Congratulations on the 50th anniversary to a male colleague
We sincerely congratulate you
We wish you health and vigor,
New successes and victories,
Happy life, long years.
After all, every year is something dear to you,
Even though the days are flying rapidly
No longer 30 or 40,
Already today – 50.
Let life be full to the brim,
Without worries and without troubles,
And to happiness and health
Enough for you for a hundred years.
Sms congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a man
Today is a holiday, fifty years old,
How you delight the world of the soul with radiance!
I wish you further victories,
Achievements, fulfillment of desires!
Comic congratulations on the anniversary of a 50-year-old man
Worthy of a reward and pleasing to the eye
A solid, successful man.
All women’s views are on you today —
Medicine is powerless for them.

Only fifty years have passed

Today we summarize the results:
A huge sea of good victories,
Pleasant meetings on the road.

We want to wish you a younger soul

And the body so that you do not grow old.
Succeed in all your endeavors,
Confidently moving towards the goal!
Congratulations to the boss on the 50th anniversary of the man
On this birthday, our boss,
We give you beautiful words:
To make life extraordinary,
From her the soul danced,
So that you lived and did not grieve,
So that people made you happy,
So that you would never be sad –
Business is time, and fun is an hour!
Touching congratulations on the anniversary of a man 50 years old
Beautiful number in this postcard
Deceptively, because we are all used to,
That fifty is a sign of old age,
But the signs are not always accurate.

You will look at you and realize that age

I have always grown up separately from you,
You are young, slim, that is your pride,
And a youthful sparkle is pouring out of your eyes.

Here are women that forty-five are getting fresher,

Our people call them berries,
A man in
Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of a man 50 years old
Five dozen – everything is serious
Everything is interesting and complicated.
We were so clever with the gift,
Everything was laid out on the shelves:

Every boy in ten years

Everyone wanted a bike.
On the twentieth anniversary
Everyone wants money, friends.

At the age of thirty, men want

To have a family without a twist,
To have a wife, kids, a house
And the decoration was in it.

Well, at forty you understand,

That you are just
Poems congratulations on the anniversary of a man 50 years old
They say a man needs
Build a decent house.
Let’s agree together today,
You did everything perfectly!

You not only built a house,

But he also raised children.
You have arranged everything correctly
Accept it from friends

Congratulations to you today

And let me tell you,
Let there be more luck,
The first step is only fifty!

You have one road,

Only up and only forward!
Let your anxiety go away,
All the way! Luck is waiting!
Creative congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a man
Half a glass. The dispute is not necessary:
Who sees this object how.
Fifty for dinner,
Healthier than a hundred for lunch.

I can hear your cheerful voice,

Just like ten years ago.
Only slightly lighter than the hair.
Just a little sadder than the eyes.

Congratulations on the anniversary,

Measured in centuries!
You’ve never been “this”,
Holding the rod of truth in his hands.

So live like a cat in sour cream,

Training young people.
Let there be “money”
Funny congratulations on the anniversary of a man 50 years old
Let the faces and milestones change,
Let the running of time not be delayed.
But when the light is inside a person,
Time will just step back.

These years will not touch a man, —

The head of our whole friendly family.
Let there be no reason for sadness,
There will be reasons only for love.

He is Grandpa’s favorite for grandchildren

And a wonderful father and husband.
The best and the bravest and the strongest,
A man with
Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a man in prose
A 50-year-old man is like cognac, which is getting stronger and more expensive every year. You are an exclusive specimen, worth special attention and respect. On your birthday, I wish that every morning begins with an insane desire for active activity, and the day ends with pride for the work done.
Anniversary to the man of 50 years with humor congratulations
Like a brand new fifty kopeck piece,
That sparkles and glitters,
Today there is a birthday boy in the house,
“Dazzling, in appearance!
Because in a close circle,
As a single family,
Gathered friends, girlfriends,
That’s why I came!
To express the fate,
Than the soul burns completely, —
Wish you health, happiness,
Having checked your appetite.
To serve notable snacks
A cup full of wine
Was drunk in Russian —
Be sure to hit the bottom!
To have a birthday boy with us
Would like
Original congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a man
Let them say that 50 years is the middle of the road, that it’s time to sum up, but this is not for you at all! Silver on the temples gives you solidity and charm. You are strong and stand confidently on your feet, as befits a man in the full prime of life. A firm look and a strong hand say that it’s too early for you to think
50th anniversary to a man congratulations in your own words
A solid man is like an intoxicating wine: he has enough astringency in his character, but is not devoid of spiritual sweetness, has excellent endurance, but, opening, fills the cups in full. On this day, on this wonderful date, I wish you to stay in the same great shape, fill your heart with love and joy and drink the cup of happiness to the bottom. Happy anniversary!
Short congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a man
Silver fifty,
And the age is golden!
I wish you happiness, birthday boy,
Good luck under the moon!
Funny congratulations on the anniversary of a man 50 years old
I wish you to love, fall in love,
Get married, have sex.
Then breed, multiply,
And also have sex.
To work with fervor,
And then to have sex.
Enjoy the benefits of life
And to engage in sex zealously.
Everything I dreamed of, wait,
And still have sex.
And do not give up before age! —
Getting old, but having sex!…
It’s time, perhaps, to wrap up:
They called me to have sex.
Congratulations on the 50th anniversary to a man friend
You are not a simple birthday boy today,
You’re a hero of the day, my friend – you’ve changed fifty kopecks!
This is a wonderful age – not a little, but not much yet,
There is experience, wisdom and there is still a road ahead!
I congratulate you, my dear friend, from the bottom of my heart,
Let this anniversary be very fun,
I wish you happiness, reciprocity in everything and love,
Look only to the future,
Humorous congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a man
Happy anniversary to you, with fifty
Congratulations, my friend, to you!
And I wish that your turning
The mechanism has never rusted.
So that the girls adore you
And the ray of the sun warmed them all
From the edge of the noticeable, hardly,
Reflecting, just like from mirrors.
I wish my grandchildren to grow up nice,
So that everyone literally falls in love with their grandfather.
After all, it seems to them, Carlson, recently
He moved in next to them