Congratulations from parents for the 11th grade graduation
Our dear children, today you are going on an independent journey through adulthood, into free navigation through the expanses of new interests and desires. We, your parents, will always support you and love you deeply, help with good advice and be proud of your achievements. Today, At your graduation, we wish you perfect happiness, high aspirations, bright light of goodness and good luck on your life path.
Congratulations to the graduates of the 11th grade for graduation
You have grown up in 11 years
Blossomed both body and soul!
You have learned a lot
And you leave your native school home!

The words of the last instructions sound,

After all, choosing a path is so difficult sometimes!
But let there be no anxiety, no doubts!
So good luck, friends! And in a good hour!
Congratulations to teachers for the 11th grade graduation
Dear teachers! We have been with you for exactly eleven years, you taught us, we listened to you. And now the moment has come when it’s time for us to graduate from school, it’s time to step over an unseen line and become even more mature. The years spent with you have become the best years for us. The knowledge we have gained in your lessons is invaluable and will
Congratulations to the homeroom teacher for the graduation of the 11th grade
Today is an unusual holiday,
From our school graduation,
All the years together with you were
We are like behind a stone wall.

You are our head cool,

We will always remember you,
We wish you love and happiness,
Success loud for the year!
Congratulations on the graduation of the 11th grade in your own words
Congratulations on graduation and I want to wish you not to be afraid of changes and boldly go towards your big dreams. Let an interesting and wonderful world await you outside the school, in which you will certainly achieve your goal, in which you will be able to discover a lot of new and wonderful things. I wish you good luck, support of your loved ones and only a positive