Congratulations in verse for Palm Sunday 2022
Let a willow twig bring you
What the heart believes in, what the soul is waiting for.
I wish you health for forty centuries,
Love and kindness, to live without any shackles.

Let joy come, and the soul will smile,

And the dark power doesn’t sneak up on you.
I wish you luck, hope and faith,
And let the size of happiness grow from now on.

Happy Palm

Congratulations in verse for Palm Sunday
The Entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem
Palm Sunday is called.
Peace in the soul is so necessary for everyone:
Joy in the soul – and the sun is in the sky.

Verbochki push on the window,

That’s the last ice coming off the rivers.
Everyone I meet is dear to me now
Like a dear and bright little man.

Calling birds, pies

Good housewives will cook.