Beautiful congratulations to a guy on his birthday in verse
Reliability, courage, support –
All this is in you, undoubtedly,
You are a loyal and reliable friend,
You will always help if suddenly

Has trouble happened to someone again,

You will never judge.
You have that storehouse of good qualities that mean a lot in this life.

I wish you immeasurable kindness,

There will certainly be a lot of success,
Smiles of the sun, kindness,
Of course, a dream come true.

Find a soul mate,

Beautiful as a picture,
Congratulations to a good guy on his birthday in verse
You are beautiful and smart, you are brave,
Celebrating your birthday.
The guy is kind, cheerful, skillful,
I’m proud to have you by my side.

I wish you to stay

A real man forever.
Like a knight – to fight for a lady,
My hero, my dear man!

Stay reliable and sensitive,

Let success not leave you.
Let them remind you of forget-me-nots,
I’m your forget-me-not of all.
Congratulations to a handsome guy on his birthday in verse
Muscular, handsome, well-mannered,
Always saturated with joy.
In short, the guy is at least where!
Your problems are nothing.

I congratulate you on your birthday,

I wish to always be in shape.
To walk through life with cheerfulness,
And never lose heart!
Congratulations to the best guy on his birthday in verse
I wish you, the best of men,
That you are always so real.
To doubt there was no reason
Neither in a faithful friend, nor in an alluring love.

Let everything be in time: the house, the garden, and the son,

Let your career soar.
Let it be everything: extreme, adrenaline.
Be confident, be in yourself, dare, strive!
Original congratulations to the guy on his birthday in verse
Let your wonderful holiday be personal
Will present a wonderful surprise,
Lots of unusual gifts
Fun, dancing, joy, songs!

Let life go steadily uphill

Full of love and inspiration,
Without quarrels and petty reproaches,
Without a small drop of doubt.

Good luck frequent and immeasurable,

Warm, cloudless spring.
I wish you selfless faith
Into yourself and joyful days!
Obscene birthday greetings to a guy in verse
Up to a hundred years old and hello,
Send all the troubles to the f**.
Be healthy and with a body,
So that adversity becomes crazy.
Drink, kuti, don’t strain yourself,
And have a good time.
Be successful and rich,
So that life is p**that!
So that there was always an end,
And the enemies came piz * ec!
Congratulations to a guy friend on his birthday in verse
You’re a straight and cheeky guy,
You can make fun of us!
Sometimes you can be harsh,
But the soul is the kindest of all!

You help in every case,

Whoever asked you,
And you don’t regret it for a friend
You have no time, no strength!

Happy Birthday! The most faithful

And our tried and tested friend!
Always be the first in everything,
Defeating everyone around!
Vulgar congratulations to a guy on his birthday in verse
Since we have one life
Live boldly — old man:
Fart loudly, sneeze out loud,
Trim the fluff on \”friend\”,
Sniff, drink, walk, fight,
Every day like a fucking horse.
Remember we have one life,
Happy birthday to you!
The girl congratulates the guy on his birthday in verse
It’s great to meet you!
You are my knight, my defender, my hero!
I congratulate you on your birthday!
Accept my congratulations today!

I wish you to be happy, dear,

Welcome, gentle, joyful, beloved!
I’m giving you the whole world today!
Thank you for every moment!
Comic birthday greetings to a guy in verse
The day of joy, fun has come,
And the anticipation of a hangover,
Birthday is like beer,
Birthday boy – celebrate playfully!

Wish at such a moment,

You need a cake of huge masses,
Don’t forget the stripper
To please the eye.

More rustling bills,

A bucket of real diamonds,
A control package from Gazprom,
And a box of sweet rum.
Congratulations to a nice guy on his birthday in verse
Nice guy! Happy Birthday, my friend!
Let everyone around dance and sing today,
I wish you from the bottom of my heart to have fun on the holiday,
I wish you to forget about the everyday routine in fun!

Let friends and girlfriends present a surprise,

Let them take you to the club for a striptease,
Let your soul catch a buzz,
I wish you not to drink tea today!
Humorous congratulations to a guy on his birthday in verse
The river will pour 40 degrees into the stomach,
And in this case, do not overdo it,
So that the birthday was fun, cozy,
Have a good rest with your friends.

Relax and taste the forbidden girls,

To please from night to morning,
Let all wishes come true by all means,
And let the cherished dream come true.

Rzhachnye birthday greetings to the guy in verse
Happy birthday, man! You are the coolest!
You and I are going to have a party tonight,
At this party, beer will flow like a river,
For a couple of days you will forget about sleep and rest!

And why do you need peace if there is a holiday in the yard,

If you have a day, a double holiday,
The reason is serious, it needs to be washed,
Let’s note so that we won’t be
Funny birthday greetings to a guy in verse
Be like a hare fast, agile.
Like a bear, be gentle, kind.
Be like a wolf you are very brave,
But as a lion roars not very much!

Save money like a squirrel.

Like a beaver, you build your house.
Be as faithful as a swan in marriage,
Be a fox at work!

Let the authorities love you,

And the beloved idolizes you.
In general, be yourself
May fate keep you safe!
Happy birthday greetings to your beloved guy in verse
Let’s go a little bit together,
But I want to mention
That this is the best road
Of all the ones you can’t turn away from.

On your birthday, my dear,

I choose the best words:
Let it be fun today
My head is spinning, as if in a dance!

You are a loyal friend, a reliable guy,

There are still such to look for.
But about your love, my boy,
I want to tell you today.

You’re the

Short poems happy birthday to the guy
I wish you to be happy, cheerful!
So that the level of optimism is high!
To salaries and advances
They didn’t fit in the wallet!
Congratulations to the ex-boyfriend on his birthday in verse
Despite the fact that the former,
You were still all relatives;
Therefore I wish you
Only the brightest days.

Birthday today

You, my dear;
I wish you good luck
And not only on your holiday.

I want you to be healthy

Be sure to wish,
To be happy with life,
To have something to chew.

My dear, though ex,

All the benefits available to you;
Be sure to be cheerful,
Not for business – just like that!
Sms birthday greetings to a guy in verse
Order and success in business!
Seriousness and fun!
Good luck! Everything is in your hands!
Great happiness! Happy Birthday!
A nice birthday greeting to the guy in verse
Wish you a happy birthday
Good luck and a barrel of luck!
Female attention
Watching football with friends,
In money, so that he does not know the shortage
And everything else was fine!
Viber happy birthday greetings to a guy in verse
I wish you were brave and cheerful,
The purse was always tight!
Your deeds were a success,
All nuts in the teeth!