Touching congratulations to mom on her anniversary
Mommy is our dear, beloved!
Kind, glorious, irreplaceable!
Happy birthday to you,
We wish you all the best in your life,
So that you never get sick,
So that you never get old,
So that you are always young,
Cheerful, kind, beautiful like that!
Congratulations on the 75th anniversary of mom
Mom, nice, sweet, nice,
Beautiful, smart and so good,
I congratulate you on your Anniversary,
My dear, dear soul.

I wish you health and fun,

You always take care of yourself, my dear,
Long and bright years to you, my mother,
Leave all your troubles behind!
A short birthday greeting to mom
I love you, good, dear,
I wish you happiness on your anniversary!
Let it come to the house soon,
And it will stay in it for a long time!
Congratulations on the 80th anniversary of mom
Mom, you have a grand anniversary today.
I wish you straight: don’t be sad and don’t get sick.
Be light, bright, beautiful, as in previous years,
Be smiling and clear, never be sad.
And thank you, Mom, for the warmth, your love,
I give you happiness, joy and success from the bottom of my heart!
Sms congratulations to mom for the anniversary
Let the hardships and troubles be forgotten,
Both warmth and comfort reign in the house.
All dreams and wishes will come true,
And grandchildren do not let you get bored!
Congratulations on the 85th anniversary of mom
Mamulichka, my dear,
Today is the 85th Birthday,
Accept my words from your heart,
What they call congratulations.

Dear, I wish on this day,

You do not frown, smile more often,
So that only a shadow remains from sadness,
So that you continue to enjoy life!

I also wish you, my mom,

Health and as much as possible,
So that the trouble passes by,
So that you have enough strength, but for longer!
Congratulations on the anniversary to the mother from the children
Congratulations on the anniversary,
Our mother is dear,
Happiness, strength, bright smiles
We sincerely wish you.

Let your eyes burn joyfully,

Let the heart know no pain,
Always be the sun for us
And the lightest little man.

Be healthy, don’t be discouraged,

Give warmth, your support,
Wrinkles, Mom, don’t count,
They are the costs of your love.
Congratulations on the 90th anniversary of mom
We are grateful to fate,
Ninety to you!
At your age you surprise,
You meet us only with a smile!

Mommy, we wish you

Be healthy, don’t get sick.
After all, we want to be together with you
And celebrate the centenary!

With his wisdom, patience

You unite us into a family.
Even great-grandchildren and grandchildren
You charge with optimism.
Birthday greetings to mom from son
Mamul, my dear, a bright ray,
Today I congratulate you on the anniversary,
You’re the best mom in the world,
You are more precious than gold to me.

And on your such a special day,

I wish you all the best,
So that sadness rushes away into the shade,
So that Mommy lives in happiness.

I also wish you warmth,

Thank you for giving me life,
I was able to raise such a son,
I wish that everything was
Congratulations to mom on the 45th anniversary
Happy anniversary, dear mom!
You’re beautiful at 45.
We wish that you do not know sadness,
So that all your years go back.

To storms, thunderstorms and adversity

You didn’t meet on the way,
There is simply no bad weather in life
There is love and peace only on Earth!

May there be happiness in your house,

Joy, and kindness, and inspiration.
Let dreams begin to come true sooner,
Bringing pleasure with you!
Congratulations on the anniversary of mom in verse
Your eyes are laughing in the morning,
My heart felt happier.
The candles on the cake will light up again
On your grand anniversary.

Let roses, lilies, tulips

They exude their fragrance,
Only for you, dear mother,
The sunset will suddenly become the dawn.

Let the cup full of health

Give you a drink of living water,
I surround my family with love,
Your star is always burning!
Congratulations to mom on the 40th anniversary
Forty years of my mamulechka.
There are so many bright days ahead.
Don’t be upset, Mom, don’t be sad.
The young years have not passed!

We look at you admiringly,

Like the splash of a star in the light of day.
Smile, shine with joy,
A busy life is ahead!

Travel, career, grandchildren…

You will have time to comprehend all the sciences.
And now accept from all children
Congratulations on a good anniversary!
Congratulations to mom on the anniversary to tears
All anniversary years are important,
And mom’s anniversary is even more so.
Mamulechka, today and always
You will be the most important thing in my life.

You warmed me with love,

And your tenderness is simply endless.
I live, keeping it all in my heart,
And so I want you to live forever.

Let the anniversary become a day today,

When you forget all the sorrows,
Laughter sparkled in the look of the native,
And the sounds of
Congratulations on the 35th anniversary of mom
Mommy, forgive the child,
Often even a pig.
I am your own blood,
Showing love.

And in the kitchen with a ladle,

With a whole bowl of potatoes
Because of us, chasing laziness,
You spend the whole day.

And I could have manicures

And perform styling…
But down with all the overtures,
After all, you are already a mother now!

At thirty-five I achieved a lot

We love, we value very much,
Ready to wear on your hands,
Just choose the mode.

Congratulations on the anniversary to mom from children and grandchildren
Favorite, best, native
Our dear grandmother and mother
Congratulations on the anniversary today.
We wish you happiness and long life.

Let your joy not leave the house,

Let prosperity be in it,
Let life flow like a full-flowing river.
Let you always be lucky everywhere!
Congratulations to mom on the 55th anniversary
Mom, you are our hope and our reward,
And no one can take away this love!
At your 55 we are sincerely glad
To congratulate you and raise glasses!

For friendship in the family is a rare miracle,

For us, for you and for your anniversary,
For you to remember forever and everywhere,
That there is no better you on the whole Earth!
Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of mom
Mommy is 50 years old today.
Congratulations on the anniversary tenderly
And I wish that you
All your hopes were fulfilled.

So that the soul is full of joy,

And so that health does not fail.
To make you live to be a hundred years old,
Remaining, as it is now, beautiful.

I thank you for everything.

May your love return with a vengeance.
Happiness, strength, warmth!
Let the best begin at 50.
Congratulations to mom on the anniversary in your own words
Mom, I sincerely wish you good mood, good health, joy and fulfillment of all desires! There is no person in the world that we value more than you! From us to you: admiration, gratitude and love!
Congratulations to mom on the anniversary in prose
May the anniversary sparkle with radiant happiness in your bottomless eyes, mommy! I promise that your divine guardian angel and I will diligently protect you from unexpected troubles and carry you in our arms more often! I wish you many sunny days, blessed nights, peace of mind and immense love!
Congratulations on the 60th anniversary of mom
Throwing back sixty,
You were born,
On one of the bright days of the year
Mommy was born!

For your beautiful anniversary

I kiss you on both cheeks!
And with pleasure I give
Beautiful flowers!

Live and rejoice every hour

My own family.
And know that you are the most beautiful of all,
And I love you so much!