Congratulations on 3 months in your own words
Congratulations on the three months of a beautiful baby. I wish you confident strength and harmonious development, beauty and great abilities, courage and good mood, sincere smiles on a small face, parental love and affection, tenderness and kindness of others.
Congratulations on 3 months in prose
Here you are already 3 months old! I congratulate you, dear child! I wish you a wonderful state of health, a sound and restful sleep, a good mood and a lot of reasons to smile. Soon you will be running and chirping, to the delight of your parents. Therefore, gain strength, smile and take all the best in this world. I wish you happiness and health!
The boy is 3 months old congratulations to his parents
Now, my son is 3 months old,
Life has entered a stable rhythm.
Brought out by mom and dad
Its own special algorithm.

I wish to enjoy

Every bright day.
Let the baby be healthy,
Everything is going your way.
The girl is 3 months old congratulations to her parents
a miracle happened 3 months ago –
A stork knocked on your window.
Today I cordially congratulate you,
I wish that only good reigned!

Health to the baby, and you – more patience.

Let the baby always smile-always!
And don’t just lose your mood,
And watch the stars more often from the rooftops!
Congratulations on 3 months to a girl
A small child has been growing for three months,
A lot of washing, a lot of ironing, crying and diapers,
Well, there is also a lot of unearthly happiness,
And no one will replace a dear, dear one.

Let not a single tear be visible in the eyes,

Mom and Dad, let them blow all the dust off you,
Develop and play, and learn a little,
We will be happy for you, happy birthday, baby!
Congratulations on the 3 months of the boy
Your voice is ringing, ringing, our dear baby,
You stay awake more and sleep less,
Every day you pleasantly surprise us,
And today you celebrate a three-month holiday.

We congratulate you sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts,

Let your dreams come true by all means,
Let every day bring joy, happiness,
Don’t let anxiety and bad weather know you at all.
Congratulations on 3 months in verse
You are three months old already, a lump of happiness,
Only three months while you are still,
We wish you to be healthy, smile,
You are dear to us, we love you dearly.
How much more there is to learn
To a small child in the middle of the big world,
At least say your first words,
And take your first step around the apartment.
Congratulations to my son with 3 months
You are our joy, our pride, son,
You’re growing up fast, like a young sprout,
You always make us happy with your successes,
May your dream come true by all means.
We have been congratulating you for three months,
We wish you to be healthy and cheerful,
May a lucky star illuminate your path,
May the good angel keep you safe.
Congratulations to my daughter with 3 months
Our miracle, our happiness, dear daughter,
Your smile is a reward for us,
A rattle rattles incessantly in our little hands,
For us you are a great joy in life.
In 3 months, accept, our baby, congratulations,
Let your health be strong and in a great mood,
May fate be kind to you,
Let it give life a lot of light and warmth.
Congratulations to my granddaughter with 3 months
Let your eyes shine with happiness,
You are already 3 months old!
Let the sun smile,
You like it, don’t you?

Let mom and dad love

And they call her honey.
Play, granddaughter, with toys – Balls, rattles!
Congratulations to the grandson with 3 months
He’s messing up the rattle,
Fingers shoves in the mouth,
Nice toddler, healthy,
It’s growing very fast!

Three months have passed

Happy birthday to him,
I wish my granddaughter happiness
And all the best!