Beautiful congratulations to the primary school teacher on teacher’s Day
Primary school teachers
I want to congratulate you especially,
It is with you for children
School always starts.

You have a special talent –

Teach kids to read,
Write your first word,
And count the first digits.

On Teacher’s Day I wish you

I wish you good luck in the hard work,
You are our first teacher, we have
In the heart you remain forever.
Congratulations on the day of primary school teachers from students
The teacher is the first and favorite,
We will never forget you!
Everything you need to know,
We know, thanks to you!

And happy Teacher’s Day to congratulate

From the bottom of our hearts we want now,
Leave warmth in your soul!
And thank you – for us!
Congratulations on the day of primary school teachers from parents
You are a guide to the road of knowledge,
A second mother for children,
At the cost of your best efforts
They become wiser

And we wish you that in class,

As in friendly and large families,
There would be an atmosphere of happiness,
And you would love all your

Students, obedient, smart –

Let everyone be your favorites!
Let fortune smile
And the whole class will be proud!
Congratulations on the day of primary school teachers in prose
Congratulations to our first teacher on the holiday. On Teacher’s Day, we wish you bright joy and sincere happiness, fun work and great success in your activities, respect and understanding, faithful love, constant good luck and good prosperity.
Congratulations on Primary School Teacher’s Day in your own words
Congratulations to the first teacher on teacher’s Day. We wish you happy days, good mood and success in all your affairs. Being a primary school teacher is very difficult, but you are coping with it perfectly, let your optimism, enthusiasm, strength and diligence continue to help educate children and give them important knowledge.
Congratulations on the day of primary school teachers from children
Student/ca #1
We are all lucky!
You are our first teacher,
Please accept our congratulations soon!

Student/ca #2

You always greet us with a smile,
With a great desire, children run to class.

Student/ca #3

You are kind, soft, the best,
And you have become the second mother to the children,

One of the mothers of the children

Calmly we are all working at work,
After all, our guys are under sensitive care.

Student/ca #4

A teacher from God! (And
Congratulations on the day of the primary school teacher in verse
Today is a national holiday.
We are in a hurry to tell the teacher:
Your work is not easy, noble.
Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts!

You are a second mother to the children.

You love them like family, –
Funny, naive and stubborn
Students of all dear ones.

You are a teacher from God.

We wish you to always bloom.
We have a better teacher in the world
You can’t find it for our kids!