Congratulations on the 5 months of the girl
Honey, sweet birthday girl today,
5 months old to you,
We wish you happiness and health,
And all the best in your life.
Let all your dreams come true,
Let luck walk side by side,
Let fate smile at you,
And a good angel always protects.
Congratulations on the 5 months of the boy
At five months, a wonderful child,
I wish you to grow big as soon as possible,
So that you have a smile on your face,
And happiness in your tiny life!

So that parents dote on you,

And fulfill all desires and whims,
So that all troubles melt away next to you,
And life gave only pleasant surprises!
The girl is 5 months old congratulations to her parents
5 months, wow,
The little girl is already big,
I wish happiness and kindness,
I wish warmth in the soul!

I wish you joy and quiet days,

I wish you patience, good days,
So that your baby grows healthy,
So that life seems more fun!
The boy is 5 months old congratulations to his parents
I want to take a nice baby in my arms
And gently kiss his chubby cheek,
So far, we are counting only months, now – five,
And every day we are very glad to see him.

After all, it gives us surprises every day

A lump of happiness is a small miracle,
Let the baby grow healthy, not capricious,
May he always be a joy to Mom and dad.
Congratulations on 5 months in verse
Every day you pleasantly surprise us,
You need an eye and an eye,
You turn over on your own from side to side,
You try to crawl, you lean on your hands.
You are already 5 months old today, congratulations,
We sincerely wish you all the best,
May your life be sweet and delicious,
And the most amazing fate.
5 months greetings in prose
Congratulations, you are 5 today, but not years, but months. Let the health of the crumbs be strong, let a calm and sweet sleep replace an active and exciting wakefulness. I wish you great interest in the world around you and exciting walks in the fresh air.
Congratulations to the grandson of 5 months
Granddaughter, you are five months old,
Growing and developing,
You’ll recognize Mom and Dad,
Always smiling at them,
We wish you happiness,
Wonderful creature,
You are a little sun
And our early bird!
Congratulations to the granddaughter of 5 months
We call you a little princess,
We love and adore you madly,
You have already turned 5 months old,
May there be a lot of happiness in your destiny.

May the good angel protect you,

Let luck never forget,
Let your life be a fairy tale,
Happy birthday, granddaughter, to you.
Congratulations to my son of 5 months
Today is your fifth month,
And it seems that you were born only yesterday,
With you it has become more fun for us to live in the world,
Your gentle babble wakes us up in the morning.

You are a member of the family, though small, but the main one,

There is no one than you are more loved and related,
Grow up healthy, our little boy is nice,
And be stronger and stronger every day.
Congratulations to the daughter of 5 months
5 months is a short period,
But we are glad for every moment,
What we spent together with you
From the moment you were born.

We give our love to you,

Let her protect you from troubles.
What a blessing that you are with us!
May fate keep you safe!
Congratulations on 5 months in your own words
Sunny, you are already 5 months old! I congratulate you and sincerely wish you a great mood, joyful moments, sound sleep, smiles and tenderness. You are incredibly much loved and protected in every possible way. I wish you happiness, development, knowledge, discoveries, good health and a huge positive for life!