Sincere birthday greetings to a man prose
The standard of courage and reliability, with the command of you in my life, the question of how a real man should look was removed once and for all. Let me wish you on your birthday to remain healthy, strong, smart and patient in the future. May the best years be ahead of you, and all the most interesting things come into your life with each new day.
Sincere birthday greetings to a man in your own words
An amazing man today is the birthday boy! We sincerely congratulate you, wish you well-being, joy, lots of opportunities, love, smiles, good events, pleasant meetings and wonderful events. Be healthy, strong, always confident in yourself and in the future!
Beautiful birthday greetings to a man in short
To a beautiful, strong-minded,
Man, what to look for,
I wish not a fluff in my life,
Birthday to meet on “5”!
Birthday greetings to the male chef are short
Glasses are ringing today,
Of course, in your honor.
We will say neither more nor less,
Thank you for having us.
Happy birthday greetings to a man long poems
Here’s a birthday again,
What do you wish me?
To begin with, let luck,
And love, as in 25!
Wish fulfillment,
Gaining new knowledge,
To become wise, but not to grow old,
To have time everywhere slowly.
Pleasure in everything,
Dark night, bright day,
In relaxation, in work,
Wherever you are, everywhere.
Break away from routine,
Finally sleep it off,
Do not lose good friends,
Achieve goals faster.
Safe adventures,
Impressions ringing, clear,
Never fly by,
But soar, fly, fly!
Every day, like the first time
Gain Enthusiasm,
Find out
Funny prose for a man’s birthday greetings
We are in a hurry to congratulate one of the most wonderful people on our planet on his birthday! Remember that there was no other person like you, there is not and will not be! Love yourself the way we love and appreciate you. Let today please you with the warmth of good wishes and gentle hugs, let today be generous with surprises and gifts. We wish you to bathe
Happy birthday greetings to your beloved man in your own words
My favorite and only one, I congratulate you on your birthday. Whatever you have in mind, let it certainly come true. Let the sun send greetings to you from heaven on your holiday, and let luck and happiness certainly knock on the house. I wish you good health, my dear, a wonderful mood and all the best. May the good angel always protect you. Be always so cheerful, beautiful and
Happy birthday greetings to a man short sms
I wish on my birthday
You are not a rank, not a rank,
I will wish to stay
As before, the best of men.
Poems happy birthday to a man beautiful greetings
We want to wish you success in everything,
Let fate itself help in life,
And after one good good day,
Another, even more beautiful, comes.
May everyone who is dear live happily,
After all, the happiness of loved ones means a lot,
Let joyful meetings await in life,
Love, health and great luck!
Congratulations to a male colleague on his birthday in prose
Today, as a team, we are in a hurry to congratulate our dear colleague on his birthday. For several years now we have been working side by side every day, during this time you have really become a dear and beloved person for us. On your birthday, we want to wish you, first of all, good health and a lot of strength that will allow you to do what you
Touching birthday greetings to a man in his own words
Every year we become more mature,
The years fly by so fast,
Someone becomes related to us,
And we forget someone forever.

I wish you on this day,

That there was a soul in harmony,
That your loved ones,
Were always side by side.

So that you do not know troubles and evil,

So that all your dreams come true,
Happy birthday to you,
Your loved ones do not age.
Happy birthday greetings to a man short poems
Birthday is a glorious holiday,
He is the main one among the holidays.
I wish today
The key to find you from paradise,
Be healthy, strong, brave,
Kind, affectionate, skillful.
A short birthday greeting to a man in verse
Let your life be bright,
Tasks are easily solved,
Successfully let things go,
Health, joy, good luck.
Congratulations to your beloved man on his birthday prose
My beloved, you are the dearest person for me, the closest and most reliable. Thank you for making my life better and more interesting. I wish you fortitude, patience, good health and good luck. Let nothing be impossible for you, and you would overcome all the obstacles that arise easily and naturally.
Happy birthday greetings to the man boss in his own words
Dear boss, on this day we want to congratulate you on your birthday. On behalf of all subordinates, I want to tell you that the boss is like a teacher. You need not only to control the work, but also to adjust it, to teach everything necessary. You are a very smart, wise, successful person, and also a caring and polite mentor.
A short birthday greeting to a man is funny
So that girls love,
So that friends always appreciate.
Money to flow into your pocket,
To be a little drunk from happiness.
Funny birthday greetings to a man in verse
Man! Happy birthday to you,
You love life and firmly believe in yourself,
A man like you is the best of all,
Someone like you is always chasing success!
It doesn’t matter to a man like you and grief,
All elements are subject to – fire, air, earth, water,
I wish our country had more men like that,
Truthful, honest, smart, strong-willed!
Original birthday greetings to a man in prose
What is more expressive than any words? Of course, actions. They are the ones who speak about real feelings and thoughts, they are brighter than words and serve as a criterion of truth. And what do our actions say? That we, the guests, postponed all business, put on a marathon, polished our shoes, put on formal suits, then took the bus to the subway and came here to congratulate our
Funny birthday greetings to a man in your own words
We wish you to always be popular as Chanel perfume, so that you are in great demand for girls as a new Louis Vuitton collection, and for men as a new Land Cruiser. To prevent women from giving you the wrong gifts, instead of socks and shower gel, they gave you spinning, so that cigarettes would never run out, keys would not be lost, and the whole house could be
Funny short birthday greetings to a man
I wish you on your birthday to have
Not a hundred rubles – millions!
On the mountains, on safari, I wish to have time,
Love to swim across reservoirs!