Cool congratulations on retirement to a man
Hooray, we waited! Believe me,
Free as a bird,
At least lie down on the couch now,
At least keep working.

She was in a hurry and came,

As a best friend,
Meet the pension, it’s time,
Worthy merit!
Comic congratulations on retirement to a man
Pension, it’s not terrible at all, —
This is a fashionable life stage.
Gives you new statuses —
Grandparents are cooler than moms and dads.

Let your grandchildren hang on you in clusters,

And diseases will subside with warts,
All problems will not be serious,
The days of relaxation, rest are coming!
Congratulations to a retiring man in prose
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on your retirement and I want to wish that your wings of inspiration do not weaken and you still bravely continue to conquer new heights of success. I wish you to remain a strong and healthy man, let only joy and happiness into your life, devote your time only to interesting and important things, never forget about your loved ones and
Seeing off the retirement of men congratulations from colleagues
The team congratulates you
With retirement
And on vacation offers
Give you a license.

You rightfully deserve

These congratulations.
You are an excellent employee.
There is no doubt about it.
A short congratulations on retirement to a man
It doesn’t matter that the years are rushing fast,
Silvery leaving a trail,
We wish you great happiness, Vivacity, health, and long years!
I wish you happiness and warmth,
Good and kind friends,
High hopes, intoxicating feasts,
Pleasant meetings and kind words!
Congratulations on retirement to the male boss
From God you are a wise boss,
The workers rushed through the weekdays,
And having accomplished the labor feat,
You are going to a big swim.

Good health to you, our mentor,

Board all targets.
The ship of your life to lead
And avoid stress reefs,

Family treasures to keep

And to enter the port of wealth,
The cabin boy-granddaughter to teach everything
And stay afloat!
Congratulations on retirement to a military man
You have served a glorious service,
For the benefit of the Motherland for many years.
It’s time to retire, so long-awaited,
To enjoy the joy of victories!

And to congratulate you on this date,

We are gathered here today.
To enjoy your courage,
After all, life is even more beautiful ahead!
Congratulations on retirement to the male leader
Our dear supervisor,
Congratulations on your retirement!
On an unusual day like this
We wish you everything:

Health strong as steel,

Good luck, happiness and kindness,
Longevity as long as the distance,
Smiles, sunshine and warmth.
Congratulations on retirement to a man in your own words
I congratulate a wonderful and brave man on his retirement and I want to wish him great joy of life and bright happiness, excellent prosperity and activities to his liking, warm meetings and well-being in the family, sincere respect and good hopes.
Official congratulations on retirement to a man
So the hour has come, which some are afraid of, and some rejoice in a well-deserved rest. It’s time to retire. Your wisdom, experience, knowledge and amazing efficiency have always helped many in your profession! You have given a lot to this work, because you worked not just anyhow, but gave your soul every day! You didn’t just love your job, you lived it. And today it is a pity
Funny congratulations to a man with a pension
Retirement is the best vacation! This is a unique chance to devote yourself to your favorite business and those pleasant things for which there was not enough time before. Now you can immerse yourself in those things that give real pleasure, and plunge headlong into the atmosphere of a real holiday! Congratulations on your retirement!
Congratulations on retirement to a male colleague
Congratulations! Here it comes –
The second youth is an idle time.
There is a desire and strength for rest,
When the pension deservedly came.
And now there is an opportunity
To realize long-standing dreams:
Get enough sleep, find time for hobbies,
To go to a tourist camp with tents.
The main thing is not to succumb to the years,
Do not be discouraged and do not lower your hands,
And the free time
Joyfully and usefully spend.