Beautiful birthday greetings from my son to my mom
Thank you, mommy, for being like this:
Kind and responsive, very dear.
That you have been taking care of me since childhood
And even at night you guard my sleep.
Thank you for the affection, warmth and care,
That you taught me to create and work,
For bringing me up as a man
And you have become the best example of a woman.
That you have given me so much time,
That you have always loved so unconditionally.
May God
Beautiful birthday greetings from my daughter to my mom
So I want to say a lot of warm words
For mom on her birthday,
But I know there won’t be enough thousands of them,
To express all respect.

I wish you never to get sick,

And let your life be filled with happiness.
Thank you for being able to warm you up with warmth,
When bad weather comes.

Thank you for bringing me up,

For treating all my wounds,
Now she has become my angel forever.
Beloved mom!
Happy birthday greetings to mom from children and grandchildren
Our mom is just a class,
Well, she’s a grandmother in general atas!
We all love you very much,
Let’s start congratulating you.

We wish on your birthday,

Lots of happiness and luck.
To keep your health strong,
Your gaze remained tenacious.

In the soul we wish harmony, peace,

You are more precious to us than a sapphire.
May you be forever young,
And always glow with beauty!
Birthday greetings to mom from son and daughter-in-law
Be happy always, keep the hearth and the house,
Let there be peace as long as you reign in it.
Thank you for the affection and advice,
For the right question and the right answer.

For help, for comfort, and even for reproach,

Each of your lessons turned out to be useful.
And we want to be there and help in everything,
And love and kiss. Son. And a daughter.
Beautiful congratulations to the stepmother on her birthday
It’s so hard for me to be your stepmother
In this life to call.
You were there all the time,
For me, you are only \”mom\”.

On my birthday, thank you

From the bottom of my heart I want to say.
There is no person more worthy,
And kinder not to be found.

I wish you happiness, love, health,

Let dreams come true.
Gives every day in excess
I wish you kindness and warmth.
Beautiful birthday greetings to mom from daughter and son-in-law
My mom, congratulations to you,
It’s not an ordinary day for you,
My husband and I heartily congratulate,
The ocean in life will be kind.

It is very important to monitor your health,

Smile more often, dream.
After all, good things happen in life,
If you believe in it and want to.

All the most valuable gifts in the world,

Of course, the environment of the family.
So know that you are our jewel,
You and I
Beautiful birthday greetings to a friend’s mom
My friend’s mom, congratulations!
And on your birthday I wish
Great happiness, of course, health,
Let the children give you love,
Meet the morning with a bright smile
And see off the day with gratitude,
Let the dreams walk in the open,
I wish you a lot of joy and happiness!
Beautiful birthday greetings to a friend’s mom
I’ve known you for a long time,
You are my friend’s mom,
I wish you from the bottom of my heart a bright, best life,
On your birthday I want to
Wish you more success,
Lots of joy, love,
Happiness, strength, good luck, laughter!
Beautiful birthday greetings to the girl’s mom
I really like your daughter,
She’s a smart girl, a beauty.
You have a wonderful appearance
And lucky success,

Causing admiration…

And it’s your birthday!
I wish you eternal happiness
And endless fun!
Beautiful birthday greetings to the guy’s mom
I wish you happiness for many years to come,
The same to be kind and very bright,
Let life go easily and beautifully,
With happiness and joy, it is gently warmed.
I wish you warmth from the bottom of my heart on your birthday,
Health, success, fun, patience.
Beautiful birthday greetings to mommy from the heart
I’ll get up early this morning,
I’ll bring you flowers,
And wish you a happy birthday
With words or without words!

I will smile at you, my dear,

You will laugh in response,
I know for sure: the best mom
There is no such thing on this planet!

Next to you when I’m sick,

And when I’m sad,
You are the support and support
My precious one!

And the greatest happiness,

And hope, and a dream,
And boundless patience,
And, of course,
Funny birthday greetings to mom in verse
Mom’s head is spinning:
From us from all solid “help”!
I would like to fly my mom to Goa
And lie there like a vegetable.

To the beach and the sun – every day,

Sand and sea – near the house…
But there is lilac in the country,
Our ringing laughter and friendly hubbub.

We wish on your birthday

We want family comfort…
And don’t fly anywhere!
After all, the house is always more important than the resort!
Beautiful sincere congratulations to mom on her birthday
Nothing is more beautiful than this love,
This tenderness is the light between us,
I’m sorry that we haven’t come up with words yet,
The best words of gratitude to mom,

For caring, for the hearts of anxious pain,

For the night sleepless torments,
And your healing palm
Adults warm my hands.

For all the tears of my falls and victories,

Forgiveness, stubborn loyalty,
Be with me for many more happy years,
Happy birthday, beloved mother!
The most beautiful birthday greeting to mom
Happy birthday, Mommy!
I love you!
Congratulations on the holiday
On this day I give!

Let the gifts pour out,

Money and flowers!
I want to be happy
You were smiling!

Be beautiful, festive,

Forever young!
Stay affectionate,
Be yourself!

And let them come true

All your dreams,
Know what’s good
You wished!
Short birthday greetings to mom beautiful
Mommy always be healthy and sweet,
Kind, friendly and beautiful,
Joyful, unique,
Eternally desired and eternally loved!
Beautiful words of birthday greetings to mom
Mom, I congratulate you on your birthday. I want to wish your life to be filled with strong hugs, bright feelings of joy, great hopes, funny stories, sweet moments, kind meetings, family well-being and happy love. Mommy, I wish you never to lose the inspiration of your soul, the charm of your beauty and the kindness of your heart.
Sincere birthday greetings to mom from daughter
There is nothing on earth more expensive and more native
The woman that everyone calls Mom.
She will always warm you with her warmth,
Will come to the rescue as a reliable friend.

He will never judge and argue,

After all, we all learn from mistakes,
And, most importantly, will not stop loving.
Thank you, Mommy, for all this to you.

For what life once gave,

She endured pranks, whims, everything, loving.
I taught you to
Touching birthday greetings to mom from children
Mom, let the years take away adversity,
We wish you only clear weather,
Although, it doesn’t matter what’s outside the window,
Let your house be filled with love,
Let your loved ones warm you,
And fill your heart with happiness,
May the Lord bring you prosperity,
And pour a full cup of health,
Be gentle and young for a hundred years,
We love you – Mommy dear,
Happy birthday, dear!
Sincere congratulations to mom on her birthday in prose
How many poems, how many songs are dedicated to mom, but all of them will not be able to express what I want to say to you! How to explain in words the warmth of feelings for you, gratitude for your love, affection, patience and all that you have invested in us? Perhaps it’s like a warm spring ray stroking your head, or a candle light illuminating your path, or
Congratulations to mom in verse happy birthday from the heart
Beloved mommy, dear mommy,
On your birthday, I sincerely wish you
I wish you good health, vigor and strength,
So that you will always be young, beautiful.

So that your eyes always radiate happiness

And they have never known sadness, tears, sadness.
So that the flowers of love, kindness bloom in the heart,
And the cherished dream opened the door.

Dear mommy, dear mommy,

May the Lord keep you and protect you.
There is nothing more precious in