Congratulations on February 23 to men in prose
I congratulate you on Defender of the Fatherland Day and on this wonderful holiday of courage, I want to wish you to remain a fair and respected person in any life situation, to prove yourself a brave and courageous man in any battle, to see your perspective and indispensable success in any business, to find your happiness and have fun every day.
February 23 funny congratulations to a man
From 23! I hope
Did you get any presents?
And I dare to assume,
That the people handed you!

This is probably a machine tool

Or foam and socks,
Smile, my friend,
Don’t show your longing!

March is just around the corner,

You can win back,
Will you bring it to your beloved lady
Marmalades and flowers!
Short congratulations to a man on February 23
Your Royal Highness,
I want to congratulate you today
Happy Defender’s Day. Be healthy
And we are ready for madness for the ladies!
SMS greetings on February 23 to men
I wish you defenders,
To be full of strength!
So that happiness is with you,
So that you are always lucky in business!
Congratulations on February 23 to male colleagues
Happy holiday to male colleagues
To make dreams come true, make a wish –
It is difficult to imagine the best reason,
To wish for immeasurable blessings!

February twenty–third – excellent

A day to show gratitude!
Let happiness be familiar to you,
It will be more joyful to live from now on!
Congratulations to men on February 23 in verse
On this holiday of all men
We have many reasons
Wish to be elegant
Both beautiful and desirable.

To become for a woman both a friend,

And an exemplary spouse.
A subtle, sensitive person,
That is able to brighten up the summer

And warm in the dashing winter.

To be always necessary,
Strong, gentle and submissive,
And cheerful and agile.

Charming and wise

And a little reckless,
Understanding always
Never snarl,

Strong, courageous, bright,

To have money for gifts
Never regretted –
Congratulations on February 23 to the male teacher
My teacher, I cordially congratulate you
Happy Defender’s Day! I wish you courage,
To share wisdom with those children,
Who can only enjoy it with might and main!

I wish you creativity and inspiration,

So that the lesson turns into just a moment,
Which is filled with joy, knowledge, laughter,
Your personal, huge, wonderful success!

And let your children come through the years

With the most valuable gift in the whole wide world:
With gratitude, joy and kindness
New congratulations from February 23 to men 2022
Dear men. Today, we want to congratulate you, our defenders and heroes, all of you who protect us daily from difficulties, adversities and unnecessary problems. We would like to congratulate the men who, in cases of danger, will always protect their family, relatives, friends and colleagues. Happy holidays to you! I wish you health, strength of spirit and wisdom of heart!
Funny congratulations on February 23 to men
Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day,
I congratulate you today.
And not to become a gray kid,
From all the booze, I wish.

Don’t lose your mind,

Celebrate the holiday soberly.
With bread, salt, behind the doors,
Meet him affectionately!
Congratulations on February 23 to male clients
Congratulations to all our customers.
Happy Defenders of the Fatherland Day, friends!
We wish you love, well-being,
In the world to keep the family warm.

We wish you success in business

And there are more bills in your wallet.
A lot of happiness, a lot of laughter,
So that everything is on top.
Comic congratulations to a man on February 23
Let there be beautiful women nearby,
Let the alcohol pour into the glass over the edge,
Let it never get away from you,
And if it does, then don’t suffer.

Let your wishes come true on the holiday

(And the ones you didn’t dare to dream about),
And the best female creatures
They are in a hurry to warm your bed urgently.
Congratulations on February 23 to the male leader
The team respects you,
After all, you are the most honest boss,
And generates a positive
The approach to work is interesting!

You with 23! Let the case

They go easily, beautifully uphill,
We wish that life gave you
Success and joy at this time!

Let the swarm of worries rush away,

The time of achievements will come,
Let February be composed
From amazing moments!
The best congratulations on February 23 to a man
There are many different men in the world,
But the best one is you alone!
I don’t know any more so beautiful,
Such noble men I am!

There is goodness and strength in your eyes,

Intelligence, charm, the heat of fire!
I admire you, darling,
There is no better in the world for me!

Therefore, on your men’s holiday,

On the day of February 23,
I will not hide all my affection,
And I will congratulate only you
Congratulations on February 23 to your beloved man
Today I’ll tell you something important, my dear,
I adore and love you beyond measure,
I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
With a special holiday exclusively for men.
You are just perfect for me,
You are not just a beloved man, you are a standard,
You have many guises for me,
You are my friend, teacher, beloved, my Pharaoh!
Congratulations on February 23 to men in their own words
Gorgeous men, congratulations on February 23. I wish you to always act like heroes, never doubt your strength and rightness, constantly strive only for a better and brighter future, always be able to curb fate and tame the enemy.
Congratulations on February 23 to men with humor
Being a man is not easy,
It’s not such an honor!
Let you come out with your face, come out with your height,
Anyway, there are a lot of difficulties!

For example, you try beer

Drink liters at a time, say, five,
And then approach proudly
To your lady and give a hand!

And there is also a task like this:

Take out the garbage safely into the yard!
You are heavy, man’s destiny!
What is the conversation about
Congratulations on February 23 to a man from the heart
I can definitely call you a man,
And why, I’ll tell you now,
There is more than one reason for this,
I look at you with great dignity,

You are smart, kind, strong and brave,

And you will definitely protect your country,
And on this martial and important holiday,
I want to wish you all the best!