Short birthday greetings to a friend in prose
We always have new experiences and adventures with you, and that’s great. Happy birthday to you, dear, and may youth always live in your heart and youth in your soul!
A beautiful birthday greeting to your best friend
You are the only one for me,
Dear, dear, own.
Congratulations to you today,
My dear friend.

Let everything be super for you,

So that you will never be sad,
So that happiness and love are with you,
We always kept up with life.

To never lose heart,

To bloom brighter every day,
And that you are my girlfriend,
Always would have loved me.
Humorous birthday greetings to a friend in verse
I wish, girlfriend, to appreciate my life,
I wish to be young and slender forever,
I wish to tear a piece of happiness from fate,
I wish that not a single hair becomes gray!
I wish for a manicure, so that the money was found,
I wish that your life was sweet,
I wish you to change your hairstyle every day,
I wish that laziness did not overcome you!
Sms congratulations to a friend on her birthday in prose
Happy birthday, girlfriend! I wish you all the best, love, and positivity! I wish you to be surrounded by bright and kind people. May everything be fine with you!
A beautiful birthday greeting to your beloved friend
Happy birthday, dear!
I wish you a lot of joy,
Prosperity, all kinds of benefits,
So that the hearth of love burns.

Let wishes come true,

As in a magic spell,
Let success and luck come –
The world is meant for happiness.

Let the smile decorate,

Let beauty blossom
And it gives confidence –
Whatever you want will come!
Congratulations to a friend on her birthday long poems
I have known my girlfriend for many years,
As if she were already herself.
Today marks the birthday
I will wish only by loving:

Crazy nights and joyful dawns,

And colorful rainbows of kindness.
Only sincere friends of his greetings,
And the bird of happiness of a sweet dream.

I wish the sun a whole armful

And multicolored rays of flowers,
And in life, let everything always go smoothly –
There will be no clouds and gloomy
Birthday greetings to a friend from a friend in prose
When there is such a friend nearby, neither gray weekdays nor lonely weekends are scary. Therefore, I heartily congratulate on the birthday of a truly close and dear person to me – a like-minded person in spirit and just a wonderful girl. I wish you simple happiness and the most sincere love that makes life rich and beautiful!
Beautiful birthday greetings to a friend touching
Happy birthday, dear! Be the same fun.
Be the same responsive, sweet, simple.
And even though it can be difficult, smile anyway.
Know that I am somewhere nearby, that I am always with you.

And may your heart be happier with every second,

May your eyes never get wet from tears.
Be the same beautiful and loved all the time,
And let the soul live the fulfillment of dreams.
A beautiful birthday greeting to a friend is short
Girlfriend, happy holiday to you!
I sincerely wish you
To live bright, stylish and loving.
Burning with happiness and good luck.
Birthday greetings to a childhood friend in prose
In a children’s song, it is sung that a strong friendship will not break, and will not fall apart from rains and blizzards. These are holy words. We have been friends with you since childhood, but our friendship is growing stronger every day. We trust each other in everything, we help each other if necessary. And most importantly, all this is out of the kindest intentions. My dear friend, I
A beautiful birthday greeting to a childhood friend
Happy birthday, dear friend!
I remember this date from my childhood,
I could not imagine life without each other.
And we were friends, without hiding secrets.

You’re the same girl in the shower,

Just like you and I used to be.
Let the sorrows all go sideways,
Stay that way longer.

The sun and now let it laugh like that,

Giving you tenderness and warmth,
Your ringing laughter, as in childhood, pours.
Be happy, my friend!
Short birthday greetings to a friend with a joke
Be desired and loved,
Kind, joyful, beautiful.
As always – irresistible,
Sensitive and just as cool.
Congratulations in prose on the birthday of a friend with whom you have known for many years
My dear friend, congratulations! I’ve been in love with you for many years, or rather all my adult life. Even in kindergarten, you were special 🙂 We have already gone through so much together, and I’m afraid to imagine how much is still to come. You can always be relied on. Not once have you let me down. She always lent a helping hand in difficult times. Again and again
Beautiful sincere congratulations to a friend on her birthday
Let all the stars fall from the sky,
And they will light up unexpectedly by themselves,
Let spring come knocking to you,
And let love cover you with a wave.

Let there be no sorrows and troubles,

Let luck slide behind you –
You believe that the time is coming,
When we are closer to the main dream.

And no matter what happens next,

Be my friend you are happy,
I will share the warmth of my heart,
Short poems happy birthday to a friend
Be healthy, joyful and sweet,
Kind, friendly, beautiful,
The most, among all, unique,
Always welcome and always loved!
I wish you to joke, love and fall in love
Live in joy, happiness for many years
Without tears, without sorrow, without troubles!
Humorous birthday greetings in prose
My dear and beloved friend! You are the juiciest, most beautiful, most talented, smartest and most responsive girlfriend in the world! You are amazing and mind-blowing! I wish you not to know difficulties, and if obstacles stand in your way, just bypass them by the shortest path without loss. I wish you unearthly love, a happy family, a great job, a lot of shopping and goodies! Happy birthday, girlfriend! Love
A beautiful birthday greeting to a close friend
Best friend,
You’re like my own,
Happy birthday to you
Congratulations today.

I wish that your

Dreams have come true,
To have your mate in life
You met.

To be successful,

Desirable and beloved,
I want you to be a friend
I’ve always been happy.
Short SMS congratulations to a friend on her birthday
I wish you to be successful in everything,
So that all hopes are fulfilled.
Let the birthday be bright,
And happiness – sunny and hot!
To the closest friend to a friend birthday greetings in prose
My dear, I sincerely congratulate You on Your Birthday! I wish peace in the family, harmony in the soul and, most importantly, health – it is never superfluous. So that she would always be happy with what she already has, but at the same time she never stopped setting new, no less grandiose goals for herself! Let the feeling of love constantly warms, and the beloved always remains a reliable
Beautiful birthday greetings to a friend with humor
Happy birthday girlfriend,
The closest person,
From the very first meeting!
It’s insanely boring without you,
Everything is dull and soulless,
You’re like the sun warming everyone,
And you will dispel the sadness in your soul,
This holiday is very bright,
I want to wish you a sweet,
sweet and beautiful life,
Be always the happiest!
Let your eyes always sparkle,
Sweet babies will be born,
Husband filled up with flowers
And with the tenderest words!
So that all relatives are healthy!
And there’s a cow