Birthday greetings to a man are the most beautiful
Wonderful birthday party,
Around smiles, jokes, laughter,
You are worthy only of admiration,
Let success always accompany you.
Let all obstacles be no matter,
Let the green light burn on your way,
Let the sun of good luck always shine on you,
Let fate generously reward you in full.
Sincere congratulations on a man’s birthday are beautiful
Happy birthday congratulations,
We wish all dreams to come true!
To be the best in everything,
At night, in the evening and in the afternoon.

Start the morning with charging

So that everything is in order.
Continue the whole day the same way,
At work, everything is on five.

And in family life, personal

So that everything is “Excellent” in general.
Grief, troubles never to know,
And do not forget friends!
A beautiful birthday greeting to a military man
You are a military man — it means
The whole country is behind you,
Take it on your birthday
Congratulations from me.

I wish that in life

Proudly walked, chasing a step,
So that your friends would love you
And the enemy was always afraid.

Let it be under a peaceful, clear sky

Children’s laughter does not stop,
I want to wish, military,
That you were the happiest of all.
A beautiful birthday greeting to a man in verse
Today we will raise glasses together
And let’s drink to the festive memorable day.
It has become brighter and happier today,
Today you will enter a new stage.
Let there be no sadness on your birthday,
Let only joy fill your house,
We wish that friends knocked on the door,
So that you treated them to a huge cake.
We wish you health, love and good luck,
We wish you to walk bravely through life,
We wish you a car,
A short birthday greeting to a man is beautiful
It’s not easy to be a decent man.
There is little wealth, career growth.
Here you need to be honest and gentle and kind.
Sometimes, a little tough, incomparable in everything.
Laugh when you want to cry.
Be able to clearly separate home and work.
To give everything to the family, not sparing yourself,
But you can do it all anyway!
Beautiful prose happy birthday to a man congratulations
I congratulate you on your birthday and sincerely wish you to achieve all your goals! May luck always smile at you on the path of life, your wallet never empties, and your heart always sings! Let your family and friends please and help you in conquering new heights, and your health remains heroic! I wish you to meet every day with enthusiasm and excitement, so that later, seeing him off,
Happy birthday greetings to a man in beautiful words
An amazing man today is the birthday boy! We sincerely congratulate you, wish you well-being, joy, lots of opportunities, love, smiles, good events, pleasant meetings and wonderful events. Be healthy, strong, always confident in yourself and in the future!
A beautiful birthday greeting to a man is cool
I congratulate you, gorgeous man, on your Birthday,
You sing today, dance and don’t be sad at all,
And by the evening, your face, in mashed potatoes or a delicious salad,
Carefully, or lower it with acceleration!
So that everyone around you is absolutely awesome,
And say: Yes! Our birthday boy, he is like that!
Stay the same cheerful and humorous,
So that you are always healthy, rich, young!
A beautiful birthday greeting to your beloved man
Beloved, dear man,
Today is your holiday.
Don’t look for a reason for sadness,
You’re the best I have.

I wish you good health,

Success, joy, kindness,
More patience and peace.
And make your dream come true!

So that you do not doubt yourself,

So that you always live in prosperity,
So that you enjoy life, dear.
I love you madly!
Beautiful sms birthday greetings to a man
To the best man on his Birthday
From the bottom of my heart I give congratulations:
Always be successful, strong, brave,
Young, happy and skillful!
And hold a thread of luck in your hand,
Be loved and don’t forget to love!
Original birthday greetings to a man beautiful
There are many beautiful words in the world,
They are often written in congratulations,
When friends are congratulated
On a wonderful holiday – Birthday.
But I won’t be like them,
I’ll say it in ordinary language:
I wish you to stay
Only a real man!
To thank for your words, actions
As you answered now,
So that you are not afraid of anything,
Well, I didn’t forget my friends either!
To be faithful to your beloved
Loved without any reason!
After all, these qualities,
Happy birthday to a male colleague beautiful congratulations
You are talented, confident, diligent,
It’s not difficult to turn to you.
You are a stale excellent student in your soul,
And with a medal you follow your fate!

From Saturday to every Saturday

You can’t tear yourself away from work.
Life is not just business and worries –
This is friendship, communication, family…

Birthday brings changes,

Let there be joy and peace in the soul.
Among hundreds of guesses and opinions
You, colleague, keep a landmark!
Happy birthday greetings to a man friend
I want to have a happy birthday today,
I congratulate you, my friend, from the bottom of my heart,
I wish you joy and inspiration,
Let luck certainly wait ahead.

I wish you success, happiness,

Respect, understanding, love,
To all troubles and misfortunes,
Away from you forever gone.
Beautiful birthday greetings to the boss man
The boss is respected, solid,
Gallant, handsome, very prominent,
Though strict, at the same time fair,
A real and handsome man!

We cordially congratulate you on your birthday,

We wish you success and success in everything,
So that all your cherished dreams come true,
The reins of government obeyed you!

Love to you, respect, understanding,

And women’s beautiful attention,
And adoration, even admiration,
Have fun all the time mood!