Congratulations to subject teachers on the last call
Our dear, beloved,
Dear teachers to my heart!
About your sincere, eternal love
We cannot remain silent today!

You have tried a lot for us,

How much effort has been invested in us, work!
We declare to you honestly and directly:
We will never forget you!
Congratulations to the physical education teacher on the last call
The last bell sounds
Like the final whistle,
Physical education teacher,
We congratulate you.

You are day by day to victory

We were led forward,
Distance covered
The length of the school year.

Successes, defeats

Left behind
And to new records
We are ready to go.

Holidays! On the start!

Gives the bell a signal,
We wish that the victory
Everyone has won here.
Congratulations to teachers on the last call of the 9th grade
We did not expect that they would fly by so quickly
All nine wonderful school years,
Sparks shine in everyone’s eyes from the knowledge,
We are ready for many victories.

Thank you only for this knowledge,

For putting thoughts in us,
We wish you, teachers, prosperity
And a wonderful, happy life.
Congratulations to the OBZH teacher on the last call
Last call heard
On each floor,
We are in a hurry to congratulate you,
The teacher OBZH.

Safety of life

It goes in a red line,
Thanks to you, we know
What is possible, what is dangerous.

In an unknown place

We will not dive
And at lunch on the beach
We will not sunbathe.

We wish you

Not to worry about us,
With dangers in the summer,
So that we do not meet.
Congratulations to the first teacher on the last call
The last call to us rings,
But we remember, as if now,
That first day and your lesson,
How we came to you in the first class!

How good that all the basics,

You gave us then,
For knowledge all over again
We will always thank you!

We wish you great happiness,

And a sea of all kinds of victories,
And the mood is only colored,
To give everyone only light!
Congratulations to the music teacher on the last call
Music teacher for you
Your helmet congratulations,
There is no more beautiful melody
Than the last call.

Polyphonic, joyful

He sings in our hearts,
The school year is over,
We are a grade older.

A joyful symphony

Let it be this call,
Happy let everyone
Summer is ahead.
Congratulations to teachers in prose on the last call
Dear, dear teachers! Congratulations on the holiday of the last call! Thank you for your knowledge, attention and understanding. For a well-chosen approach to each student. We wish you good health, an amazing summer vacation, strength, energy and positive emotions!
Congratulations to the German teacher on the last call
Let the sounds please you
Last call,
We wish the teacher of German
the language.

We wish your

The item was useful to us,
So that someone has a friend
German appeared.

To be easy, free

We talked with friends,
In perfect, imperfect,
So that they are not mistaken.

We wish summer

Added strength to you,
No one language is German,
So as not to forget.
Congratulations to teachers on the last call from parents
So these ten years have passed. There were so many sad and funny things in them. And for some reason it seems to me that only one day has actually passed. So intense and stormy, but only one. Yesterday you, our children, very young, with bows, ties and briefcases were going to your first lesson. And today you are standing in front of us almost grown-up, so serious and a
Congratulations to the 11th grade on the last call
Dear graduates, I congratulate you on the Last call in our school yard. This is really the last call for you, because you are saying goodbye to school. And I want to wish you to always remain brave, cheerful guys who have a great future ahead of them. May luck keep pace with you, may there be many happy achievements and victories in your life. I wish you good professions,
Congratulations to teachers on the last call in your own words
On the day of the last call, we want to thank our wonderful and kind teachers. Thank you, dear ones, for your sensitivity and understanding, for your warmth and smiles, for strong knowledge and joy. We would like to wish you great success in all your affairs, be sure to have good health, great enthusiasm, patience and respect. Goodbye, our beloved teachers!
Congratulations on the last call from parents
On behalf of my parents, I want to congratulate you all.
Standing in front of me, catching a moment.
The last call, the school way will glorify,
He will open the door, leading an adult life.

After 10 years, crushing the granite of science,

And choosing the pearls of knowledge in it,
Guided by a mentor without boredom,
You began to understand a lot of things.

From the first letters sought in the primer,

The teacher gave
Congratulations to the biology teacher on the last call
Biology teacher,
We congratulate you,
Call today song
Sings for the last time.

Another training

We lived a year,
And the last call
Pleases the people.

Waiting for someone to rest,

Someone’s admission,
The main thing is that summer
There was a mood.

We wish that in the summer

You have gained strength,
Pleasant, fascinating
To have a rest.
Congratulations to the class teacher on the last call
Thank you, the head is cool,
For being like mom and dad to us,
You were a first-class mentor,
A psychologist for young hearts.

You have united the class into a friendly family,

They taught us to love and understand,
They led us along the path of knowledge from childhood,
And helped us to become wiser, older.

What a pity to part with you today,

Thank you for your support, kindness,
You have given us priceless wealth, the
Congratulations to the math teacher on the last call
Became the last call
The root of the equation,
Math teacher,

Certificate, report card

The school year is closed,
We will calculate for ourselves
Summer algorithm.

Now to the new tasks

In life we strive,
Thank you that we
We are not afraid to solve them.

We will subtract,

Divide and multiply,
We will become correct
To look for solutions.
Congratulations to the 9th grade on the last call
You have nine classes behind you.
And before you the choice is difficult:
You can go back to your classroom,
But another way is also possible.

Want to enroll

To another institution
We will “root” for you.
This is not an easy matter.

Let the exam be “excellent”

Each of you will pass.
We have boundless luck
We wish you now.
Congratulations to the Russian teacher on the last call
Last call to us
Today puts an end,
In the academic year we write
We have the last line.

But with Russian

We will not say goodbye,
Teacher, in this you can
You have no doubt.

We will be sms-ki

We write to each other,
Only you can’t
Correct mistakes.

We wish that mistakes

You didn’t recognize ours,
So that in the summer of twos we
They didn’t get it from you.
Congratulations to the director on the last call
Our director is anywhere,
Our school is the head!
From and gives knowledge,
And what is needed – gets!

Teaches everyone at the pedagogical council,

Money in the district whines,
He is a real hero,
And he is a mountain for school!

Let everything be fine with you,

In your personal life – it’s also neat!
Let them love you, respect you,
And offend you less!
Congratulations to the English teacher on the last call
The bell rings last,
School year, goodbye,
To the English teacher
We talk: Good-bye!

Until next autumn

We are parting with you,
Holidays are ahead,
Summer, sea, sun.

English will try

We don’t forget
Every day Okey!
We will repeat.
Congratulations to the physics teacher on the last call
In classrooms and corridors
The last call is heard,
Today to the physics teacher
We are reading a festive rhyme.

Physics is near us

He keeps up with life,
Dictates his laws,
Sets us tasks.

Physics is time,

Physics is light and darkness,
Physics is nature,
Physics is life itself.

You will understand us in it

Learn day by day,
After all, everything in our life has its own Physical law.