Birthday greetings to a 16-year-old guy
For your sixteen years I want to wish,
Always be the first in everything, conquer all heights,
Let tears, grief and misfortune pass by,
Hope, Faith and love may always be with you.

Stay the same strong, with a heart full of kindness,

You are always ready to put your shoulder to the lady.
Once again, happy holiday to you, be friends with your head,
Always cherish everything you have in life.
Birthday greetings to a 17 year old guy
That’s right, young man, 17 years old!
There is no more beautiful age.
You are standing at the start of life,
I got an entrance ticket.

All explore the roads,

In life, choose only your own path.
And, of course, about feelings
You, kid, don’t forget.
Congratulations on the birthday of an 18-year-old guy
You are 18 years old today!
Everything is possible: study, work!
You are trying to take on everything now,
Success awaits you everywhere!

Be brave, active and persistent

In all planned affairs!
Luck will come to you soon,
As you see in your dreams!

It is necessary to work hard,

So that there are many victories!
Always let friends be there!
And the light of the sun will be bright!
Birthday greetings to a 19-year-old guy
Happy birthday,
And I wish to be in everything
Only the best, only the first,
And always be yourself!

You are 19 years old today,

You have become closer to your path,
In which it can be useful
Everything that seemed far away.

May your life be happy,

Let the light of life be bright.
And let the obstacles all succeed
You can overcome it yourself.
Happy birthday greetings to a 20 year old guy
you are 20 years old today!
You’ve grown quite big!
With a kind heart, and, of course,
With a wonderful soul!

I wish you happiness

Be healthy, live long,
Do not grieve in vain,
Do not grieve for no reason!

Every joyful minute

In this life, cherish,
And with good friends
To be friends for many years!
Happy birthday to a guy 21 years old
21 years is a lot of aspirations,
But there are also a lot of worries and worries,
Always rely only on your loved ones,
Try to be the best and the bravest.

Let luck help in life,

So that all tasks are solved easily,
So that luck, all dreams come true,
The best plans actually come true!
Birthday greetings to the 22 year old guy
22 years old,
Two twos in a pair,
Happy birthday to you
I’ll congratulate you, man.

I wish that there was always

In the center of events,
Gave to life
Millions of discoveries.

Dream Horizons

I opened it for you,
On the fifth point
There were enough surprises.

So that you love life

In all its manifestations,
Happy met
Your birthday.
Happy birthday greetings to the 23 year old guy
At twenty-three we wish a lot, a lot,
We want to be young in life
Your wide road
It has not become a narrow path.

We wish you more love –

Huge, clear as a tear.
We want you to smile forever
Your happy eyes.

We wish you happiness, bright days,

Health – what is most valuable,
The roads of life are more authentic
And more joy on it.

I wish you a lot of happiness,

A piece of blue
Happy birthday to a 24 year old guy
We are sitting in the apartment in the morning
Your twenty-four
We celebrate the year,
We drink wine and wish
You have peace in your soul,
So that your will grows stronger,
So that life passes in prosperity
And the days in it were sweet.
We wish you a long life,
As a multi-part film,
Filled with health
And sincere love.
Happy birthday to a guy 25 years old
25 is a wonderful age.
A quarter of a century is over.
Let the stars shine for you,
Illuminating all paths.

Let health and success

They will never leave,
With optimism and laughter
Meet the new years!

25 is a wonderful age.

Look for positivity in everything:
Already – it is possible, still – it is possible…
In general, you can just do everything!
A good birthday greeting to a guy in your own words
Wonderful, funny, best guy in the world, happy birthday to you! May you have an amazing and successful future ahead of you, worthy of a guy like you! Let a strong family and love support you behind, because there is no better rear in the world, and right now let’s enjoy your birthday!
Funny birthday greetings to the guy in your own words
Happy birthday to the most wonderful guy. I wish you to be incredibly lucky in life, a cheerful soul of the company, an amazing gentleman, the object of female adoration and male envy. Let there be a lot of money in the wallet, and let the soul be filled with childlike spontaneity.
Birthday greetings to a teenager in prose
Congratulations on your birthday, on the day of dreams and falling in love. I wish that youth brings bright and colorful colors into your life, so that your heart and soul strive for the ideal, so that everything works out, and never give up, so that there are many victories, loyal friends and sincere happiness.
Beautiful congratulations to a guy on his birthday in verse
Reliability, courage, support –
All this is in you, undoubtedly,
You are a loyal and reliable friend,
You will always help if suddenly

Has trouble happened to someone again,

You will never judge.
You have that storehouse of good qualities that mean a lot in this life.

I wish you immeasurable kindness,

There will certainly be a lot of success,
Smiles of the sun, kindness,
Of course, a dream come true.

Find a soul mate,

Beautiful as a picture,
Happy birthday to a 14-year-old guy
Birthday! 14! A great number!
We wish you to be very lucky in life,
We wish that your dream come true sooner,
We wish you to find true friends!

We wish you not to get burned in life,

We wish you to remain your beloved son,
We wish you to study for “excellent”,
So that you can earn decently later!
A beautiful birthday greeting to a guy in his own words
I wish that life turned out like a wonderful movie filled with happy scenes, and you were its brilliant director, so that all the best words and wishes that you will certainly hear from friends and relatives today come true. Love your life, guide it, and it will definitely be kind to you.
Congratulations in your own words to the guy on his birthday humorous
sexy boy my dear, I congratulate you on your birthday. I want to wish you that what you wanted could always come true, that everything you dreamed of would certainly come true. Be a brave captain of the voyage of life and a great king of a prosperous reign.
Happy birthday greetings to a young man in prose
Happy birthday, wonderful young man. I wish you a wonderful and happy life, in which there will be many exploits and good fame. Be a real knight, a loyal friend, a brave and fearless guy. Let there be many real adventures on your way, let your luck and luck travel with you all the way.
Congratulations to a good guy on his birthday in verse
You are beautiful and smart, you are brave,
Celebrating your birthday.
The guy is kind, cheerful, skillful,
I’m proud to have you by my side.

I wish you to stay

A real man forever.
Like a knight – to fight for a lady,
My hero, my dear man!

Stay reliable and sensitive,

Let success not leave you.
Let them remind you of forget-me-nots,
I’m your forget-me-not of all.
Birthday greetings to a guy 15 years old
You seem to everyone very mature,
And at the same time still a youngster.
You are 15 years old today,
A happy day has come to your house.

You are distinguished by your wit,

And God has rewarded you with talent.
You instantly conquer girls,
He struck everyone with charm.

Let the wishes come true in a hurry,

After all, it’s your birthday.
Fortune, you, meet, and joy,
Let the family be healthy.