Parting words to kindergarten graduates
To our dear guys
We give a parting word,
Kindergarten don’t forget
We are always waiting for you to visit.

At school, obey, strive

Get more knowledge,
So that everything you have learned
Apply it in your life.

Stand up for the weak,

Believe in the triumph of good.
And in the fight against evil, guys,
Never give up!
Congratulations on the kindergarten graduation in verse
All educators, kids,
Congratulations on graduation!
All babies and all babies
With such a big event.

Let the school time of Knowledge greet you with joy.

And he shakes his waves
A river of goodness and joy.

A lot of knowledge for you,

And quite a lot of sweets,
A lump of sweet desires,
So that they come true sooner.

Good luck to all educators

And a lot of nice kids.
A lot of happiness to you in addition
And radiant
Congratulations to kindergarten employees at graduation
Dear kindergarten workers! Now grown-up kids are leaving your walls, and soon other kids will fill them with their loud laughter and unrestrained energy. Thank you for your invaluable hard work and wish you patience, spiritual strength, inspiration. Let the children feed you with their energy and charge you with sincerity and optimism!
Congratulations to the head of the kindergarten for graduation
In our city, you can’t find a nursery garden better,
Everyone strives to bring a child to our garden.
For comfort, warmth, nutrition and education,
We put a big exclamation mark on the manager.

We congratulate you on graduation today,

We wish you a lot of joy and prosperity.
May success accompany you everywhere,
Let the bird of happiness bring you luck on the wing.
Congratulations to the kindergarten speech therapist for graduation
Congratulations to the speech therapist
Happy graduation from the heart,
In conversation, our children
Just wonderfully good.

Let’s say thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Thank you for the reprimand and speech,
Children have become more talkative
After your kind meetings.
Congratulations to parents at the kindergarten graduation
Parent #1
Educators (to call by name)!
Did you recognize your children? Look…
Your beautiful, elegant, beloved pupils are sitting in this hall.
How long have they been going to the nursery?
Have you learned how to hold a spoon and a mug correctly?
Did you learn to put on hats, pants and coats yourself?

Parent #2

We will remember you with love,
How mothers treated our children,
And they were at home with you.

Parent #3

Thank you, prostration,
Congratulations to the kindergarten teacher for graduation
Methodologist in our kindergarten
We respect and are not afraid.
He submits programs,
To move forward.

After all, in the process of education

There should be no punishment.
To develop children,
The methodist is responsible for everything!

He is an innovator, a screenwriter, and an optimist in life!

Here is such a multilateral,
Like a diamond, our methodist!
The words of parents at the kindergarten graduation
Dear employees of our wonderful kindergarten. Every day you gave the kids a piece of your soul. You are real professionals, to whom we trusted the most precious thing – our children. Thank you for the daily calm and confidence that the guys are all right. For the fact that the children were happy to come to you every day. For all the colorful events, matinees, concerts. For the development,
Comic congratulations at the kindergarten graduation
First ever graduation,
That’s great guys!
Grown up, grown up
And they are no longer pre-school children.

Important things are waiting for you,

Desks, pens and notebooks.
Soon you will know
A lot of new things, guys!

All of you are so smart,

Bring only fives.
Nice and naughty,
We love your ringing laughter!
Graduation in kindergarten is the answer of parents
Today is a big holiday for all of us, today is our kids’ first graduation. We thank all the teachers and staff of this wonderful kindergarten for the excellent upbringing of our mischievous children, for their happy smiles and interesting hobbies. Let this garden produce many more talented and self-confident children, let a new road to the world of science and school knowledge open for our children, let a ray
Congratulations to the kindergarten cook for graduation
Our family, cooks,
Thank you for your dishes!
The kids adore you,
After all, your food is a miracle!

We will all miss you very much

According to your porridges and soups,
We will remember the cutlets…
We are very grateful to you!
Parents’ gratitude at the kindergarten graduation
Dear educators! Today is a beautiful day – today is the graduation of our children. We are sincerely glad for this event, because we have been waiting for it for many years. At this exciting and solemn moment, I would like to thank you very much for your work done. You didn’t just do your job, you did it with soul and with desire. The best reward for all of
Congratulations from teachers at the kindergarten graduation
Thank you very much
To all teachers at this hour,
Children were surrounded with care
And they helped every time.

Leave sad kindergarten,

He gave the children a positive,
And the road ahead is waiting for them,
A whole life and a lot of prospects.
Parents’ speech at the kindergarten graduation
Today all the kids have grown up a little.
One chapter in my life is over today.
From a cute and bright kindergarten
Our entire kids are being produced.

You have a lot of success ahead of you,

A lot of decisions and a choice of roads.
But, we are nearby, of course we will help,
We will do everything to save you from worries.

You are all very beautiful today

And pride for you beats in
Parents’ ditties at the kindergarten graduation
You guys listen,
We want to tell you
About the people that you once
Helped to educate.

We decided, we guessed

How can we congratulate them,
Finally, we have gathered everyone
And they decided to glorify.

# for the educator

From Natalia Nikolaevna
There are not a few things to do, a lot of things to do:
Lisa plaited braids,
I watched Sasha eat.

And she can

Make sure that the kids
Not bored, not sick,
She didn’t run away from the yard.

Congratulations of teachers at the kindergarten graduation
Caregivers of loved ones
Congratulations on graduation,
With you kindergarten all the years
Home was our second home.

Us with love and care

You were surrounded by your own,
We know that we were loved
You are like your own children.

Does not stop in these walls

Let the cheerful, children’s laughter,
We wish educators
To be the happiest in life.
Congratulations to children at the kindergarten graduation
Boys and girls,
Our kids,
Happy graduation, we are waiting for you
Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts.

Goodbye today

With you kindergarten,
Our huge world
The chicks are flying.

We wish that in the future

You flew high,
With hope and pride,
To become ours.
Congratulations to the kindergarten staff for graduation
Congratulations on graduation to all the employees of this kindergarten and we want to say that thanks to you, this is not just a kindergarten, it is a country of children’s dreams and ringing voices, a world of amazing adventures and bright smiles. You are all great fellows. And, first of all, I need to say “thank you very much” for the happy children who believe in themselves and strive
Congratulations to the kindergarten staff for graduation
Kindergarten is already behind.
So many words for you in the chest!
To all staff native
We say thank you.
What warmth was given to the children,
Delicious porridge was cooked,
Cleaned and washed
And they created comfort for them.
They shared their kindness,
They always tried to please.
Happiness and health to you!
And good luck to all cases.
Goals, plans to achieve
And there is always luck in everything!
Congratulations to kids at the kindergarten graduation
The educators are our relatives,
You were like second mothers to us.
You have taught us a lot –
We are ready to go to the 1st grade.

You have shown us a big world,

They took us there with them.
And let the years fly by,
We will never forget you!