Congratulations on the 1st month of the boy
First month of life
Nice flight,
Baby in his crib
Grown up, prettier!

Let everything be in abundance

At the crumb-baby:
Health and attention,
Breast milk.

Let him dream of fairy tales

About ponies and mice,
And in the morning mom and dad will be surrounded with care!
The boy is 1 month old congratulations to his parents
Exactly one month for the child –
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.
Oh, and there were these nights
It’s not easy for the family.

Let the baby grow healthy,

Gives you enough sleep.
Every new day a smile,
It only brings positivity to everyone.
The girl is 1 month old congratulations to her parents
Exactly a month ago, your dimensional life changed,
Exactly a month ago, your baby was born.
How happy we are that such a miracle has appeared!
May the happiness in your family last for 100 years.
Smile, grow stronger and grow up.
Bring up the girl with dignity!
Congratulations on 1 month to my daughter
That’s a month for our baby.
The legs have grown a little,
Don’t need diapers now
Our little girl!

You sleep so sweetly in a crib,

You don’t shout in vain.
And we are proud of you,
A glorious and dear daughter!
Congratulations on the 1st month to my son
For a whole month our son,
Holds his chest with his palm,
Quietly sniffing with his nose,
Doesn’t say anything.

I love him so much…

There are not many words here,
Mom’s love is forever.
Let the angel keep you safe.
Congratulations on the 1st month to your grandson
The first month of little happiness.
Congratulations, happiness is not melting,
And we wish you to smile more often.
May the whole family be healthy.

Happy birthday to the baby.

Funny games, groovy songs!
Grow up, baby, little by little,
Make your parents happy.

Fill the house with your ringing laughter.

And we wish you to live happily like this,
So that you can be the happiest child,
Never cry, never be sad!
Congratulations on the 1st month to your granddaughter
Thirty days is quite a lot if it’s an anniversary.
Our baby has become older: so let’s congratulate you soon!
The world is huge and beautiful – there is still a whole life ahead.
With health and luck, hold hands tightly.
Grow up, our blood, a golden ray of the sun,
We don’t have you dearer, know that we are always with you.
Congratulations on the 1st month in your own words
In the first month of the crumbs, I sincerely congratulate you and wish you to actively grow and develop, to explore this world and the environment with interest, to bathe in the love of parents and the care of relatives.
Congratulations on 1 month in prose
Baby, you are 1 month old today, you have already grown up a little and learned something, you are already pleasing your parents with a smile, happy little birthday to you, less sleepless nights, health, grow up a calm, intelligent baby, may your soul always be open for goodness and joy!
Congratulations on the 1st month in verse
That’s how a miracle of miracles happened a month ago,
A baby appeared in this blessed family.
May the Lord keep you, lovely child,
I wish you great happiness, not a bit joking!
Grow in love big, baby, sincerely wish,
On this wonderful holiday, I cordially congratulate you!
Let life cherish you, give you only light,
Long, joyful, healthy years of your life!
Congratulation of a baby with 1 month
The baby is sleeping quietly in the cradle,
He has already turned a month old,
Let him never touch his anxiety,
We wish the baby good health.
Let it grow to the joy of mom and dad,
May the good angel keep him,
For everyone now he is the most important,
All love and tenderness is only for him.
Congratulations on the 1 month girl
Cute baby is 1 month old,
Big life ahead.
May the world always be wonderful,
And we will give all our love.

I congratulate mom and dad

And this sweet child,
I wish you smiles and kindness,
Let the happy days fly by.