Verse recollection of a graduate on September 1

Do you remember us by the handle

Did Mom walk you to the desk?
What bows, pigtails
she braided for me in the morning.

How beautifully I smiled

I held my hand tightly.
With a bouquet of roses, I went into the classroom,
I immediately lit up for my studies.

I remember every moment.

The first time I went to the blackboard,
Like in a physical education lesson
I got two for the first time.

How far

Congratulations in verse on September 1 for graduates

Dear teachers!

I’m a graduate, are you happy for me?
May this day be beautiful and sad
He will stay with me for years.

Congratulations in verse on September 1 to teachers

All these long years

The teachers helped us.
Hearts were filled with love.
And in life, we were given an incentive.

And we will never forget,

All your strict words.
After all, you told us the truth,
Although we did not always understand it.

What else can we say?

Big bow to you.
We will always remember you.
Thank you for everything, teachers.

Congratulations in verse on September 1 from teachers to schoolchildren

This is the first day of autumn, a sunny holiday.

Let your hearts be filled
Love, warmth, light and happiness,
Have a good year to everyone, from September 1!

Congratulations in verse on September 1 to the headmaster of the school

The headmaster is the main one in the school house,

You are a wise and good person.
And everyone here is proud of you,
We will remember you forever.

Congratulations in verse on September 1 to first graders

How elegant and funny

Our first graders are happy.
May luck accompany you,
Share your joy without hiding it.

Congratulations in verse on September 1 to a first grader from a graduate

First graders, appreciate everything,

What you have now.
And collect your briefcases from the evening,
I’m asking you.

At school they fly by quickly

The days are educational for everyone.
Never forget
School joy and laughter.

Imitate only the best,

Have 5 in your diary.
Never forget
About classmates and class.

Congratulations on September 1, 2021 in prose
Today, September 1, the early morning is especially beautiful: the sun wakes up, and it seems that even the trees are festively dressed up for the Day of Knowledge – they pour golden, red leaves on the heads of students rushing to school! I congratulate you on the start of another academic year and wish you good luck and good mood!

Beautiful congratulations on September 1 to a first grader
Summer said goodbye, flew away.
September has come close.
And the foliage is a little red,
The rain passed quietly in the evening.
And in the morning the guys are already in a hurry
Everyone is in a hurry to go to school, to the ruler.
Even though you, our baby, are too small,
The bells are ringing for you too!
We wish you to be reasonable,
Be patient, little one.
The school path is difficult for everyone,
But overcome this
Best greetings from September 1, 2021
Be bold, first grader!
Your time has come:
For lessons, as for a holiday,
You’ll run in the morning!

You will enter the school for the first time,

In your very first class.
Let it be interesting and fun
It will be here every hour!

Congratulations to first graders from parents on September 1
September is the start for new knowledge,
School time is open!
You need diligence, diligence
With all my heart I wish!

To have strength, inspiration,

And the granite of sciences became light,
Exercises have always been solved
Without parental tears and anguish!

Congratulations on September 1 for schoolchildren and teachers
Happy Knowledge Day, I congratulate you,
And therefore, let me wish,
The origins of knowledge to go beckoning,
Follow you and to know,
You could do everything in the world and were smart,
One day, so that all secrets will be revealed,
To be friends with science and be strong,
You are in it and never so that you are not extreme.
Use your mind to achieve everything on the way,
Don’t rely on a blind chance,
Cut the granite
Funny greetings from September 1st
Congratulations on the Day of Knowledge,
The school has reopened its doors.
Tanned, rested
We meet you and believe,

What will you learn

And try the most,
Earn fives
Without sick leave and interference.

We wish for lessons

Do not yawn from boredom,
In a good way, walk boldly
Gnaw the granite of science!
Short greetings from September 1st
September came to us on a light cobweb,
I managed to notify about the beginning of my studies with the first call,
From the bottom of my heart, (son, daughter), I congratulate you,
I sincerely wish you great success in your studies.
SMS greetings from September 1
Summer sings a farewell song,
It’s already the turn of autumn September,
From September 1, accept congratulations,
Let your studies give you only inspiration.
Congratulations on September 1 on WhatsApp
The first bell calls you to school,
And invites you to the first lesson,
From September 1, student/ca, congratulations,
We wish you to achieve your goal.
Congratulations on September 1 on Viber
On a calendar sheet,
Today is September 1st,
The study season starts already,
We sincerely wish you success in your studies.
Congratulations on September 1 to a first-grader boy
You’re a first grader now –
And it sounds proud.
You’re a first grader now –
And you walk firmly.

Behind the new satchel

It’s getting heavier pleasantly.
And the hand is shaking a little,
Which, of course, is understandable.

An important day in your life

It’s coming today.
Fascinating, new
The school world awaits.

This world is full of knowledge

And wonderful discoveries,
Unusual acquaintances,
Adventures, events.

– Don’t be shy, come in…

Be open to knowledge.
Everyone will help you,
Congratulations on September 1 in your own words
Congratulations on the Day of Knowledge! I wish you a great desire to learn and learn. Ease in the new academic year. Friendly atmosphere, interesting events, great grades and a constant desire to be better than yesterday. Good luck, good luck, health, tolerance and wonderful results!
Congratulations on September 1 to a first-grader girl
Uniform, blouse is white.
You’re a brave girl.
Going to school,
You’re trying to learn.

You’ll be a smart little princess,

You will chase progress.
You will know so much,
To keep up with him.

Therefore, you need to try

To study all sciences.
Let it not be difficult.
The impossible is possible.