Congratulations on the 8 months of the girl
Your ringing laughter is heard everywhere,
Today is exactly 8 months since you
There appeared in the world, my dear beauty,
May your dreams always come true.

Let goodness surround you by all means,

You grow on strong and healthy,
And everything will be fine in your life,
Light, good, beautiful in the new world.
Congratulations on the 8 months of the boy
Eight months old baby,
A toddler is growing up.
Let only be healthy
Dear, little butuz.

Let him hoot gloriously,

Let the family be happy,
I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart,
“Peace to you,” I say.
8 months old granddaughter congratulations
Eight months ago
Appeared in our life
Our granddaughter, so beautiful,
There is no one nicer and more beautiful,
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart
Our sweet candy,
Our life was empty
Without our beloved baby!
8 months old grandson congratulations
Stork brought you an envelope,
He is so small and nice,
8 months in the family,
Our grandson is welcome!

Joy, good to him,

And, of course, health,
Have a nice, warm days,
I wish you a lot of happiness!
Congratulations on 8 months in verse
8 months to you,
Days fly like tits,
Hiding funny
Laughter under the eyelashes.

Little sun,

The bell is ringing,
We wish happiness to our

Don’t hurt, baby, grow up

To the joy of dad and mom,
We wish you in life
To be the happiest.
Congratulations to parents on the 8 months of their son
8 months old baby, congratulations!
How your son has already grown up!
We wish him good health,
May you be pleased with yourself every hour!

Let him give you a hundred reasons to laugh,

Let it never make you sad,
Let it be your hope and joy,
Let him always smile for you!
Congratulations to parents on their daughter’s 8 months
To the little sun
It’s been 8 months!
God gave you a gift
A wonderful princess.

So let her be happy

Your baby is always,
Happy, long live –
Life will be bright!
Congratulations on 8 months in your own words
Congratulations to the little miracle with 8 months of a wonderful life. A little more – and joy will run along the path with its little legs. I wish you to explore the world around you with great interest and enjoy every day. I wish good health to the baby and good happiness, pleasure walks and gentle care of relatives.
Congratulations on 8 months in prose
I congratulate the baby on the eighth month of life and wish her to have fun every day, to please her parents with new successes, to explore the world with interest and to perform children’s exploits. Let the child be happy, always loved, healthy and cheerful.
8 months old son congratulations
I’ve been admiring for eight months
I can’t connect the words.
Hug and kiss,
Well, baby, I love you!

Congratulations and wish

Joy in life and success.
I cordially promise
You will be the happiest of all!
My daughter is 8 months old congratulations
Today is 8 months
My dear,
Restless brisk,
You don’t sit still.

First steps

What are you trying to do,
But on four so far,
It turns out better.

You grow up healthy,

Baby, don’t hurt,
Ahead of the happy
Hundreds of days are waiting for you.