Congratulations on the anniversary to your best friend
You are celebrating your anniversary today, dear friend,
Our friendship with you is without edge,
I don’t want another girlfriend.

I wish you from the heart,

Female happiness, faithful love.
I trust you, as I trust myself,
You always keep this friendship.

Know, girlfriend, that I will be there,

And laugh and cry with you.
And share one starfall,
Enjoying one moon.
Congratulations on the anniversary to a friend in your own words
My favorite girlfriend. You’re the best little man in my life. I can trust you with all my worries and joys and I know that you will support me in any case. Thank you, my dear. Today I want to congratulate you on your anniversary! Be healthy, cheerful, free in thoughts and actions, rich in soul, loved by the heart, protected by the forces of heaven, warmed by the rays
Congratulations on the 45th anniversary to a friend
Happy anniversary! You’re 45,
But we won’t tell everyone about it,
So glow like you and shine
And at fifteen, not everyone can even!

Let the amazing shine continue

Does not fade in the eyes, will not go out,
Arouse interest in men,
Becoming both wiser and more beautiful!
Touching congratulations on the anniversary of a friend
You are my life and my soul,
I congratulate you on your anniversary.
You are my best friend for ages,
I wish you a great life.

Even if we don’t see you often,

You remember, I’m always with you.
You will find your great happiness,
And don’t ever let him go!
Sincere congratulations on the anniversary of a friend
Best friend,
You’re like my own,
Happy birthday to you
Congratulations today.

I wish that your

Dreams have come true,
To have your mate in life
You met.

To be successful,

Desirable and beloved,
I want you to be a friend
I’ve always been happy.
Congratulations on the anniversary to your beloved friend
I will congratulate you today as a sister.
Congratulations to you, dear!
In the whole world, my friends are closer and dearer Than you are to me, I do not know.

I wish you many happy days,

Lots of happiness, victories and successes!
Beauty and love, and health – doubly!
Congratulations, smiles and laughter.

And when this anniversary of yours passes,

Let the memory remain:
I want with all my heart, let my wishes be valid all
A short congratulation to a friend on the anniversary
Congratulations, and I sincerely wish
To make life brighter and brighter,
And the heart always beat joyfully,
From luck, happiness, from warmth!
And your road should be bright!
Congratulations to a friend on her birthday in prose to tears
May you meet only good people on your way, may luck literally lie in wait for you at every step, may a guiding star illuminate your life path. Let your smile bloom every day, and the melody of spring sounds in your soul. Let the house be a full cup, and happiness always lives in it!
Funny poems happy birthday to a friend
Happy birthday, be happy,
My dear friend,
And wishes in your personal life
I’ll whisper in your ear later!
There are “beauties” that are without vodka
No beauties at all!
Well, we have you, pretty woman,
Intoxicating without vodka!
On your birthday I wish you,
That all your dreams come true,
That Men surround you,
And not March cats!
So that you can achieve everything.
To make life seem more fun,
We wish you a unit
And then a lot of zeros!!!
Congratulations, hugs,
And we shout
Comic congratulations to a friend on her birthday are short
You, my friend, be happy in your destiny!
Happy birthday to you:
So that mink fur coats have their own personal boutique,
The husband littered with flowers and gave a romantic,
So that luck ran towards you,
So that the career shone in a chic fate!
Funny congratulations on the 55th anniversary to a friend
I think I’ve known you for a hundred years,
But two “fives” stand side by side.
Today you put on the crown,
A faithful friend, my beloved.

I will congratulate you on your anniversary today

And I wish to stay young,
So that your body works properly,
So that joy goes on in a continuous furrow.

So that everything is fine and fine in the family:

Prosperity, peace, grandchildren, a full house.
Live, girlfriend, just chocolate.And,
Poems happy birthday to a friend beautiful greetings
Huge, huge thanks
I say to my friend dear,
For this day, the only one so far,
When firsthand we met with you!

For the undisguised joy at the meeting,

Complimentary speeches addressed to me,
For the purity of the soul and the warmth of hugs,
For respect for my studies!

For the wisdom that tactfully allows

Keep your mind and knowledge a little bit,
Highlight the merits of others more brightly
And thank them for any little thing!

Short birthday greetings to a friend in verse
I wish the prince of foreign,
Great love and personal happiness,
To be beautiful and rich
And don’t forget about your friend.
Birthday greetings to a friend short prose
I wish you to shine brightly, live long, love sincerely, spend money efficiently, smile attractively and always be the most joyful. Happy birthday, girlfriend!
Congratulations on the 55th anniversary of a friend in prose
My dear friend, today you are 55. I sincerely congratulate you and wish you not to lose optimism and faith, to be cheerful and cheerful always, to give smiles and love to your family, to shine with happiness and achieve your goals, not to stop dreaming and enjoying life.
Birthday greetings to a friend beautiful words
Dear girlfriend, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you attention, care, love, support, honesty and sincerity. May each of your dreams come true and bring great pleasure. Be healthy, loved, beautiful and contagiously happy! May all your wishes come true by all means. You deserve stars from the sky! Smile, today is your day!
Sms congratulations to a friend on her birthday in verse
My dear friend, happy birthday!
I wish you only pleasure,
Adoration, love, a little passion
Even a little bit of madness in part!
Happy birthday greetings to your beloved friend are short
I congratulate you on your birthday,
I wish you happiness, smiles, luck,
So that you are always happy,
My dear friend.
Congratulations on the 55th anniversary to a friend in your own words
My dear friend, I congratulate you on your 55th birthday. I would like to wish you optimistic strength and cheerfulness of soul, respect and wonderful opportunities, incredible beauty and kindness of heart, great mood and high success, family well-being, peace and comfort.
Birthday greetings to your best friend in prose
My wonderful, dear and best friend, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you to be a joy, inspiration and love for your loved ones in life. Honey, may you always succeed in achieving your goals. Let any idea of yours become a resounding success of life, and any day turns into a grand event and a fun holiday.