Congratulations on the 11 months of the girl
Eleven months – time is running,
And on your birthday to congratulate
We strive, wishing you to get
Success, so that fate will provide.

I could bring you happiness, health, comfort,

And for fun all-all means:
Let entertainment, cartoons await
Toys and a cool childhood.

Your days will be filled with positivity,

Let all desires be fulfilled,
We wish you care and love,
A lot of parental attention!
Congratulations on the 11 months of the boy
We are in a hurry to wish you,
To bathe in love,
Our affectionate, dear baby,
So that you don’t need happiness.

You are a ray of sunshine for us,

for 11 months you have been warming us,
We wish you well,
And that you grow up as soon as possible.
11 months old daughter congratulations
11 months is a nice date.
Congratulations to you, wonderful daughter!
Let life be rich in kindness, happiness,
While you’re snuffling in a cozy crib!

Everyone around you will love you, helping

The world is new, huge, to find out sooner.
So that soon with a smile, dreaming of the best,
It’s easy for you to walk along the paths!
11 months old granddaughter congratulations
11 months old granddaughter already,
A year is coming soon,
Let it be sweet on the soul,
The baby is growing fast.

To keep smiling,

Was inquisitive, active,
Grew up and became beautiful,
I’ve always been positive.
11 months to my son congratulations
11 months is a glorious date,
And our son was only a baby once,
Now he has become a chubby toddler,
And our baby has learned so much in the world!

Congratulations to you! Grow and try

To be the happiest. You smile at us,
Play with rattles, eat with a spoon.
After all, you are the embodiment of our hopes!
11 months old grandson congratulations
One year without a month,
Let the granddaughters grow in joy,
And let it blossom every day
And he doesn’t know any difficulties in life.

Parents have a lot of health,

Their road will not be difficult,
So that, most importantly, health,
Surround the child with love.
11 months greetings in verse
How quickly the time flew by!
And it seems like yesterday
You’re so awkward and timid
I took the baby for the first time.

Well, today we celebrate

We are almost a year old baby.
Without a month, it’s been a year of happiness,
The house is full of laughter and worries!

You have a lot of patience, prosperity,

And joy, and bright days.
Let everything be always in order,
So that life seems more fun!
11 months greetings in prose
At 11 months old, I wish the crumbs fun and happiness for every new day. Let the alleys be fascinating, let the games be interesting, let the fairy tales and cartoons be kind, let the porridge and sweets be delicious, let the laughter be ringing and sincere joy.
11 months congratulations in your own words
Congratulations to a sweet miracle, a charming child with 11 months of life. I wish you good health and wonderful mood, sweet dreams and active walks, fun games and educational fun, happiness in the family and joy in the house.
Congratulations on 11 months to the girl’s parents
our baby is 11 months old,
The baby is nice, frolicking, growing,
Let it be your joy and joy,
Let him smile, sing songs!

We want to glorify you, Mom and Dad,

We wish you health and joy,
And we will come to congratulate you in a month,
To have fun for your first year!
Congratulations on the boy’s 11 months to his parents
For 11 months now
Months to the child.
I want to wish you health
Sweet bunny.

Let the little one be naughty, brawling,

Stomps softly,
Mom and dad are happy
And he laughs loudly.