Funny birthday greetings to mom in verse
Mom’s head is spinning:
From us from all solid “help”!
I would like to fly my mom to Goa
And lie there like a vegetable.

To the beach and the sun – every day,

Sand and sea – near the house…
But there is lilac in the country,
Our ringing laughter and friendly hubbub.

We wish on your birthday

We want family comfort…
And don’t fly anywhere!
After all, the house is always more important than the resort!
Sms congratulations to mom on her birthday in verse
Mommy is our dear,
These tender lines are for you.
The sweetest and most beautiful,
The kindest on this earth.
Know that children consider you
The best mom in the world!
Happy birthday greetings to mom from children in verse
Mommy, beloved and dear,
Unique, dear to the heart,
Let it be no secret to anyone
You are the best mom in the world!

Thank you for the sleepless nights,

We appreciate and love you very much!
We wish you a magical birthday
Have fun, good luck, love and luck.

Be the most beautiful, happy and gentle,

We will help and support you in everything, of course.
Let there be health, prosperity and happiness,
Always rely on our participation.

Warm congratulations to mom on her birthday in verse
Dear mom, on your birthday,
Let diseases bypass you!
Let your house not know sadness and problems,
There will be more good changes in life!

And also, I want to say thank you,

For the love that cannot be conveyed in words.
For taking care of what she raised,
For not asking for anything in return!

And dividing grief and joy in half,

You wished us the best in everything.
And I want to tell the whole planet
Happy birthday greetings to mom to tears in verse
Today is just the best day,
I don’t know any others like that,
Today the colors are bright
And the rainbow is playing.

And spring sings like a nightingale,

And the grass stretches to the sky
After all, on this day, in a magical hour,
You were born into the white world.

I love you very much, my dear!

Dear Mommy, dear!
I wish you happy days,
Inspiration and wonderful ideas,

Never get sick, be healthy always!

Let your beauty
Big birthday greetings to mom in verse
Happy birthday, dear mother!
I want to hug you now.
You’re with me all the time.
You help, you try to understand.

In this life, everything is not very simple,

Each path has chosen its own, of course.
Only the sun, clouds and stars
You gave… a bow to you on earth.

Mom, I wish you now

Happiness in life, joy, warmth.
To live, not counting the years stealthily,
To believe in a miracle, always good.

I wish you

Touching verse happy birthday to mom
I consider the most striking miracle,
That I was given from birth
Tireless support
And the best friend is all you.

I congratulate the only one

And, hugging more and more,
I want to be silent, just pressing
And getting a little sadder.

I want to sit like this for centuries:

Pressing my cheek to your hand.
To the hand that over the years
It becomes even more necessary.

To the hand that held,

Teaching him to walk without letting
Table greetings to mom on her birthday in verse
The table is set and the guests are gathered,
What kind of holiday has everyone gathered?
The blue sea whispers softly:
The birthday has come.

Birthday of my dear mom,

The ideal of beauty.
Be the same glorious, strong,
Let all dreams come true.

Let the dawn meet in the morning,

And the storm bypasses the house.
Let life promise happiness
And he will do that later.

Let the sorrows and tribulations

Stay behind,
And what are your years?!
Happy birthday greetings to your mother in verse
Native cute features.
An irreplaceable person.
Thank you, Mommy, that you
She was with me in the rain and in the snow.

For long nights without sleep,

For thoughts full of worries.
You, Mom, I have one,
May God protect you.

Let the time turn back,

Slowly, your years,
And I will protect
And to help you always.

And you, please, forgive me

For everything I do wrong.
You smile, don’t be sad,
Fate has sent us a good sign.

Congratulations to your beloved mother on her birthday in verse
Happy Birthday, Mom, dear,
Be always so happy,
I want to say so many warm words,
That all at once they can not be transferred!

Therefore, I wish the main

There is a lot of happiness and health,
So that you smile every day,
And do not doubt my love!

Happy birthday, Mom, dear,

The most beautiful, dear!
Poems from my son congratulations to my mother on her birthday
Happy Birthday, Mommy, my dear!
I congratulate you with great love!
The heart and soul are filled with pride,
You are priceless, Mummy, my dear!

I wish You good health,

To get affection and warmth in life!
You and I are not in trouble together,
Roses will not wither under your window!

Let the fast years slow down their course!

I’m your son! I will love You always!
Beautiful birthday greetings to mom in verse
Happy birthday, dear Mom!
Let the words of congratulations fly!
For me, you are the most beloved,
Like the sun, your kind look.

Let your mood sparkle

The light of joy, the sea of flowers.
Let these moments last all your life,
Where there is happiness, smiles, love!
Happy birthday greetings to mom from the family in verse
Happy birthday, Mom, congratulations to you!
Early morning with the first ray,
We wish you happiness, health, love,
So that difficulties will not bother you.

The past years will not come back to you,

But this is not a reason to be sad about the past.
Let adversity sleep, never wake up,
Leave the smiles and joy for later.

Let the guardian angel help you,

And let fate give you a long life.
And let your gaze always
Short birthday greetings to mom in verse
You are my lifeline,
A sail of hope in the fog!
All my gratitude,
The abyss of recognition to my Mother!
Happy birthday, dear!
Congratulations to mom in verse happy birthday from the heart
Beloved mommy, dear mommy,
On your birthday, I sincerely wish you
I wish you good health, vigor and strength,
So that you will always be young, beautiful.

So that your eyes always radiate happiness

And they have never known sadness, tears, sadness.
So that the flowers of love, kindness bloom in the heart,
And the cherished dream opened the door.

Dear mommy, dear mommy,

May the Lord keep you and protect you.
There is nothing more precious in
Kind congratulations to mom on her birthday in verse
Let them compose poems for you today,
May you be the happiest of all today.
Let all sorrows run away in fear.
Let success accompany you, as always.

I don’t know women stronger than you, Mom.

You will not succumb to fear and doubt.
Your life path is marked with dignity,
I wish you love on your birthday.
Small birthday greetings to mom in verse
Happy birthday, dear mom,
Accept congratulations today!
From gifts, holiday bouquets
Let the mood be wonderful!

Mom, I sincerely wish you

Always be young, beautiful,
Perceiving life with optimism,
To be always, in everything, happy!
Sincere birthday greetings to mom in verse
Happy birthday, beloved mom,
Congratulations today from the bottom of our hearts!
Blossom, be cheerful and beautiful,
Be young, don’t be in a hurry to change.

Let the years add only wisdom,

After all, your advice is so important to all of us,
And your eyes, gait will be young,
Feelings, thoughts will be joyful, tender!