Birthday greetings to an ex-boyfriend in prose
Happy birthday. Let the love subside, and you and I are not together, I still sincerely wish you real happiness and great love. Stay a confident guy who knows what he wants in this life and believes in his success. Good luck to you, reliable friends, tireless forces and endless positivity.
Short congratulations to the guy on his birthday in prose
I wish: cheerfulness to the body, peace to the soul, wisdom to the head, skill to the hands! And all of you together – happiness and love!
Congratulations to the guy on his birthday are sincere in prose
I congratulate you on your birthday! From the bottom of my heart I want to wish you happiness, health, well-being, as well as as many beginnings as possible, which in the future will end the way you planned! May there never be sharp turns in your destiny, and life goes smoothly and steadily, while leaving space for fun adventures. May you always be lucky and happiness in life never ends!
Touching congratulations to a guy on his birthday in prose
With a special feeling on your birthday, I want to wish you happy years, joy, health, victories and promotion! I wish you that everything will come true, that the wings of glory will find you, and your name will be among the great figures of the whole Earth!
Birthday greetings to a teenager in prose
Congratulations on your birthday, on the day of dreams and falling in love. I wish that youth brings bright and colorful colors into your life, so that your heart and soul strive for the ideal, so that everything works out, and never give up, so that there are many victories, loyal friends and sincere happiness.
Happy birthday greetings to a young man in prose
Happy birthday, wonderful young man. I wish you a wonderful and happy life, in which there will be many exploits and good fame. Be a real knight, a loyal friend, a brave and fearless guy. Let there be many real adventures on your way, let your luck and luck travel with you all the way.
Happy birthday greetings to a guy I know in prose
Happy birthday, wonderful guy. I wish you the African heat of love, the glacial coolness of inspiration, a storm of joyful and cheerful emotions. Let life be an exciting game of tetris, where the cubes of luck, success and luck will fall, and you will decide for yourself how to arrange and put everything together.
Happy birthday to a guy in prose
The shirt guy, dear darling, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish to be strong, like a tough nut, I wish to be cool, like Rimbaud, I wish to be risky, like Indiana Jones, sexy and inimitable, like Antonio Banderas.
Birthday greetings to a friend’s boyfriend in prose
Happy birthday, funny guy. You are the boyfriend of my wonderful friend, which means you are a good and kind person. On your birthday, I wish you happiness, good luck, no problems in life and the presence of cheerful ideas, trust and understanding in relationships, sincere love in your heart and great prospects on the horizon of life.
Funny birthday greetings to a guy in prose
Congratulations on the birthday of a gorgeous and wonderful guy. I wish to be on the ship not a squishy cabin boy, but a brave captain, I wish to raise my flag in any fight or life battle and get a victory, I wish natural charm and female attention, sweet love and a butt like a nut.
Birthday greetings to the sister’s boyfriend in prose
Happy birthday to the cheerful and kind guy of my beloved and wonderful sister. May you be lucky in life, may your every day be colorful and eventful, may luck accompany you in everything, may your love be eternal and strong. I wish you happy holidays and bright moments of happiness in life.
Happy birthday greetings with humor to a guy in prose
Happy birthday, kid. I wish you a cool car in which a fashionable chick is sweetly powdering her nose, I wish you a nice cottage on the ocean, where there will be fun parties, I wish you a lot of money not only in your pocket, but also on all kinds of accounts in decent banks.
Birthday greetings to your favorite guy in prose
My favorite and only one, I congratulate you on your birthday. Whatever you have in mind, let it come true. Let the sun send greetings to you from heaven on your holiday, and good luck and happiness will knock at the house. May the good angel always protect you. Be always the same cheerful, beautiful and affectionate. May you always be lucky in everything and may the bird of happiness
Big congratulations to the guy on his birthday in prose
Our birthday boy today occupies a special place in my life and plays the most important role. It was he who taught me to accept this life with all its advantages and disadvantages, it was he who taught me to appreciate and enjoy every moment. I love you, my best man! I can’t imagine my life without you, without your constant ideas and plans. I am very interested with you,
A simple birthday greeting to a guy in prose
Happy Birthday to you! Plan your future and bring it to life! Good luck to you! May this day be easy and happy! Act boldly and thoughtfully – and everything will be just fine for you!
Birthday greetings to a guy from a girl in prose
Happy birthday to you, my love! I always want the best and most pleasant for you, and I wish that it would be so. Happiness to you with me and the most ardent sensual moments, boundless love, like the horizon and more fireflies in your eyes. Let your days not be overshadowed by shadows, your health remains strong, wealth awaits you ahead, and luck faithfully helps in all your ideas
Happy birthday greetings to a young guy in prose
I wish you to realize your dream, achieve all the goals, even those that now seem completely unattainable, and earn all this money, which is always so lacking for a happy life!
A beautiful birthday greeting to a guy in prose
May Experience, Wisdom, and Strength always help steer the ship of your Life. May Confidence, Reliability and the Desire to achieve your goals always accompany you! As an unnecessary ballast, throw overboard failures and upsets, bad mood and longing. And then your heart will always be open for new Achievements and Victories! Happy birthday to you!