Sms congratulations to the guy on his birthday in his own words
Congratulations! I wish you to always firmly hold the steering wheel of your life in your hands! Let it not skid on turns and throw it into a ditch! Happy Birthday!
Touching birthday greetings to the guy in his own words
I wish the dear birthday boy to always preserve his spiritual youth, because youth is a delightful state of expectation of the beautiful, it is a unique feeling that everything is possible, everything is possible. I wish you health, happiness, may luck and success accompany you in everything, and happiness, well-being and a great mood are always waiting ahead!
Whatsapp congratulations to the guy on his birthday in his own words
Successful work and a hefty salary! Significant success with minimal effort. Everything to you and even more than you need!
Congratulate the guy on his birthday with words from the heart
I would like to heartily congratulate the wisest and most courageous person I know! I wish you the realization of the most daring plans that only come to mind. I wish you to achieve all your goals so that your family is loved and understood, and may everything in your life be easy, positive and bright!
Sincere congratulations to the guy on his birthday in his own words
Happy birthday, dear! I wish you boundless happiness, unbending health, good luck and the fulfillment of absolutely all desires! Stay kind, positive, charming and wonderful person!
Happy birthday to a guy you know in your own words
A noble, intelligent and interesting guy happy Birthday! I wish that your incredible sense of humor helps in achieving your goals, your charm opens closed doors, and your kindness and ability to love are surrounded by devoted friends and a faithful companion! Congratulations!
Congratulations to the young guy on his birthday in his own words
Today is a wonderful day, your birthday! May your cherished dreams always come true! Let your life be filled with bright events, loyal friends, a good rear – this is family and love! You are our ray of light, always remain the same radiant and childishly simple! happy Birthday!
Original birthday greetings to the guy in your own words
Happy birthday to one of the best male representatives. A man of words and a man of deeds – it’s all about you!! I wish you everything that makes life bright: love, travel, children, hobbies, money, extreme sports, music and inspiration! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to a cool guy in your own words
Who in the universe is more honest, stronger, funnier, kinder and smarter than everyone else? He’s the cool birthday boy! Don’t lose your loyal friends. Protect your loved ones. Let life sparkle with sparks, and dreams lead to happy lands.
Happy birthday greetings to a young guy in your own words
Congratulations! All the best words today about you! Young, handsome, well-groomed, athletic, promising, with good income, loving! I wish from the bottom of my heart to increase my positive qualities and turn from a promising man into an accomplished man! Happy Birthday and have a nice holiday!
An unusual birthday greeting to a guy in your own words
Happy birthday to you! I wish you to always sail on a positive wave, full of optimism and light irony. Take all the troubles with a grin, believe in the best aspects of life and boldly go to the dream. And at the same time remain a kind, sensitive person, a loyal friend and a pleasant companion. I wish you bright happiness and sincere love!
Sincere birthday greetings to the guy in your own words
Birthday is a special holiday, in it friends and relatives can heartily praise the hero of the occasion, express to him, without hesitation, many, many good wishes and generally surround him with care and attention all day, every minute! Now I wish that Fate and Luck were your faithful friends, that every day of your long life brought only joy, and cherished desires did not linger long in the imagination
Creative congratulations to a guy on his birthday in his own words
I congratulate you on your birthday and I hasten to wish you successful self-realization, health, stable and respectable life, many pleasures and vivid impressions. I want you to always be able to find a reason for joy, and there are people around you that you can trust.
Happy birthday greetings to the guy to tears in his own words
One very important incident happened to me today – a significant person was born to me some years ago! I want to wish him that the highway called life pleases with exciting adventures, that everything turns out and is realized, and that Lady luck supports him in everything! Happy Birthday!
A cool birthday greeting to a guy in his own words
Happy birthday to a wonderful guy. I wish you a constant cycle of happy events in life, endless luck in business, cheerful mood, full confidence in your abilities and persistent striving for your dreams.
A good birthday greeting to a guy in your own words
Wonderful, funny, best guy in the world, happy birthday to you! May you have an amazing and successful future ahead of you, worthy of a guy like you! Let a strong family and love support you behind, because there is no better rear in the world, and right now let’s enjoy your birthday!
Funny birthday greetings to the guy in your own words
Happy birthday to the most wonderful guy. I wish you to be incredibly lucky in life, a cheerful soul of the company, an amazing gentleman, the object of female adoration and male envy. Let there be a lot of money in the wallet, and let the soul be filled with childlike spontaneity.
A beautiful birthday greeting to a guy in his own words
I wish that life turned out like a wonderful movie filled with happy scenes, and you were its brilliant director, so that all the best words and wishes that you will certainly hear from friends and relatives today come true. Love your life, guide it, and it will definitely be kind to you.
Congratulations in your own words to the guy on his birthday humorous
sexy boy my dear, I congratulate you on your birthday. I want to wish you that what you wanted could always come true, that everything you dreamed of would certainly come true. Be a brave captain of the voyage of life and a great king of a prosperous reign.
Happy birthday greetings to your beloved guy in your own words
You are the best guy on the planet. Today is your birthday! With love and warmth, I congratulate you! I wish that this day will remain forever in your memory! May he bring you a sea of happiness and an ocean of joy! Have a great mood and smiles! I wish you fulfillment of all your wishes! Good health, a fountain of love and a sea of happiness! You have