Congratulations on the anniversary to your best friend
You are celebrating your anniversary today, dear friend,
Our friendship with you is without edge,
I don’t want another girlfriend.

I wish you from the heart,

Female happiness, faithful love.
I trust you, as I trust myself,
You always keep this friendship.

Know, girlfriend, that I will be there,

And laugh and cry with you.
And share one starfall,
Enjoying one moon.
Congratulations on the anniversary to a friend in your own words
My favorite girlfriend. You’re the best little man in my life. I can trust you with all my worries and joys and I know that you will support me in any case. Thank you, my dear. Today I want to congratulate you on your anniversary! Be healthy, cheerful, free in thoughts and actions, rich in soul, loved by the heart, protected by the forces of heaven, warmed by the rays
Congratulations on the 45th anniversary to a friend
Happy anniversary! You’re 45,
But we won’t tell everyone about it,
So glow like you and shine
And at fifteen, not everyone can even!

Let the amazing shine continue

Does not fade in the eyes, will not go out,
Arouse interest in men,
Becoming both wiser and more beautiful!
Touching congratulations on the anniversary of a friend
You are my life and my soul,
I congratulate you on your anniversary.
You are my best friend for ages,
I wish you a great life.

Even if we don’t see you often,

You remember, I’m always with you.
You will find your great happiness,
And don’t ever let him go!
Sincere congratulations on the anniversary of a friend
Best friend,
You’re like my own,
Happy birthday to you
Congratulations today.

I wish that your

Dreams have come true,
To have your mate in life
You met.

To be successful,

Desirable and beloved,
I want you to be a friend
I’ve always been happy.
Congratulations on the anniversary to your beloved friend
I will congratulate you today as a sister.
Congratulations to you, dear!
In the whole world, my friends are closer and dearer Than you are to me, I do not know.

I wish you many happy days,

Lots of happiness, victories and successes!
Beauty and love, and health – doubly!
Congratulations, smiles and laughter.

And when this anniversary of yours passes,

Let the memory remain:
I want with all my heart, let my wishes be valid all
A short congratulation to a friend on the anniversary
Congratulations, and I sincerely wish
To make life brighter and brighter,
And the heart always beat joyfully,
From luck, happiness, from warmth!
And your road should be bright!
Congratulations in prose on the birthday of a friend with whom you have known for many years
My dear friend, congratulations! I’ve been in love with you for many years, or rather all my adult life. Even in kindergarten, you were special 🙂 We have already gone through so much together, and I’m afraid to imagine how much is still to come. You can always be relied on. Not once have you let me down. She always lent a helping hand in difficult times. Again and again
Beautiful sincere congratulations to a friend on her birthday
Let all the stars fall from the sky,
And they will light up unexpectedly by themselves,
Let spring come knocking to you,
And let love cover you with a wave.

Let there be no sorrows and troubles,

Let luck slide behind you –
You believe that the time is coming,
When we are closer to the main dream.

And no matter what happens next,

Be my friend you are happy,
I will share the warmth of my heart,
Short poems happy birthday to a friend
Be healthy, joyful and sweet,
Kind, friendly, beautiful,
The most, among all, unique,
Always welcome and always loved!
I wish you to joke, love and fall in love
Live in joy, happiness for many years
Without tears, without sorrow, without troubles!
A friend of 50 years old cute congratulations on the anniversary
Such a wonderful life stage,
A special age is your fifty!
My dear! I wish you
Getting younger every year with my soul!

To be the same luxurious woman,

Beloved, happy and also to love!
Let the anniversary year fulfill your dreams
And you will be successful and joyful!
Congratulations on the anniversary to a friend to tears
One day I was very lucky — I found a friend who became my sister. This meeting was sent to us by heaven, for which I am grateful to all the higher powers. My dear beauty, I congratulate you on your anniversary. Let the years never show up on your appearance. Be happy and healthy, because these words contain everything that a person can wish for himself. I love you
Humorous birthday greetings in prose
My dear and beloved friend! You are the juiciest, most beautiful, most talented, smartest and most responsive girlfriend in the world! You are amazing and mind-blowing! I wish you not to know difficulties, and if obstacles stand in your way, just bypass them by the shortest path without loss. I wish you unearthly love, a happy family, a great job, a lot of shopping and goodies! Happy birthday, girlfriend! Love
A beautiful birthday greeting to a close friend
Best friend,
You’re like my own,
Happy birthday to you
Congratulations today.

I wish that your

Dreams have come true,
To have your mate in life
You met.

To be successful,

Desirable and beloved,
I want you to be a friend
I’ve always been happy.
Short SMS congratulations to a friend on her birthday
I wish you to be successful in everything,
So that all hopes are fulfilled.
Let the birthday be bright,
And happiness – sunny and hot!
Congratulations to a friend on the 50th anniversary in prose
Dear (girlfriend’s name)! On this wonderful holiday of your youth, femininity and beauty, I hasten to congratulate you! Stay a beloved wife and mom, a responsible employee and just a wonderful person. You deserve happiness like no one else. May your life be full of joy, laughter and fun. May your financial well-being allow you to travel a lot and enjoy life!
Birthday greetings to a friend in prose
Girlfriend, congratulations on this wonderful anniversary! I really appreciate and cherish you, so I want to wish only the best: let life be rich and full of positive emotions, let love warm you even on the coldest days! And dream, dream, dream – because dreams come true!
To the closest friend to a friend birthday greetings in prose
My dear, I sincerely congratulate You on Your Birthday! I wish peace in the family, harmony in the soul and, most importantly, health – it is never superfluous. So that she would always be happy with what she already has, but at the same time she never stopped setting new, no less grandiose goals for herself! Let the feeling of love constantly warms, and the beloved always remains a reliable
Beautiful birthday greetings to a friend with humor
Happy birthday girlfriend,
The closest person,
From the very first meeting!
It’s insanely boring without you,
Everything is dull and soulless,
You’re like the sun warming everyone,
And you will dispel the sadness in your soul,
This holiday is very bright,
I want to wish you a sweet,
sweet and beautiful life,
Be always the happiest!
Let your eyes always sparkle,
Sweet babies will be born,
Husband filled up with flowers
And with the tenderest words!
So that all relatives are healthy!
And there’s a cow
Vulgar birthday greetings to a friend are short
Let them always kiss you –
To all possible places.
Let it be regular in life
Not only breakfast, but also sex.
Dreams, desires are beating like a fountain
And does not worry about excess weight!