Congratulations to the grandson of 4 months
Today is your holiday, baby,
You are sitting on your dad’s hands, you are dressed up,
We are celebrating 4 months today,
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, granddaughter.
Let your life be fabulous, beautiful,
Let childhood be bright and beautiful,
Let every day bring only happiness,
Let all the bad weather fly by.
Congratulations on 4 months in prose
Congratulations to the baby with 4 months. From the bottom of my heart, I wish curiosity and great interest in life, happy smiles on the face of the child and parents, good fortune and peace in the family, high prosperity and bright hopes, joyful days and fun walks.
Congratulations on the performance of the baby 4 months
At four months I wish the baby –
Grow as strong and healthy,
Let parents be on the shoulder
Any business, all worries are new.
Congratulations on 4 months to my son
Son, you’re so good,
That you look like the sun yourself,
The spoken syllables are yours,
We are heartily pleased.
Today you are 4 months old,
Let everything be fabulous in your destiny,
Be happy and cheerful always,
May the Lord protect you.
Congratulations on 4 months to my daughter
You’re smiling sweetly in Dad’s arms,
You look down on everyone proudly,
You have a decent date today,
4 months, it’s time to celebrate.

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, my daughter,

Grow healthy, we sincerely wish,
Let all your dreams come true by all means,
Be a favorite of your destiny.
Congratulations on 4 months in your own words
Today the baby is 4 months old, and congratulations on that. I wish little happiness healthy, clear, bright, kind days. Let him please his parents with his little exploits and successes. Every day let the miracle grow, grow stronger, develop and enjoy life.
Congratulations on the 4 months of the girl
Happy birthday, baby!
You’re four months old:
You can climb the wall,
If the baby is having fun.

Don’t swear with mom and dad,

But rather grow up.
Try to eat well
And get up on your feet!
Congratulations on the 4 months of the boy
At four months, a strong man is sitting with us,
While he, however, does not say anything,
But he smiles all over his dad,
And he gives joy, of course, to mom.

We wish you to grow big,

In harmony and sunny love!
Surprise and delight everyone with yourself,
So that everything is fine with you.
Congratulations on 4 months in verse
You’ve already gained weight,
You are not lagging behind in growth either,
you are celebrating 4 months today,
You smile at everyone and sing a song.
Our dear child, congratulations,
May life bring you only inspiration,
May fate be kind to you,
May the good angel always keep.
The girl is 4 months old congratulations to her parents
Let the fun shine in the eyes,
Joy is heard in every breath –
We congratulate you on your birthday,
4 months are already a crumb!
We wish you happiness and good luck,
Let it be possible to develop,
Let the baby never cry, But smile, laugh,
Let him listen to his parents,
Catching luck with a tenacious grip,
Grow, play and eat a lot,
To be always healthy, strong!
The boy is 4 months old congratulations to his parents
Four months baby
Pleases everyone with its warmth,
How boring and desolate
It seemed like our home without you…

Now there is joy and fun in it,

Now there is noise and fuss in it,
Parents care a lot,
But there is also a lot of heat.

Grow up, baby, you’re healthy,

Beautiful, smart and don’t cry,
Let there be a lot of happiness in life
And very few failures!
Congratulations to the granddaughter of 4 months
You’re getting funnier, cuter every day,
You’re getting older every day,
Already on the belly you can lie on your own,
Every day you do not cease to pleasantly surprise us.
You are 4 months old, granddaughter, congratulations,
We wish you a fabulous and sweet life,
Good health, good luck and kindness,
Rejoice, our sunshine, us always.