Comic congratulations to a man on his birthday with a joke
Let it be in your hut
There is money and girls,
And a faithful horse is waiting outside the window:
Iron, fashionable — wow, fire.

And let at your porch

Three loyal fighters are on duty:
Love, reliability and peace,
And happiness follows you.

In luck — eternal unlimited,

In bed — personal Aibolit,
In a career — sky-high growth,
Let there be progress in everything.

Well, and a little more will,

A little sugar without salt,
A little serious personal
Comic birthday greetings to a male friend
Buddy, you’re like a hurricane,
And you will not bend your camp in trouble.
It’s safe and cool with you
And life does not pass in vain.

I love to have a beer with you

And the floor is lovely to discuss.
Go to the cinema, play billiards
And hang out at the club at night.

Play paintball, play hockey

And to relax in nature.
It’s not scary to go into battle with you
After all, you will not
A comic greeting to a man on his birthday is short
Don’t let it make you sad,
Cabbage crunches in your wallet,
The key to the wheelbarrow is in your pocket,
The TV remote is waiting on the couch.
Comic birthday greetings to a man in verse
Birthday has arrived,
From all cases fenced off,
Have a rest today violently,
Fun, glamorous, noisy;

Forgetting about all the bad weather,

There will be only happiness in life,
There will be a bright streak,
You will believe in miracles.

Money, a villa and a car,

And full of gasoline,
You can have a cottage in the Moscow region
And good luck all year round.
Birthday greetings to a man funny sms
On my birthday I wish
Sea of beer, striptease on the table,
There are three black Hyundai in the parking lot,
And one, the fourth, is for me!
Comic congratulations to a man on his birthday in prose
I wish you a happy birthday. I wish that there was no emptiness in my head, that there was a lot of money in my wallet, that it was always delicious on the table, that life was joyful every day, that the soul was drunk with happiness, and the heart with tenderness and love.
Comic congratulations to a male colleague on his birthday
You can do everything: lead and execute.
You know how to be a boss and subordinate.
You can give in and stand your ground.
You’re brave where you need to be, or cautious.

Fulfill the plans or create them yourself.

You won’t get out of the schedule. Or overtake.
An example to colleagues and an assistant to ladies.
You will do everything in this world and you can.

We wish you on your birthday

Stay fair, strong
Comic birthday greetings to the boss man
It is very difficult to congratulate the boss.
What to wish for when everything is already there?
But happy birthday you need to congratulate.
It is a great honor to work under his wing.

Happy birthday mentor and boss.

You are an example for us, our curator.
To keep your income growing
And only up the career escalator.
Comic congratulations to your beloved man on his birthday
And as an artist you are not bad,
You are beautiful as a person:
My King, my Idol, you are my God,
I want to live my life with you.
I’ll sharpen my pencils,
I’ll put the frame on the easel,
And you devils, draw, write
It’s always just my portrait everywhere!
Blessed is that day and hour
(Such is the power in art!),
In which we are strangers
Fate has united us forever!
I put a little white on
Comic congratulations to a man on his birthday obscene
Happy Birthday! Have the honor,
Have fun, don’t worry!
Have all the problems,
Have fun more often!
In a close friendly circle,
With beer, unbiased,
Fill fate with a farce,
To live pi_dato!