My daughter is 10 months old congratulations
10 months to you,
You’re growing stubbornly,
Happiness is restless,
The joy of dad and mom.

Already the first steps

What are you trying to do,
But so far “on four”
It turns out better.

Hold on to your hands tighter,

Take it step by step.
Don’t be afraid, because always
Mom’s right next to you.
My son is 10 months old congratulations
Happy birthday, our son!
10 months. Hurray!
Soon to run on the tracks
It’s time for you to come.

In the meantime, on all fours

You get up neatly.
Take care of your knees,
Very soon you will go!
Congratulations on 10 months in your own words
I congratulate the baby on his birthday, he is 10 months old! I congratulate his parents on the fact that they managed to produce this treasure! I wish happiness, good health to the child, and patience and love to the parents, with which they will envelop each other and their little miracle! Happy holidays!
Congratulations on 10 months in prose
Congratulations on the 10 months of the girl
All diapers, diapers
We are not afraid at this hour,
Ten months baby,
Joyful ecstasy in the soul.

Happiness, joy, fun,

The house is filled with kindness,
The moment of inspiration is sweet,
And warmth lurks in it.

Let there be a lot of health,

In tenderness, the child grows,
The road is flat,
Famously in life will bypass.
Congratulations on the 10 months of the boy
Happy birthday congratulations
Your boy.
10 months, and you
No diapers needed.

Already the first steps

You do it boldly.
Everything flies to the floor, that mom
I didn’t have time to hide it.

Let him have fun

Baby, growing up,
Mom and dad joy
In life it adds.
10 months greetings for the boy’s parents
10 months baby.
The toddler became more active.
I wish Mom and Dad
Happy to carry this load.

Let your child grow healthy,

Harmful, even if only in moderation
And it gives you an hour to sleep.
10 months greetings for the girl’s parents
10 months of manyune,
The whole family celebrates,
Congratulations, congratulations,
I wish you health and goodness!

Happiness, ease, patience,

Take the first steps,
To be in the mood,
To make your dreams come true.

And I wish the baby,

To your joy I grow,
To be guarded by an Angel,
All her colored dreams!
My grandson is 10 months old congratulations
Ten months is fine,
Let the grandson grow up very cute,
Let the sun shine on him clearly,
Every moment brings only joy!

I wish him to develop,

To always step forward boldly,
He always smiled radiantly
And I received love from all of you!
Congratulations to the granddaughter of 10 months
10 months have passed, no – it flew by.
It’s like you’re always in a hurry to grow up.
Now you are already taking the toy skillfully,
Soon you will walk with your legs, no, you will run.

You grow big, our glorious granddaughter,

Be strong, healthy and don’t get sick.
Always be smart and funny,
Know how many people love you.
10 months greetings in verse
At 10 months, baby,
You’re not sitting still,
You will know the world successfully,
You smile, you sing.

Continue to be cheerful,

Sweet, joyful and kind,
Live a wonderful life
In joy, warmth, love.