Congratulations on the birthday of an 18-year-old guy
You are 18 years old today!
Everything is possible: study, work!
You are trying to take on everything now,
Success awaits you everywhere!

Be brave, active and persistent

In all planned affairs!
Luck will come to you soon,
As you see in your dreams!

It is necessary to work hard,

So that there are many victories!
Always let friends be there!
And the light of the sun will be bright!
Birthday greetings to a 19-year-old guy
Happy birthday,
And I wish to be in everything
Only the best, only the first,
And always be yourself!

You are 19 years old today,

You have become closer to your path,
In which it can be useful
Everything that seemed far away.

May your life be happy,

Let the light of life be bright.
And let the obstacles all succeed
You can overcome it yourself.
Happy birthday greetings to a 20 year old guy
you are 20 years old today!
You’ve grown quite big!
With a kind heart, and, of course,
With a wonderful soul!

I wish you happiness

Be healthy, live long,
Do not grieve in vain,
Do not grieve for no reason!

Every joyful minute

In this life, cherish,
And with good friends
To be friends for many years!
Happy birthday to a guy 21 years old
21 years is a lot of aspirations,
But there are also a lot of worries and worries,
Always rely only on your loved ones,
Try to be the best and the bravest.

Let luck help in life,

So that all tasks are solved easily,
So that luck, all dreams come true,
The best plans actually come true!
Birthday greetings to the 22 year old guy
22 years old,
Two twos in a pair,
Happy birthday to you
I’ll congratulate you, man.

I wish that there was always

In the center of events,
Gave to life
Millions of discoveries.

Dream Horizons

I opened it for you,
On the fifth point
There were enough surprises.

So that you love life

In all its manifestations,
Happy met
Your birthday.
Happy birthday greetings to the 23 year old guy
At twenty-three we wish a lot, a lot,
We want to be young in life
Your wide road
It has not become a narrow path.

We wish you more love –

Huge, clear as a tear.
We want you to smile forever
Your happy eyes.

We wish you happiness, bright days,

Health – what is most valuable,
The roads of life are more authentic
And more joy on it.

I wish you a lot of happiness,

A piece of blue
Happy birthday to a 24 year old guy
We are sitting in the apartment in the morning
Your twenty-four
We celebrate the year,
We drink wine and wish
You have peace in your soul,
So that your will grows stronger,
So that life passes in prosperity
And the days in it were sweet.
We wish you a long life,
As a multi-part film,
Filled with health
And sincere love.
Happy birthday to a guy 25 years old
25 is a wonderful age.
A quarter of a century is over.
Let the stars shine for you,
Illuminating all paths.

Let health and success

They will never leave,
With optimism and laughter
Meet the new years!

25 is a wonderful age.

Look for positivity in everything:
Already – it is possible, still – it is possible…
In general, you can just do everything!
Birthday greetings to a 16-year-old guy
For your sixteen years I want to wish,
Always be the first in everything, conquer all heights,
Let tears, grief and misfortune pass by,
Hope, Faith and love may always be with you.

Stay the same strong, with a heart full of kindness,

You are always ready to put your shoulder to the lady.
Once again, happy holiday to you, be friends with your head,
Always cherish everything you have in life.
Birthday greetings to a 17 year old guy
That’s right, young man, 17 years old!
There is no more beautiful age.
You are standing at the start of life,
I got an entrance ticket.

All explore the roads,

In life, choose only your own path.
And, of course, about feelings
You, kid, don’t forget.
Happy birthday greetings to a guy friend in your own words
Congratulations! I wish you joy, good luck, inspiration! Let everything you want come true in your life! Be always the darling of fate, be able to always be in the right place at the right time. Let each new day be similar to the previous one only in one way – it will be just as successful!
Funny birthday greetings to a guy in prose
Congratulations on the birthday of a gorgeous and wonderful guy. I wish to be on the ship not a squishy cabin boy, but a brave captain, I wish to raise my flag in any fight or life battle and get a victory, I wish natural charm and female attention, sweet love and a butt like a nut.
Birthday greetings to the sister’s boyfriend in prose
Happy birthday to the cheerful and kind guy of my beloved and wonderful sister. May you be lucky in life, may your every day be colorful and eventful, may luck accompany you in everything, may your love be eternal and strong. I wish you happy holidays and bright moments of happiness in life.
Original congratulations to the guy on his birthday in verse
Let your wonderful holiday be personal
Will present a wonderful surprise,
Lots of unusual gifts
Fun, dancing, joy, songs!

Let life go steadily uphill

Full of love and inspiration,
Without quarrels and petty reproaches,
Without a small drop of doubt.

Good luck frequent and immeasurable,

Warm, cloudless spring.
I wish you selfless faith
Into yourself and joyful days!
Short congratulations to the guy on his birthday in his own words
May you have many years of a happy and prosperous life ahead of you, in which all dreams come true and only close people and real friends surround you!
Happy birthday greetings with humor to a guy in prose
Happy birthday, kid. I wish you a cool car in which a fashionable chick is sweetly powdering her nose, I wish you a nice cottage on the ocean, where there will be fun parties, I wish you a lot of money not only in your pocket, but also on all kinds of accounts in decent banks.
Obscene birthday greetings to a guy in verse
Up to a hundred years old and hello,
Send all the troubles to the f**.
Be healthy and with a body,
So that adversity becomes crazy.
Drink, kuti, don’t strain yourself,
And have a good time.
Be successful and rich,
So that life is p**that!
So that there was always an end,
And the enemies came piz * ec!
Congratulations to a guy friend on his birthday in verse
You’re a straight and cheeky guy,
You can make fun of us!
Sometimes you can be harsh,
But the soul is the kindest of all!

You help in every case,

Whoever asked you,
And you don’t regret it for a friend
You have no time, no strength!

Happy Birthday! The most faithful

And our tried and tested friend!
Always be the first in everything,
Defeating everyone around!
Sms congratulations to the guy on his birthday in his own words
Congratulations! I wish you to always firmly hold the steering wheel of your life in your hands! Let it not skid on turns and throw it into a ditch! Happy Birthday!
Birthday greetings to your favorite guy in prose
My favorite and only one, I congratulate you on your birthday. Whatever you have in mind, let it come true. Let the sun send greetings to you from heaven on your holiday, and good luck and happiness will knock at the house. May the good angel always protect you. Be always the same cheerful, beautiful and affectionate. May you always be lucky in everything and may the bird of happiness