Russia’s Day greetings in prose
Today is not an easy day, but the day of our Great country, with which I want to congratulate you! To live in Russia is one grace, so I wish you that all your expectations are met, that there is stability in life, and that pleasant moments fill life!
Short congratulations on the Day of Russia
We congratulate everyone on Russia Day today,
After all, this is the main holiday for the big country,
We sincerely wish everyone success
And may everyone live well in Russia!
Congratulations in verse on the Day of Russia
And Russia is strong – not by those in power,
Do not judge people by them, not knowing,
And even, divided into parts,
She is alive and do not expect death!

I’m sure the time is coming,

When the whole nation wakes up from sleep,
He will expel the treacherous tribe
And he won’t let them on the doorstep anymore.

Holy Russia, will rise from her knees,

Breathing in oxygen,
And absorbing the wisdom of generations,
Official congratulations on the Day of Russia
Happy Russia Day to you, dear patriots! We are all Russians, which means we already have something to be proud of. Our country is a great power, a reliable stronghold with a rich history, which gives us, the children of our country, the strength to fight any problems. Let’s continue to build the future of Russia together with dignity, and also teach our children this. Russians! This is your day,
Funny greetings for Russia Day
On Russia Day, the world is beautiful,
The songs stretch like a river.
Let’s throw an unprecedented feast,
Let’s decorate everything with Khokhloma!

We wish you to eat

You are salmon by the ton,
So that oil comes from every crevice,
Like a bottomless bottom!
Congratulations on the Day of Russia on June 12
Happy our glorious Russia Day,
Our motherland is holy!
I wish you all peace, happiness,
Pride for the native land.

Let us be worthy of it,

Let us glorify it in the world,
Achievements in science
And in the art of admiring.

Let’s carry it through the centuries

We have our own traditions.
Independence, freedom,
If necessary, we will defend.

Let the words “we are patriots”

They will be confirmed on cases.
And let the devotion to Russia
It will be strong
Beautiful congratulations on the Day of Russia
I congratulate you on the Day of Russia!
And I will say I will not melt the heat –
I adore my homeland
And I love her with all my heart.

I do not know a stronger power,

I do not know the vastness infinitely.
She is full of military glory,
He will be able to give a worthy rebuff.

May Russia always prosper

And let our people live better,
It unites all Slavs,
She is a strong, reliable
SMS congratulations on the Day of Russia
I congratulate you, dear.
Everyone loves this holiday around.
I wish to read my native land,
Not forgetting our ancestors’ merits!
Congratulations on the Day of Russia in your own words
Today is a holiday for our great and indestructible Motherland and I would like to wish all its inhabitants to always be proud of their country, to do things that contribute to its prosperity, not to forget their native traditions and culture and to be happy living in Russia!