Congratulations on Ramadan 2022 in verse
Ramadan, oh, a holy holiday!
Sows peace and harmony in the soul!
Let all those who are involved in the faith,
Our Almighty deigns to hear!

May Allah protect your families!

And will give you well-being!
I wish your minds,
They only knew the best

Let them live in peace and tranquility in the house,

And relatives are not worried about diseases,
Let them not know the anxiety,
Congratulations on Ramadan 2022 in prose

Congratulations on the holy month of Ramadan! I wish your souls to always be full of harmony, love and happiness! The houses were cozy and peaceful. May the Almighty hear all your prayers and give your families health and peace of mind!


Happy great holiday of Ramadan! May your home never know bitterness and tears, so that every goal set will be achieved in the best possible

Beautiful congratulations for Ramadan
Heaven sent joy
On the bright holiday of Ramadan
Let clarity come with it!
(Happiness is a whole suitcase)
That’s what I wish you!

May Allah hear loyalty,

And the love of their people,
The path will open to you kindly
Into the world of beautiful, bright days!