Congratulations on 2 months in verse
The house is full of happiness this morning,
Two months have passed since
How our child settled in it,
And poems and compliments sound in his honor.
Two months so far. Let’s continue counting,
And every day we are waiting for new achievements,
Even if you don’t know how to do that yet
But we will teach you, baby, without a doubt.
Congratulations on 2 months to my son
You, baby, are 2 months old,
You’re tiny at all,
But there is a voice in the house
Already familiar to everyone.

In the family, you are the center of the universe,

All thoughts about you,
A long-awaited gift
You have become in our destiny.

May the angels of heaven

Cradle rocking,
Our tenderness
Protects from troubles.
Congratulations on 2 months to my daughter
You are only two months old,
Well, how sweet you are!
How boring, sad
Life was without you,
We want to congratulate you
And wish you well,
Be happy, but now
It’s time for you to sleep!
Congratulations on 2 months to your grandson
Two months is not so much,
But our granddaughter has grown up,
We will wish him on a holiday,
To be happy, he did not know troubles,
Let it develop on time,
He does not lag behind his peers,
Pleases us with his smile
And let him grow healthy!
Congratulations on 2 months to your granddaughter
Baby, our dear granddaughter,
Like a fairy from a fairy tale came to us,
You are 2 months old today,
May your life be beautiful and bright.
Grow up beautiful, smart, brave,
And let it shine invariably,
Your guiding star,
Live and please us always.
Congratulations on 2 months in your own words
Today a little lump of happiness is two months old! You are perfection! May you have a good sleep. Health will be heroic. You are the joy and joy of your parents. Gain strength, smile more often, rejoice with a ringing laugh, eat on time and explore this wonderful world!
Congratulations on 2 months in prose
I congratulate the baby with 2 months of life and sincerely wish her to develop actively and cheerfully, to explore the world with interest and smile happily, I wish her good health and gentle voices of her relatives, warm words and sincere hugs.
Congratulations to the baby with 2 months
At 2 months old, you can distinguish sounds,
And you can also raise your head,
We wish you to smile more often,
Do not be afraid of new sensations,
Eat well, open your mouth
So that your tummy never hurts.
Congratulations on the 2 months of the girl
The baby is two months old,
Does not understand anything yet,
But he feels that mom and dad love
And they do not spare their lives for her!

Let the daughter always grow up healthy,

Let the storms bypass everything,
Let fate not be harsh with her,
And the sky is safe over her head.
Congratulations on the 2 months of the boy
Mom and dad are very happy
After all, two months already,
How their miracle burst into life,
Happiness is circling in a circle.

I want to wish my child

Only grow up healthy,
Joy, light, blessing
To carry all your loved ones.
The girl is 2 months old congratulations to her parents
2 months you are an angel
The cradle is rocking,
Gentle songs for the baby
Humming softly.

Tiny handles,

Tiny legs
Soon they will run
After you along the path.

Let the days pass,

Months fly by,
Let the daughter with happiness
In his life he will meet.
The boy is 2 months old congratulations to his parents
The child is already 2 months old –
Congratulations to the baby.
Wish only to be healthy
On a beautiful day I want to.

Mom and dad – strength, patience,

Let there be a moment to sleep.
Enjoy only communication.
Well done, keep it up.