Touching congratulations to mom on her son’s birthday
Happy birthday I came to congratulate you,
My precious mother,
And to add a few words to the gift,
Tenderness with love without melting:
I would like to erase wrinkles with my hand
From your beautiful face
I would like to shake snowflakes from my hair,
So that the pollen of your gray hairs melts…
I would like to get back all the strength that you have wasted on children,
But although they are irreplaceable
You raised People out of
Congratulations to mom on her son’s birthday in prose
Dear mom, your loving son wishes you a happy birthday. I wish you, my dear, not to feel the indifference and coldness of your native hearts, always have the opportunity to fulfill your desires and dreams, wake up with every dawn a happy and inspired person.
Congratulations to mom on her son’s birthday in his own words
My dear mother, on your birthday, accept wishes of kindness and happiness, love and joy from your son. Let something interesting be prepared for you every day, let every moment be filled with beauty and inspiration. Be always irresistible and have superiority in everything.
Birthday greetings to mom from her son in verse
Congratulations, mom, from your son!
I want to wish you on your birthday
You stay the same beautiful,
Keep your fun and tenderness.

Beloved mother, be the happiest,

Let all things work out for you,
I will be an assistant, a “right” son,
So that you, like a rose, bloom and bloom!
Congratulations to mom on her birthday from an adult son
As a son, I congratulate my mother,
And on the holiday I sincerely wish,
Let there be no empty worries,
Let you always be lucky,

Today, on your birthday,

I wish you happiness with all my heart,
I love you the most,
Let success accompany you!
Beautiful birthday greetings to mom from her son
My dear mom,
You’re as bright as the sun!
Let joy be a motley butterfly
It will fly into your window,
Your smile is kind
Let the rainbow sparkle,
The road of happiness is long
Let the light shine,
And it will be amazing
Brilliant health!
A delicious bouquet
I will congratulate you with love
And with a grateful heart
Happy birthday to Mom!
Let the door open
Love and inspiration!
Short birthday greetings to mom from son
That’s how I want mom to make her eyes shine
My health was strong and my soul was blooming!
So that we have flowers every day,
And you had a wonderful birthday!
Sms congratulations to mom on her son’s birthday
Dear mom, happy holiday to you,
Happy Birthday, I congratulate you, tenderly and lovingly!
May your cherished dreams come true on this day,
You are the most beautiful person in the world and you are the most beautiful!
Sincere birthday greetings to mom from her son
Today, mom, I congratulate you,
There is a good reason for this.
You have already raised me,
I’ve grown up, I’ve become a man!

You did your best,

Sometimes not getting enough sleep herself,
You gave me an education –
My mom is golden!

Don’t be sad, dear, don’t,

Chagrin doesn’t suit you.
Every year, like the time of the starfall,
May only bring you happiness!