Congratulations to the teacher for the 4th grade graduation
Dear Teacher! We heartily congratulate you on the graduation of your class. You, like no one else, are involved in this event, this holiday. For four whole years you taught them, helped them and were always there for them. Over these four years, our children have become smarter, they have learned to write, read, and have a different attitude to school, and to everything that surrounds them. We are very
Short poems for the 4th grade graduation
Teachers! The day has come,
When we celebrate graduation.
4th grade is a joy for everyone.
And we congratulate you on this!

We are moving to a new class,

We took the best with us.
You taught us for a long time,
And we wished you the best.

We wish you ahead

More joys and knowledge.
We wish you to find such a class,
So that you justify your hopes!
Poems for children at graduation in the 4th grade
You have become our second mother,
By the handle to knowledge skillfully bringing,
And even if we were sometimes stubborn,
You have always forgiven our whims.

Thank you very much for your care,

For giving us the good,
You have taught us everything and a little bit,
Not everyone is given such skill.

We will not forget your voice and smile,

We will carry them through all the years,
There are no people like you in the world,
Congratulations from parents for the 4th grade graduation
Dear children, today you are graduates. And even though it’s still a long way to the 11th grade, but you have already successfully managed to overcome the first important stage of your studies. The fifth grade is ahead, which means that many new subjects, interesting lessons, exciting classes and fun, ringing changes are waiting for you. I wish you to remain a friendly class, help each other overcome any problems