Beautiful congratulations on May 9th
Ah, where is that wonderful, wondrous May,
What did the joy of victory announce to us?
Touch, spring, the string of the soul, play!
After all, we haven’t finished so much yet!

We have something to remember, something to tell.

Our memory keeps the plots of those days.
We knew how to love, we knew how to wait,
And it’s all from the heart not to erase.

Let there be green gardens on earth

Congratulations on Victory Day in prose
Congratulations on Victory Day and I want to wish you to live under a clear and clear sky from year to year, breathing in the air of happiness and contemplating everything beautiful around. May the exploits of our grandfathers never be forgotten, may the loud song of Victory fill you with inspiration and a sense of pride.
Congratulations to the home front workers from May 9
When the guns were thundering,
When cheers were heard again,
The whole country understood: It is necessary,
And I didn’t know fun and sleep!
For an hour, having taken a nap by the stove,
A kid was warming himself in old felt boots,
He’s a kid, but what a human being,
And in those years, after all, every youngster,
Was eager to fight, and forged a passport,
Following the father to rush to fight,
After all, there were different things
Congratulations to the children of war on May 9
Ran to school, read books,
Peaceful childhood of a girl, a boy.
War came to the world one day,
She crossed out her whole life!

Took the laughter and smile,

Tank tracks toys in the mud,
And his paw sticky,
She got into the child’s life.

And there was no childhood, only chaos,

And a fascist plane flew,
And the child of war got,
And when the machine gun was rumbling,

The children held their ears with their hand,

Congratulations on May 9 in your own words
Congratulations on Victory Day! We wish you never to forget the great achievements and devoted lives of our ancestors, relatives and friends. May the peace they gave us, freedom and will be an unshakable foundation for us and our children. I wish you health, strength and pride for your Motherland!
Victory Day May 9, 2022 beautiful greetings
Victory Day is a great, national holiday, which is commonly called a holiday with tears in your eyes. Every year fewer and fewer veterans of the Great Patriotic War remain among us, but the memory of their exploits in those terrible and terrible years will never be erased! Let’s protect our peaceful sky, surround the glorious veterans with care and attention! Let the salute of the Great Victory fill the
Touching congratulations to veterans on Victory Day
For the clear sky, courage and strength –
Thank you very much, veterans,
We wish that life brings you success,
So that you forget the emotional wounds!

We will congratulate you on Victory Day today,

The fight was not easy, but you achieved peace,
Thanks to you, our country is free,
You all defended yourself from all enemies together!

Thank you, let the good shine now

You are in the sky like the sun with its rays,
Congratulations on May 9 to colleagues
Happy Victory Day to you, colleagues,
Happy holiday that the world brings.
Let the war not touch us,
May you be lucky in everything.

Let joy fill the heart,

Pride for your country,
I wish to remember the feat
Those who won the war.
Congratulations on May 9 to the grandfather from the granddaughter
You fought fearlessly in battles,
You stubbornly held on to every inch of the earth,
Fought the enemy fearlessly in battle,
Today we celebrate your victory.

Dear grandfather, congratulations,

Let only inspiration give you life,
May the sky always be peaceful over your head,
May fate be kind to you.
Congratulations on May 9 to the grandfather from the grandson
You, grandfather, have survived battles and troubles,
You have drunk a lot, you have experienced a lot,
I sincerely congratulate you on Victory Day,
After all, you brought it as close as you could.

I do not know how I would have lived without you,

I wish you a long life without troubles,
Good health, I wish you well,
And peaceful life victories.
Congratulations on May 9 to grandparents
Happy Victory Day, Grandpa and Grandma.
I heartily congratulate you.
Long life and health, I want,
Wish, despite the years.

Let there be hundreds of bright bouquets of flowers,

They will remind you of that spring again,
When the sweet word is Victory,
Resurrected her beauty.
Short congratulations on the Victory Day to grandfather
Grandfather beloved, on Victory Day
I want to wish you success!
Let them avoid troubles!
Rejoice, live and prosper!
Congratulations on May 9 to veterans from children
Dear veterans,
My low bow to you all.
That we live in the world today,
The ringing is not familiar to us.

That we don’t hear the rumbling

Bullets, live ammunition,
What passed the parting
People close to us, relatives.

Your day today and only

You brought victory,
Take it very much
Congratulations from the heart.

Happy holidays to you, dear ones!

And thank you for everything,
That we live in the world today,
We’ve been so lucky in life.
Congratulations on May 9 to grandfather in prose
Today we celebrate the most important, the most important holiday for all of us – Victory Day. We will never forget those brave warriors who won the victory and gave us a cloudless peaceful life. Dear grandfather, our honored veteran, accept my most sincere congratulations and wishes on this holiday. I wish you good health, long life and all the best. May all your dreams come true, may fate be
Congratulations to veterans on May 9 in prose
We bow our heads before our great heroes, we congratulate you on this brave and bright holiday, dear ones, on May 9, on Victory Day. Our veterans are our pride, our true happiness, a kind world and our life. Thank you for this victory and those brave deeds, for fearless battles and dedication. I wish you all the best, good health and plenty of strength.
Congratulations on the Victory Day to grandfather in his own words
Dear grandfather, congratulations on Victory Day. I would like to wish you good health and courage of the soul, great pride in kind and courageous deeds, sincere joy of the heart and a peaceful sky over your head, prosperity and bright hope.
Congratulations to veterans on May 9 in verse
Dear veterans,
You are an example for us for all years.
Despite the age and wounds,
Your soul has remained young.

You have gone through years of fighting,

Defending the honor of your country,
So that your children live in peace
So that they do not know the horrors of war.

We congratulate you on Victory Day,

And we wish you long long years,
Be healthy our grandfathers,
Congratulations on May 9 to grandfather in verse
You are in the orders today,
And you are in a hurry at all times…
It’s clear right away – to the parade!
That’s what you’re very happy about.

I love you like this:

Combative and mischievous.
After all, this is your holiday, Grandpa,
That you haven’t heard bullets for so many years!

I’ll congratulate you too:

It’s not good to grieve now.
There will be songs, congratulations
And admiration for you!
Congratulations to veterans on May 9 on a postcard
The war was already many years ago,
But veterans remember every moment,
Today the guns are thundering in your honor,
And everyone talks about winning.

I am in a hurry to congratulate you today,

I want luck to come to you,
And I will only wish for the best –
Thank you for your kind deeds!
Beautiful congratulations to Grandpa on May 9th
Grandfather, how beautiful you are today!
The clear gaze is firm, irresistible!
He is dangerous for front-line friends,
And we sincerely love him!

We congratulate you,

And your frontline friends on May 9!
Dear ones, stay with us longer,
In the tedious alternation of days!