55th anniversary to the man’s boss congratulations
Congratulations to all our team
Today the chief is on a holiday, on an anniversary.
We wish you health, most importantly,
You rule the entire company successfully,
And your subordinates love you very much,
And from the bottom of their hearts they want to say now –
Let sincere people surround you,
Let your loved ones strive to support!
Congratulations on the 55th anniversary to a man friend
Happy 55th birthday, my friend, congratulations,
I sincerely wish you good health,
Let spring always sing in the soul,
Let life flow like a full river.
Let there be no reason for sadness,
Let there be enough strength for everything,
Live a hundred years and be healthy,
Be ready for happy changes.
Sms congratulations on the 55th anniversary of a man
I want to congratulate a wonderful and kind man on his 55th birthday. I wish you family well-being and understanding, faith in yourself and your own strength, good health and vigorous strength, respect and good luck, home comfort and warmth.
Humorous congratulations on the 55th anniversary of a man
Eagle eye, full of greatness,
And proud profile, and masculine become…
And a long degree of high availability
Mind and experience we can discuss.

But get to the point. Time is fleeting

Does not sleep, does not wait, does not slow down,
And the arrows are endless movement…
Already the fifth marks the sixth decade of the year.

May there be new achievements in life!

Let the victory anthem always sound!
Wishes of all the order of
Congratulations on the anniversary to your beloved man of 55 years
We have not lived half our lives with you in vain
And they created a strong, proven tandem.
Let the Earth spin more confidently —
We will do without sorrows and problems.

Experience fell on my shoulders like white snow,

Gray hair has already dusted the whiskey,
But for me you are still dearer than everyone,
I’m in love with you, my dear, as before.

And nothing that suddenly fifty-five

There was a knock on your window
The best congratulations on the anniversary of a 55-year-old man
Wait another five years —
Say hello to the pension.
In the meantime, dear friend,
You’re a young man.

In fifty-five years sometimes

I want to go home,
Relax on the sofa
And read newspapers.

But don’t give in to laziness

And don’t lower your knees:
Life should always be boiling,
For health without harm.

Drink more pure water,

Eat less fast food, pizza,
Forget about alcohol,
Throw salt out of the kitchen altogether —
Show this heroism
And please the body.

It will

Short congratulations on the anniversary of a 55-year-old man
There is no date more wonderful!
You’re fifty-five today!
Rich in adventures,
The life of the year turns back!
Enjoy, get younger,
And don’t grow old with your soul!
A man is 55 years old, an original greeting
You live perfectly well
And they succeeded in many ways,
At work, in personal life
Well done, really.
And pyaterochka in the diary
Life puts you fairly,
You are a worthy student,
Smart, strong and active.
Five for skills, skills
And great for the children,
For success and patience,
For a beautiful anniversary.
Five for a faithful spouse,
For a beautiful wife.
You suit each other
And we really like you.
Five for the grandson(s), for the family,
And for the continuation of the family,
I easily recognize
Congratulations to a colleague on the 55th anniversary of a man
With a beautiful date, with a loud anniversary,
With the fifty-fifth anniversary, colleague of you,
You forget about the days in which you were ill,
From now on, health will be top class.
Let there be a mood for two fives,
And let the appearance always be two,
Let longing hide in a dark closet,
Let there be only joy in the heart and head.
Funny birthday greetings to a 55-year-old man
Gray hair and impressiveness
This age is decorated,
55 is a piquant age,
Everyone loves and respects you.

Let the soul sparkle with happiness,

And let everything burn in your hands,
Let the blues come afraid,
Time flies slower.

Let your health not fail,

After weekdays and fun,
Let everything be as you want,
Happy anniversary, happy birthday!
Congratulations on the 55th anniversary of a man in verse
You have achieved a lot in your life,
You are lucky;
After all, you are a real man,
And this is so, and not otherwise!
In the prime of life now:
Handsome, stately and tall.
Let your path be happy,
After all, he is still so far away.
We will pour the glasses more fully,
Let’s lift them over our heads!
And let’s drink to your anniversary –
We are glad to be always with you!
Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of a man 55 years old
Here you are already 55.
What do you want, dear, to wish.
We wish you a happy family,
So that your children are healthy.
To visit more often, so that they come to you,
And, of course, they brought their grandchildren.
So that my wife surrounds me with care,
And loves you, so that she respects you.
So that everyone is waiting for you at home,
We were always happy to meet you.
Lit up, so that the smile
Funny congratulations to a man on his 55th anniversary
The day is simply significant –
You’re fifty-five!
You are an attentive man,
I wish you to keep it up!
And congratulations are pouring in,
Fireworks are flying.
For this birthday,
Your fifty-five!
And if you translate them
In the “fuel” number,
How much is on your way
Bottles sprouted.
With a swing and at speed
Celebrate your holiday.
As far as conscience is enough –
So pour it.
Tell your wife cryptically:
“Forget the peace of the night”…
And it will be enough for her
“Five” and one.
Anniversary of 55 years to a man congratulations in prose
Congratulations to a great man on his 55th birthday. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you unquenchable strength and the former cheerfulness of the soul, the well-deserved respect of friends and the faithful love of relatives, the brave achievement of your goals and incredibly good health, bright happiness and undoubted good luck.
Congratulations on the 55th anniversary to a man in his own words
Congratulations to the magnificent man on his anniversary, on his wonderful 55th birthday. Let joy shine on your soul, let there be no reason for sadness in life, let your authority not lose its strength, let there be many more victories and important achievements on your way.
Comic congratulations on the 55th anniversary of a man
Let every day be bright and bright,
To live with taste, easily, unhurriedly!
May there be happiness, friends and gifts,
So that the soul can rest from the labors!
I value our sincere friendship
And I promise reciprocity in return!
I wish to be both important and necessary
People are still 200, at least, years old!
Let it remain for the hobby of hunting,
So that the fish goes, to please the bird:
To warm the soul with something