Congratulations on Ramadan 2022 in verse
Ramadan, oh, a holy holiday!
Sows peace and harmony in the soul!
Let all those who are involved in the faith,
Our Almighty deigns to hear!

May Allah protect your families!

And will give you well-being!
I wish your minds,
They only knew the best

Let them live in peace and tranquility in the house,

And relatives are not worried about diseases,
Let them not know the anxiety,
Congratulations on Ramadan 2022 in prose

Congratulations on the holy month of Ramadan! I wish your souls to always be full of harmony, love and happiness! The houses were cozy and peaceful. May the Almighty hear all your prayers and give your families health and peace of mind!


Happy great holiday of Ramadan! May your home never know bitterness and tears, so that every goal set will be achieved in the best possible

Beautiful congratulations for Ramadan
Heaven sent joy
On the bright holiday of Ramadan
Let clarity come with it!
(Happiness is a whole suitcase)
That’s what I wish you!

May Allah hear loyalty,

And the love of their people,
The path will open to you kindly
Into the world of beautiful, bright days!
Beautiful congratulations on the Apple Saviour
Full of fruits in the gardens,
The side is warmed under the sun.
Birds dance in the clouds,
The skies are brightening.

I will type in the basket

Red-sided apples,
All friends will be treated
Apples with heavenly juice.

Congratulations to me

On this day, accept:
I wish you love,
Love from the bottom of your heart!

And let it be in your soul

Joy arrives.
Short congratulations on the day of Ivan Kupala
On Ivan, on Kupala
The girl was walking with the cute one all the time.
And I wish you very much
I won’t sleep a wink tonight.

*** Prophetic dreams of love
They dream of Kupala on holiday.
I wish you fire in your blood,
From passion, so that you don’t sleep.
Beautiful greetings for the Customs Officer’s Day
Today is a holiday at customs,
On the day of the customs officer again,
Congratulating you is not difficult at all,
You keep our peace.

Contraband will not pass,

Illegal immigrants will not pass,
Let it always shine through life
You only have happiness and comfort.
Congratulations – forgiveness for the forgiven Sunday
Forgive me, because life is so short,
don’t be offended unnecessarily!
When your hand is in my hand –
there is nothing more beautiful for us at all!

Understand, because there is a lot of evil in this world,

but it’s a shame there aren’t enough loving people,
and it is important that life brings good
and to start over every day…

understand, I didn’t want to do

Congratulations in verse for Palm Sunday 2022
Let a willow twig bring you
What the heart believes in, what the soul is waiting for.
I wish you health for forty centuries,
Love and kindness, to live without any shackles.

Let joy come, and the soul will smile,

And the dark power doesn’t sneak up on you.
I wish you luck, hope and faith,
And let the size of happiness grow from now on.

Happy Palm

Congratulations in verse for Palm Sunday
The Entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem
Palm Sunday is called.
Peace in the soul is so necessary for everyone:
Joy in the soul – and the sun is in the sky.

Verbochki push on the window,

That’s the last ice coming off the rivers.
Everyone I meet is dear to me now
Like a dear and bright little man.

Calling birds, pies

Good housewives will cook.
Poems-congratulations on the International Doctor’s Day
Magicians and wizards, our doctors,
So much love, strength and warmth in you,
Wisdom, enthusiasm, kindness in the eyes,
You are our heroes, not only in words!

Your work is noble, your look is strong and firm,

You know our future ahead of time.
With your sensitive help, we come to light,
Hippocratic oaths you have taken a vow.
Congratulations in verse on September 1 for graduates

Dear teachers!

I’m a graduate, are you happy for me?
May this day be beautiful and sad
He will stay with me for years.

Congratulations in verse on September 1 to teachers

All these long years

The teachers helped us.
Hearts were filled with love.
And in life, we were given an incentive.

And we will never forget,

All your strict words.
After all, you told us the truth,
Although we did not always understand it.

What else can we say?

Big bow to you.
We will always remember you.
Thank you for everything, teachers.

Congratulations in verse on September 1 from teachers to schoolchildren

This is the first day of autumn, a sunny holiday.

Let your hearts be filled
Love, warmth, light and happiness,
Have a good year to everyone, from September 1!

Congratulations in verse on September 1 to the headmaster of the school

The headmaster is the main one in the school house,

You are a wise and good person.
And everyone here is proud of you,
We will remember you forever.

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Biology

Amphibians, mycelium, worms-

We all know these words.
Since the seventh grade
We are studying it.

About each petal

And a plucked flower,
We will be able to tell,
After all, you need to know.

We live on a planet,

Which should be studied.
And everything in this world
We need to protect.

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Mathematics

The math teacher is a logical person.

Stay smart,
Kind, you, forever.

Even though we don’t like to learn formulas,

But about logarithms
We will talk.

We are about Pythagoras

We will never forget.
And we will remember for a century,
All your words.

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Physics

How can something

Be more difficult for those
About which you tell us
Have you told me in a day?

All knowledge about physics

They remained in my head.
Textbooks and books
we read quite.

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Chemistry

It is difficult to be a teacher, but it is doubly difficult to be a chemist.

The Periodic Table
You know quite well.

All formulas, tasks

On one, two, three solve.
About salts and acids
I won’t talk…

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Geography

New discoveries and achievements,

Bright moments and delights.
A long life without stress,
Pleasant feelings to the heart.

Congratulations in verse on September 1 to first graders

How elegant and funny

Our first graders are happy.
May luck accompany you,
Share your joy without hiding it.