Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Biology

Amphibians, mycelium, worms-

We all know these words.
Since the seventh grade
We are studying it.

About each petal

And a plucked flower,
We will be able to tell,
After all, you need to know.

We live on a planet,

Which should be studied.
And everything in this world
We need to protect.

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Mathematics

The math teacher is a logical person.

Stay smart,
Kind, you, forever.

Even though we don’t like to learn formulas,

But about logarithms
We will talk.

We are about Pythagoras

We will never forget.
And we will remember for a century,
All your words.

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Physics

How can something

Be more difficult for those
About which you tell us
Have you told me in a day?

All knowledge about physics

They remained in my head.
Textbooks and books
we read quite.

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Chemistry

It is difficult to be a teacher, but it is doubly difficult to be a chemist.

The Periodic Table
You know quite well.

All formulas, tasks

On one, two, three solve.
About salts and acids
I won’t talk…

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Geography

New discoveries and achievements,

Bright moments and delights.
A long life without stress,
Pleasant feelings to the heart.

Congratulations on Teacher’s Day 2021 in prose
On this bright, sunny day, I want to congratulate on the professional holiday those who have rightfully become family and friends for us – our teachers. Thank you for your kindness, patience, care, understanding. I sincerely wish you health, joy, prosperity, decent wages, good students, kindness, warmth and good luck!

Short congratulations on Teacher’s Day 2021
The profession of the most important representative,
We congratulate you on the holiday now.
You are the best, because you are our teacher.
Our friendly class wishes you happiness!

Beautiful congratulations to the teacher on Teacher’s Day 2021
Happy Teacher’s Day
All my teachers,
A lot of wishes say,
To love us more.

We wish you health, strength, patience, kindness.

To get inspiration in the work
You have always found it.

We wish you success,

New creative ideas.
Joy, fun, laughter,
Loyal, devoted friends!

Congratulations on Teacher’s Day in verse
Dear teachers!
Happy Teacher’s Day, we are in a hurry to congratulate you!
We are just at the beginning of that road,
Along which we run to knowledge.

A year ago we were kids,

Everything was here for us for the first time!
And now we are with our best friends
In the second step together class.

Dear Headmaster of our school!

The teachers and I were lucky!
Every day is fervent and cheerful,
We are so cozy and
The best congratulations on Teacher’s Day 2021
Hard work – teaching children
And give yourself in full,
To open the road of knowledge to them,
Find all the right words.

And on Teacher’s Day from us

Thank you,
She is honest, not for show,
So let it bring joy.

Your patient, necessary work

Worthy of admiration,
Let all the flowers bloom for you,
Adding inspiration.

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. English language

Everyone learns English,

But the C2 level
is not shared by everyone
Teacher, one-two.

You teach kids,

Not \”Ze\”, but \”(Z)e\” to say.
And we, the new words
We are in a hurry to write everything down.

Congratulations on Teacher’s Day to a male teacher
You are a teacher, you are a mentor,
You are an excellent teacher.
On Teacher’s Day, I wish,
That there were no worries.

Let your favorite job

Gives joy, inspiration,
Pleasing students
Let’s have great achievements.

Be happy, healthy,

Give wisdom, knowledge,
By your noble deed
By all means cherish it.
Congratulations on Teacher’s Day to a female teacher
Your kindness, like the sun,
Generously warms the class!
There will be time to explain
Be sure to have you!

I wish you positive,

Fresh creative ideas!
To be always so beautiful,
Surround children with warmth!
Congratulations on the teacher’s Day of the first teacher
The first teacher,
The keeper of all knowledge!
We will always remember you,
The kindness of beautiful eyes,
The knowledge that you have given us,
We have replenished in life,
Thank you for everything,
We want to wish you happiness!
Sincere congratulations on Teacher’s Day
Dear our teacher!
We love you endlessly!
Teacher’s Day is an excuse,
To congratulate you cordially.

We wish you good health,

Let happiness flow in life.
We respect your subject,
We commit to study.

May you take off in your career!

Bring your ideas to life,
Whatever you want will come true.
Just don’t forget us.
Congratulations on the Teacher’s Day in prose
I congratulate you on the World Teacher’s Day! I wish you an easy job, a great mood, successful beginnings and, of course, compliant students. May your work always be evaluated rightfully and with great respect for your personality. I wish you simple and close happiness, harmony in the family and a bright school year.
Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day
World Teacher’s Day
Today they celebrate –
The day of the Guardian’s wisdom.
I congratulate you on it!

Thank you for the knowledge,

That you give so generously,
For faith, understanding,
For not scolding!

May the world smile at you,

May you be healthy.
Let them be executed more often
Cherished dreams!
Congratulations on Teacher’s Day in verse
On this bright holiday with respect
We say thank you for your work
And we wish you happiness, inspiration!
May joy await you everywhere!

We promise to listen to you carefully,

Answer perfectly at the blackboard
And write the tests diligently!
Students who love you.
Congratulations on Teacher’s Day to colleagues
Dear colleagues, congratulations
Happy autumn celebration!
I wish success to all teachers,
Let life sparkle with warmth.

Let the students please us with themselves,

Knowledge is given to them, let it be easy.
I wish us love, success and peace,
So that everything in the neighborhood is good.

Let happiness with affectionate excitement

Fill the tenderness of the heart,
There will be no place for doubts,
There will be no end to joy.
Congratulations on Teacher’s Day in your own words
Congratulations on Teacher’s Day! I sincerely wish to help children overcome any wilds of ignorance and be happy to get acquainted with new sciences. Let luck help in life, let there always be strong nerves, bright thoughts and a good mood for work.