful person, I wish you to believe in your luck and justify any hopes.
Short birthday greetings to a man in an original way
There is time for success and victories,
Let his Birthday bring him closer!
From this moment in life for many years
Let there be only luck and luck!
Birthday greetings to a male colleague in verse
Back, back at work
Turmoil is vanity.
Will congratulate someone
Happy birthday. Tra-ta-ta!
This someone is in front of us!
Our colleague, our hero.
Congratulations, we eat everything
And we go home.
You smile – that’s nice,
Feel free to be alive.
Be natural, funny
Everyone is the envy of the rest!
Happy birthday greetings to the boss man are cool
Our boss, you are such a cool person,
You’re even more spectacular than Luc Besson.
In order not to look too corny,
We decided to congratulate you in an original way.

Love you a huge wine barrel,

And in “Forbes” — a separate bold line.
And a wheelbarrow in the entire configuration of the “lux”,
And so that the secretary did not get caught by the “kuksa”.

So that customers are always happy,

Sms birthday greetings to a man prose
Happy Birthday! I wish you to remain a model of courage and perseverance, to live actively, to love, to be loved and always achieve your goal!
Sms birthday greetings to a man in your own words
I wish to create my life like a great artist creates a picture… Creating a shade, colors and background of the general situation with one stroke! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday greetings to the male boss are short
We wish you mountains of good luck,
We wish you a lot of good,
So that the work you live in,
Only brought happiness to fate!
Birthday greetings to a man’s boss in verse
Happy birthday to you, Chief,
We are in a hurry to congratulate,
The best boss
It’s hard to imagine.

We draw a portrait in three words –

Fair, harsh and strict,
You are for us, for subordinates
At work – just God.

We wish you good luck,

New achievements,
To make you happy,
And always healthy.
Funny words of birthday greetings to a man
I hasten to congratulate a real man on his birthday: brutal, initiative, generous and reliable. You are not just the best, you are the dream of all women without exception. It’s quiet, cozy and reliable next to you.
Official congratulations to a man on his birthday in prose
Our entire team wishes you a happy birthday! Please accept the kindest and sincere wishes from us! We join all the important words that are being addressed to you today. Your professionalism, dedication, responsible attitude to colleagues and clients, high work capacity and creativity make you a very valuable and irreplaceable employee. We wish you good health, spiritual harmony and optimism, both at work and in life. Good luck and
Original words of birthday greetings to a man
Dear man! I congratulate you on your birthday! May you always be surrounded by loyal friends, may difficulties be easily overcome, may there always be joy and fun in the house! I also wish you good health and always a good mood. Happy Birthday! You have everything you need for happiness! And today is a great day to make happiness itself yours! I want to wish that life never ends,
A short birthday greeting to your beloved man
I don’t want to sound boring today,
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart, dear!
I will give you love silently
Whole, infinite, unearthly!
Funny birthday greetings to a man in verse
May your birthday be bright,
And bring you luck,
A mountain of gifts, congratulations,
And a sea of joyful phenomena!
Let your friends please you,
The family is not far behind them,
And you, of course, be strong,
Reasonable, bold and stable!
Let your every successful move
You will be pushed forward,
Let your dreams come true,
And you will be happy in life!