Congratulations from 6 months in verse
Children grow up by leaps and bounds.
It’s already been six months.
The baby is agooing, babbling
And he wrinkles his nose in a funny way.

He/she wets diapers regularly

And I wish for one thing:
So that all problems are solved
Buying brand new underpants!
Congratulations on 6 months in your own words
Baby, today you have become a little older and more independent, 6 months is a wonderful period of active knowledge of the world. Grow up, smile, please your loved ones, don’t get sick.
Beautiful greetings for a 6-month-old child
The wonderful baby is six months old today. I sincerely congratulate manyunya and wish her great interest in life and knowledge of the world, gentle care and kind songs, loving loved ones and lovely passers-by, wonderful mood and wonderful weather for great walks.
Congratulations on the 6 months of the girl
Our baby, congratulations,
Happy birthday to you,
Mom and Dad don’t let them know
Never be sad again!

Our baby, we wish you,

To be healthy, to grow in love,
We certainly promise,
To be with you – sleep soundly!

Don’t let the teeth bother,

We’ll tell you everything in chorus,
After all, six months, here’s the deal,
We congratulate you!
Congratulations on the 6 months of the boy
He came to earth like an angel from the firmament,
The boy grew up fast by leaps and bounds,
And now that day has come – you are six months old,
An event for you, a great joy for us.
Everyone wants you to grow and develop,
To comprehend the world little by little day by day,
Become more independent, try to be obedient
The whole family wishes you, baby.
Congratulations to parents on the 6 months of the boy
Half a year has passed,
How your baby was born.
How great is that in life
The baby has appeared!

Let the baby not get sick,

And does not cry at night,
Let fate give him
Only joy and luck
Congratulations to parents on the 6 months of the girl
Rattles and toys,
Nipples, diapers, pacifiers,
Cradle, stroller, fairy tales,
Educational books!

Your daughter is growing to joy,

It’s been half a year,
And with a special event,
I am in a hurry to congratulate the family!
6 months old son congratulations
You are half a year old today, our son,
Days, like minutes, like moments fly by,
You’ve grown up so much, already, sometimes, you play pranks,
And your smile just melts the heart.
For us, you are the most important member of the family,
Our sweet angel, you are our joy,
When you pull your plump hands,
We don’t need anything else in this life.
6 months old daughter congratulations
My little daughter is six months old so far,
But how does she behave like an adult,
She knows how to sit, eat porridge,
And milk from a cup will drink everything to the bottom.
Grow healthy, we ask you very much,
Just don’t hurt, everything else is nonsense,
We will do whatever you want for you,
You will always be our favorite.
Congratulations to the granddaughter of 6 months
You are already sitting confidently yourself,
You say something in your own language,
You are fond of a bright rattle,
And you’re trying to grab the cat by the tail.

My granddaughter is already six months old, congratulations,

We sincerely wish you all the best and joy,
We wish you good health, good,
Always be under the wing of an angel.
Congratulations to the grandson of 6 months
In the family now they hold an equal on you,
You have now subordinated the whole house to your power,
Six months to the boy, and on this day, loving,
Gifts, our granddaughter, we bring you.

You have grown up noticeably, the handles have already become stronger,

It’s already time for you to buy booties,
A little more, and our baby with a toy
He will stand on his legs, he will start walking himself.
Congratulations on 6 months in prose
Today the baby is already six months old, congratulations, manyunya, to you. I wish you informative and bright walks, a restful sleep and a fun holiday, exciting leisure, strong parental love and support, well-being on your way and great happiness.