Congratulations on the 9 months of the girl
9 months baby –
It’s a wonderful time,
Laughter sounds cheerful, ringing,
Bright joy is audible.
Be healthy and loved,
Kind, strong and strong.
Congratulations on 9 months for the boy’s parents
The baby is nine months old today,
I will hasten to congratulate you on this date!
Let him gain a lot of strength, health,
Surround him with all your love!

Let the baby sleep peacefully in the cradle,

The Lord will protect him from all ailments,
I wish happiness to your bunny,
So that he grows up an active and cheerful child!
Congratulations on 9 months for the girl’s parents
9 months today,
The whole family celebrates,
the baby is 9 months old,
It’s time to congratulate her!

Wish you health, happiness,

Speak quickly,
With little things always laugh,
And obedient to be!
Congratulations on 9 months in verse
Exactly nine months ago
The stork brought you your baby,
Oh, how touching his look is,
Just not a child, but an angel from God!

May the Almighty take care of him forever,

Removes tears, troubles and bad weather!
Let him take his mother’s milk
Simple, childish and sincere happiness!
My granddaughter is 9 months old congratulations
You are already 9 months old, our granddaughter!
And you know mom’s voice by heart,
You know how to hold her hand,
You’re already trying to run in a walker!

You’re a huge world, baby, you’ll find out.

And soon at all, you will go with your legs,
Here will be joy, your first success,
Grow up healthy, be the happiest of all!
My grandson is 9 months old congratulations
9 months so fast,
Like a day, passed.
I want a toddler
Gave happiness to life.

Grandson – health only,

Mom and Dad need to sleep more.
There are many events ahead,
Peace be with you, do not be discouraged.
Congratulations on 9 months in your own words
Today is 9 months since the birth of a charming miracle! You give joy and light, from day to day, to your parents! There are so many interesting, new and unknown things around. I wish you to get on your feet as soon as possible, and make new and new discoveries. Health to you, joy and love!
Congratulations on 9 months in prose
I congratulate you, manyunya, on your 9th month. Grow up a strong and happy little man. I wish you, baby, active movements, interesting discoveries, exciting walks, sincere smiles and kind care of loved ones.
9 months old son congratulations
Only nine months ago
An angel was born,
There are no higher awards,
Than you, our little son!

Grow up a healthy child,

We wish you only the best,
Just smile, laugh loudly,
Take the first step soon!
9 months old daughter congratulations
9 months so fast
Since the birthday flashed by.
It has become new, unusual
The whole adjusted life.

I wish our daughter

Happiness, health, kindness.
Let on glorious gifts
Life will always be generous.
Congratulations on the 9 months of the boy
9 months today
It’s coming to you,
You, baby, grow up healthy
And do not know longing and troubles,
Let your life be long,
Don’t be in a hurry to grow up,
You give us a lot of happiness
And smile soon!