Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Biology

Amphibians, mycelium, worms-

We all know these words.
Since the seventh grade
We are studying it.

About each petal

And a plucked flower,
We will be able to tell,
After all, you need to know.

We live on a planet,

Which should be studied.
And everything in this world
We need to protect.

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Mathematics

The math teacher is a logical person.

Stay smart,
Kind, you, forever.

Even though we don’t like to learn formulas,

But about logarithms
We will talk.

We are about Pythagoras

We will never forget.
And we will remember for a century,
All your words.

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Physics

How can something

Be more difficult for those
About which you tell us
Have you told me in a day?

All knowledge about physics

They remained in my head.
Textbooks and books
we read quite.

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Chemistry

It is difficult to be a teacher, but it is doubly difficult to be a chemist.

The Periodic Table
You know quite well.

All formulas, tasks

On one, two, three solve.
About salts and acids
I won’t talk…

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. Geography

New discoveries and achievements,

Bright moments and delights.
A long life without stress,
Pleasant feelings to the heart.

Beautiful congratulations on Teacher’s Day. English language

Everyone learns English,

But the C2 level
is not shared by everyone
Teacher, one-two.

You teach kids,

Not \”Ze\”, but \”(Z)e\” to say.
And we, the new words
We are in a hurry to write everything down.

Congratulations on Teacher’s Day to the drawing teacher
They taught us not only to draw,
But to see the world with open eyes.
We were taught to understand beauty,
And show it with one or two strokes.

Please accept congratulations from the bottom of your heart,

The creator of the brushstroke and lines is the master
You are served by brushes and pencils,
A wizard, a drawing teacher.
Congratulations to the teacher of the Russian language on Teacher’s Day
We love dictation very much,
Essays? Yes, it’s easy!
Expositions and stories
We’ve been writing great for a long time.

It’s all your efforts,

Everyday difficult work.
On Teacher’s Day we wish
Let good luck just wait for you.
Teacher of labor congratulations on Teacher’s Day
We have become almost craftsmen
Everything is fine in the lessons.
Congratulations from the heart
And we wish you all warmth.

To have golden hands

Never been sick
And enough for all the guys
A share of your good.

We wish you good health,

Optimism forever.
Let it be only in joy and happiness
Your years will fly by.
Congratulations to the physics teacher on Teacher’s Day
There are so many interesting things in the world,
And that’s all you are helping us all to learn,
How the engine of a huge machine works,
And how can we get electricity.

Physics is a complex and very precise science,

But only with you began to understand it,
Happy Teacher’s Day, we congratulate you together,
We wish you to guide everyone further into science!
Congratulations to the physical education teacher on Teacher’s Day
Happy Teacher’s Day! Physical education lessons
You spend always with a mark of 5,
Only slender figures will become with you,
Everyone will love to drive a ball in the field!

Well, you stay healthy, stay strong,

Surprise everyone around with positivity,
Keep your optimism, smile boldly,
And let there be only a rhythmic heartbeat!
Congratulations to the chemistry teacher on Teacher’s Day
Now we know the entire table of elements,
As well as any chemical process.
And all thanks to you, teacher,
Thanks to the fact that you have been teaching us for several years.

Thank you very much we express,

We congratulate you, because you have a holiday!
And we wish, from the bottom of our hearts and sincerely,
That the students only please you!
Congratulations to the English teacher on Teacher’s Day
English is very much needed now.
It’s not easy to live without him today.
And this so useful knowledge
We have managed to get from you over the years!
Now we are “speaking English” perfectly!And the phrase “nice to meet you” does not give us chills.
Thank you for your hard work, for your patience.
Congratulations on this bright day.
Congratulations to the biology teacher on Teacher’s Day
Knowledge of biology in life is very important!
We have learned a lot about the subject from you.
And we were looking forward to each lesson,
We wanted to know about everything in the world!

We congratulate you on a bright holiday!

Let the authorities appreciate your hard work!
We sincerely wish you this!
New successes are calling you to a glorious path!
Geography teacher congratulations on Teacher’s Day
Across the expanses and latitudes
We soar in class.
We all love geography,
We value every topic.

The excitement is burning in us

Believe me, it’s not easy.
You are not just our teacher –
It’s a dream for all schoolchildren.

Happy Teacher’s Day today

Congratulations from everyone.
In life, you will have great happiness,
Let there be honor, success.
Congratulations to the computer science teacher on Teacher’s Day
Congratulations gigabytes have prepared for you,
Computer Science teacher, we wish you now
Happiness, health, patience, joy did not fail,
How in the program to understand the strange difficulty of any!

You can easily, so that everything in life is just as easy:

No problems, no “hang-ups”, and dreams are at hand,
Everything will be fulfilled instantly, happy Teacher’s Day, let there be only fun in life, you forget about sadness!
Congratulations to the history teacher on Teacher’s Day
On Teacher’s Day, we thank you,
Congratulations and we want,
Wish you love and happiness,
Thank you for your knowledge!

We know the story now,

From the Vikings to our years.
We wish you creative success,
To live happily and not to know troubles.
Congratulations to the math teacher on Teacher’s Day
Mathematics – the queen
Of all sciences known to us,
And the teacher in the subject –
The very first school friend.

We have a multiplication table

We know everything like two times two,
And quadratic equations
We unravel the lace.

You teach us calculations

In my life to apply,
So that we could income
And calculate the percentages.

On Teacher’s Day, take

Let the nerves be of steel,
Angelic patience.
Congratulations to the teacher of literature on Teacher’s Day
Our favorite writer –
The best teacher,
There is love for books and for reading
He could easily vaccinate us!

On Teacher’s Day today

We give him poems,
We wish you a lot of happiness,
Days so that there are no bad ones.
Congratulations to the music teacher on Teacher’s Day
Although music can say everything without words,
We want to congratulate you in words today.
And I wish you creative success together,
And leave a little memory about yourself.

Let the poems sound like music for you

They contain all our love and all our recognition,
Our whole class sincerely congratulates you today
And he gives you the best wishes.