The best congratulations on Mother’s Day 2021
Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mommy!
I’m giving you these lines,
Words cannot measure the feelings that filled my soul!

How dear these hugs are to me,

Your dear kisses,
And a wide, bright smile,
And words of maternal love!

I swear – these are the best in the world,

Words dear to the heart,
From which desperately dizzy
As if in my childhood, my head!

Congratulations on Mother’s Day in prose
Mommy! You have given me an invaluable gift – life. Brought up, taught a lot. You’re like a heavenly guardian angel to me. I wish you to always remain good-natured, young, cheerful, cheerful and charming. I want you to feel loved every second.
Congratulations to my wife on Mother’s Day
My beautiful wife,
And wonderful mom,
Such to us all over the world
You won’t be able to find it!

Happy Mother’s Day, I congratulate,

I wish to be happy!
I promise you, my dear
With all my heart I love!
Short congratulations on Mother’s Day
Beloved mom, golden!
Your personal holiday has come!
Sending sms with love,
I wish you good health and strength!
Congratulations to a pregnant (expectant mother) on Mother’s Day
Very soon you will see
Dear baby,
You will become the best mom
For a native sturdy.

I wish on Mother’s Day

Strength, patience, kindness,
So that pregnancy is calm,
In health, only leaked.

Enjoy the state,

When you are one with a baby,
Let the stork knock more often
To you with a beak in the window.
SMS congratulations on Mother’s Day
On this wonderful day of blessed autumn, I hasten to congratulate the closest soul on the planet – you, dear mother. May your serene smile enchant us with its warmth for many years!
Congratulations on Mother’s Day to the daughter-in-law
You are my daughter-in-law, my daughter,
Happy holiday, happy Mother’s Day, dear, to you!
I wish you happiness, joy, love,
Let all your dreams come true.
Let life be filled with light and goodness,
Your reliable home will be a full cup!
Congratulations on Mother’s Day on whatsapp
Happy Mother’s Day, dear mother!
I wish you happiness, beauty and love,
So that your heart glows with happiness,
So that your lips bloom with smiles!
Congratulations to my daughter on Mother’s Day
You, daughter, have become a wonderful mom,
Kind, the most gentle and attentive,
Happy Mother’s Day, I congratulate you,
I wish you success in education!

Let your family be happy,

Love, dear, be always loved!
I wish you many clear days
And only good, bright news!
Congratulations on Mother’s Day on viber
Beloved, glorious beloved mother!
I congratulate you on this joyful day!
A holiday is a great occasion, but know, my dear,
Every day is beautiful that we are together!
Beautiful congratulations on Mother’s Day
My dear mother,
On this day I wish you,
To fill our house
Happiness, light and kindness.

So that there is a lot of health,

So that luck is beyond the threshold
I’ve been waiting for you every day,
And I’ve always been with you.

So that birds sing in the soul,

So that borders collapse
On the way to the dream of anyone.
Remember: I am always with you!
Congratulations on Mother’s Day to a friend
Happy Mother’s Day, I congratulate,
My best friend.
I wish you with all my heart,
Let your dream come true.

Appreciate the happy moments,

May your family please you,
And give you only inspiration,
I love you, girlfriend, I love you.

You’re the best mom in the world.

You are a bright example for everyone.
You get up early at dawn,
And go to bed later than everyone else.

I wish you, girlfriend,

Patience, wisdom and blessings.
Love, dear, you
Funny congratulations on Mother’s Day
Wipe his nose, fix his bangs,
And a little bit already running, –
It’s mom, like a bee,
Circling over the baby.

After all, for every mother’s child –

Pride, joy, beauty,
In every gesture, a cursory glance
All the care, kindness.

I wish you with all my heart:

Be always happy you,
Happy Mother’s day, I congratulate,
Let your dreams come true!
Congratulations to women on Mother’s Day
Today is a very bright holiday,
It sounds like music in my ears.
Mother’s Day, holy for many,
A smile will lie on your lips.

You hear congratulations everywhere,

But the most cherished words
He will pronounce a miracle with his lips –
Your favorite child.

It doesn’t matter at all – an adult, a boy

Or three days old.
You’re a mom. You deserve his love.
In his eyes, you are always the best.

I want to congratulate

Congratulations on Mother’s Day in your own words
I want to congratulate you, my beloved, on mother’s day! Mom, thank you for everything. Let adversity bypass you, peace and order always reigns in the family, and you continue to remain the same beautiful and beautiful. Prosperity, well-being, attention, strength, care and oceans of warmth and love. Love you!
Congratulations on Mother’s Day to colleagues at work
The office is noisy today,
Notes the team.
Moms all gathered together,
Spread out the treats.

Everyone congratulates each other,

Wishes happiness and kindness.
They instruct on the way of the Lord,
They wish peace and warmth.

Moms have time everywhere:

Husband wake up in the morning,
Sew, cook and wash,
Pay attention to children.

There is a little left to rest.

Where does so much strength come from?
Despite all the fatigue.The world is irresistible to them.
Congratulations to the teacher on Mother’s Day
We wish you well on Mother’s Day,
And many wonderful moments!
The kids love you at school very much,
After all, you are the best teacher, without a doubt!

Let your cherished dreams come true,

So that life brings you pleasure,
Let them give you flowers for no reason,
So that your mood aspires upwards!
Congratulations on Mother’s Day to my sister
Happy Mother’s Day, beloved sister,
I wish you not to get sick and not to be sad,
We can learn everything from you,
How to be the best mom in the world.

For children, you are the hope and support, a caring, affectionate mother.

Let them grow big very soon –
You will be hugged with love.

I wish you a lot of joy and light,

Let all your dreams come true,
A sunny summer shines in
Congratulations on Mother’s Day in Ukrainian
on Mother’s day, I wish you beauty, enjoyment and eternal beauty!
from God – Health,
strength-from nature!< Br>warmth and inspiration,
love and laughter,
from family and friends –
boundless joy!
Congratulations on Mother-in-law’s Day
Thank you for the best
A man on earth!
For the sweet, good,
That he became my husband.

His character is affectionate

The merit of your hands.
So be happy,
Do not know troubles, separations.

God grant you good health,

Patience and strength,
A long way through life
Among those who are dear to the heart!