Happy New Year greetings to a man with humor
Happy New Year congratulations
I want a lot of money.
I give you a firebird
To go abroad
I give you a scarlet flower
So that there is a Porsche-horse in the yard.
And – a golden fish
To her painted villa.
Everything else – your dreams are just a matter,
You have fun and don’t live a dull life!
Funny Happy New Year greetings to a man
Let confetti shine,
And your loud laughter sounds,
Let joy into your heart,
To become the most fervent of all!

Let’s have a merry New Year

Fulfills all dreams.
Luck is waiting ahead,
Fortunately bridges will grow!

Let you follow them

Into a world where everything is just for you,
What you want, you will find!
Don’t forget about me!
Sms Happy New Year greetings to a man
Let dreams come true,
Happy will be the year,
And for you, beloved, let
Luck follows.
Happy New Year to a man is a joke
I wish everyone was a man
Similar to you, that’s right,
And successful, and beautiful,
And responsive always!

In the New Year I wish

Stay just yourself,
On a good holiday, congratulations,
You are a man – well, a hero!

Be also patient,

To live on the positive,
Long years you have succeeded,
All the cherished things have come true!
Vulgar congratulations to a man on the New Year
I look at the clock – I expect,
That you will come to visit sooner,
You love me, I know that,
And a shiver runs through my body again.
There is a waterfall between my legs just from the thought,
That we are together with you in the New Year,
We opened the doors to the world of debauchery,
Passion will take us online.
Beautiful New Year greetings to a man
I wish you a happy new year
Always and in everything keep your nose in the wind,
Good luck to catch and hold tight,
In business, in love, there are no problems to know,

To drink honey with beer or martini,

It’s beautiful, like in a fairy tale, to live!
Let your dreams come true,
You will be healthy and cheerful!

Let the wealth arrive in the purse,

And the New Year will be happy!
Congratulations on the New Year 2022 to a man in prose
You are strong, courageous, purposeful, intelligent, generous. You are admired by many women. And I’m one of them. This new year I wish to multiply all your wonderful qualities. Set unrealistic goals and solve difficult tasks. I believe you will achieve everything. Happy New Year to a real man! Happy New Year! Love and harmony, health and understanding, respect and fulfillment of all dreams!
Congratulations on the New Year to a man in your own words
My dear, on this magical night I want to wish you the fulfillment of all your most cherished desires, more smiles, laughter, friendly meetings, and I will take care of the abundance of love in your life myself! I love you and congratulate you on this wonderful New Year holiday!
Happy New Year to a man is cool
A year has flown by like an arrow!
The arrows are moving forward!
You pour into glasses,
Laugh, eat – don’t yawn!

May the coming New Year,

It will bring you money,
A lot of different good,
Happiness, affection and warmth!

Let him give a lot of holiday,

And good luck will not jinx it,
Let him reward you with love,
Without problems and without resentment!
Happy New Year greetings to a man in verse
On this festive day,
On this super evening!
Let dreams come true,
And meetings last!

Let a cheerful, ringing laugh,

Oh, ringing in the apartment,
And we congratulate you,
In the festive broadcast!

Be smart, healthy, rich!

Strong and desperate,
And will throw a year of money,
The choice is not accidental!
Happy New Year greetings to a male colleague
So another year of our joint work has passed, colleague! I want to thank you for your responsible approach to our work, willingness to come to the rescue and patience even in situations when anyone else would have given up and wouldn’t even try. This year has been successful, but let next year be even better on all fronts: work, family and personal. Happy New Year!
The best congratulations on the New Year 2022 of a water tiger to a man
New Year “steps” to us
By leaps and bounds,
Everything aspires to occupy the “throne” —
Drive the “rooster” from the post!..

A “faithful friend” will rule,

We will hear barking around,
After all, our new ruler
We need “adrenaline”!

Let happiness come at midnight,

“Friend”, let him guard,
Let him guard us all year,
But at the same time — it does not bite!
Congratulations on the New Year to the man’s boss
In the New Year we are congratulating
The helmet to the head of the mountain:
Laughter, money, inspiration,
Sandwiches with caviar.

Be healthy, head.

Smile in the New Year.
You’re a winner in life.
Live in a hassle-free world.

Santa Claus presents you

He will bring it in his bag.
Let the New Year be bright!
We will sing together again!
The latest congratulations to a man on the New Year 2022
The wine glitters in the glasses,
Soft snow is swirling,
We wish you,
Good luck without interference!

Let the New Year’s holiday,

Bring Health,
And the New Year is walking,
Calling you forward!

And in a moment, under the chiming of the chimes,

Dreams will come true,
Men’s, they are without fuss,
But the way you want!
Congratulations to your beloved man on the New Year
My beloved, native man,
Became the only super reason
For a great mood,
For the dream, for the struggle, for the aspiration!

I believe the New Year will give us

What we’ve been dreaming about for so long.
Will strengthen our feelings, desires,
Will justify your expectation!

Let him come kind and bright,

It will be our gift with you.
I wish you a new life,
To become each other’s support!