Customer health from May 1
Dear customers, congratulations on May 1st! We wish you unlimited opportunities for self-realization, a constant flow of inspiration, a daily incentive to fruitful work, and an indispensable reward for honest work. Good luck in all your affairs, the strongest health, great victories and a wonderful mood!
Congratulations on May 1 from the head of the administration
Dear fellow countrymen!

Please accept my warmest congratulations on the upcoming May 1 – Spring and Labor Day!

No matter how its name changes over time, but it remains for us a bright holiday of Spring and Labor. These two concepts will never lose their significance. From spring, which sets a new rhythm of life, we always expect good changes, we associate hopes for renewal with it. And we firmly

Congratulations on the day of May 1, 2022
A bright day in early May –
Holiday of peace and labor.
I wish you happiness
And health for a year.

Long years, love without edge,

To smile, not to be sad
And, flashing a smile,
To live a positive life!
Official congratulations on May 1
Congratulations on May 1st! Let the warmth of the first truly sunny days bring strength and energy for new achievements, and daily work brings only joy and moral satisfaction.
Congratulations on the upcoming May Day on May 1
On May Day I hasten to congratulate
Everyone who works hard.
I wish to love with my heart
I’ll give you my job.

Let it smell delicious today

There is a barbecue in nature.
And for peace, spring, work
Brandy will be poured.

May it always be a joy to you

Every day of your work.
Bonuses, allowances go
Let it follow you like a shadow.
Congratulations on May 1 in prose
Congratulations on May 1st. I wish you to pull a real Goldfish out of the pond with the help of your work and let it give you success in career growth, good health, high material prosperity, good luck in business and happiness in your personal life.
Funny greetings from May 1
Celebrating May Day
Don’t forget to rest!
Although dedicated to work –
Still, he is a bright holiday!

Don’t rush to the beds yet

Or to put things in order –
Laugh, rejoice, walk
In this wonderful May!
Congratulations on May 1 from the Governor
Dear fellow countrymen! May Day is a celebration of spring and prosperity, creative work, freedom and our common hopes for a peaceful life. But, first of all, it is a tribute to the people working for the benefit of their Fatherland and native land.

Only conscientious, responsible work can make the life of each person and the whole society more worthy, increase the well-being of the region and the country.

Congratulations on the May 1 holiday
May the sun smile on you,
His ray will touch,
And the spring breeze
It will bring you happiness for the future.

Congratulations on May 1st,

We wish you warm bright days.
Let them excite your blood
Affection, tenderness and love!
Congratulations to a friend on May 1
We meet spring day again,
Friend, from May 1st you!
Again we are seeing off the snow.
Let’s meet spring without mourning.

Friend, I wish you

May 1 – spring.
And I wish you:
May all days be important.

Let every day come,

Like a beacon in silence.
Spring is coming again.
Congratulations to me!
Congratulations on May 1 in verse
On Spring Labor Day
I wish you forever
Happiness, sunshine and love –
Live with joy in your soul!

Bright, warm May Day

It will bring good luck, you know!
Celebrate and have fun,
Rest – then work hard!

Everywhere joy, ringing laughter,

In every craft – success!
Let the spring beauty
Gives only miracles!
Short greetings from May 1
Happy spring, with good luck, from May 1st!
I wish you joyful surprises!
Let the holiday of peace and labor
Will give happiness forever!
Beautiful greetings from May 1st
I congratulate you on May 1st,
Happy Spring Day, happy Labor Day I am now,
May luck fill your life from edge to edge, in this joyful hour!

I wish you victories and success,

And, of course, full of fun,
So that any obstacle is alien,
Let her not get into the tasks!

So that the work was only a favorite,

Brought a huge income,
So that you have enough strength for everything,
Forever, not just for a
Congratulations on May 1 to colleagues
Guys, from May 1st you!
We are not working for nothing, colleagues.
Spring will surround us now,
Starting unhurried raids.

Let May flutter around,

Inspiring us to work.
And we seek merit,
Giving good weather.

Let the spring holiday give

More peace and quiet.
Sometimes life will set a task,
And surprise us with itself again.
May 1, congratulations on the Spring and Labor Day
Happy Barbecue Day! Oh, sorry, since May 1st!
Everyone is gathering friends for a picnic!
Hurry up and enjoy nature,
Bright greenery, May weather!

And forget about the stress-tasks,

Rest will help you, no other way!
May picnic, how to treat stress
On labor will inspire achievements!
SMS greetings from May 1
Congratulations on may 1st
Take it rather you!
On the day of spring, labor let there be
All dreams come true –
The world is very kind in spring,
Full of sunshine, beauty!
Funny greetings from May 1st
The May holiday got lazy.
Hid the sickle, sowed the hammer,
And the people are walking around,
Apparently, because he is young.

Nothing – weekdays come –

We’re getting smart again,
But in the meantime, let’s people
Let’s relax and smile!

Labor Day is very useful,

We will fix life at important points,
We haven’t sung songs for a long time
And they didn’t smell the flowers.
Congratulations on May 1 in your own words
Labor has made people of us, ennobled and civilized us. Congratulations on May 1, the day of spring and labor. Let the work be loved, worthy, highly paid, does not spoil health, brings joy and a sense of fulfillment. Good luck, good luck, success and prosperity!