A beautiful birthday greeting to a close friend
Best friend,
You’re like my own,
Happy birthday to you
Congratulations today.

I wish that your

Dreams have come true,
To have your mate in life
You met.

To be successful,

Desirable and beloved,
I want you to be a friend
I’ve always been happy.
Beautiful birthday greetings to a friend with humor
Happy birthday girlfriend,
The closest person,
From the very first meeting!
It’s insanely boring without you,
Everything is dull and soulless,
You’re like the sun warming everyone,
And you will dispel the sadness in your soul,
This holiday is very bright,
I want to wish you a sweet,
sweet and beautiful life,
Be always the happiest!
Let your eyes always sparkle,
Sweet babies will be born,
Husband filled up with flowers
And with the tenderest words!
So that all relatives are healthy!
And there’s a cow
Beautiful birthday greetings to a friend gentle
I congratulate you on your birthday! Let all the most glorious, kind, bright and long-awaited things happen in your life as soon as possible! Let love, luck and prosperity settle in the same house with you! Let there be peace in your soul, love in your heart, and confidence in the future in your thoughts!
Poems happy birthday to a friend beautiful greetings
Huge, huge thanks
I say to my friend dear,
For this day, the only one so far,
When firsthand we met with you!

For the undisguised joy at the meeting,

Complimentary speeches addressed to me,
For the purity of the soul and the warmth of hugs,
For respect for my studies!

For the wisdom that tactfully allows

Keep your mind and knowledge a little bit,
Highlight the merits of others more brightly
And thank them for any little thing!

Birthday greetings to a friend beautiful words
Dear girlfriend, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you attention, care, love, support, honesty and sincerity. May each of your dreams come true and bring great pleasure. Be healthy, loved, beautiful and contagiously happy! May all your wishes come true by all means. You deserve stars from the sky! Smile, today is your day!
A beautiful greeting in prose to a friend on her birthday
My dear friend! I sincerely want to congratulate you on the most wonderful holiday for you – your birthday. I want to wish you mutual love, family happiness, home comfort, good health and financial stability. Be always as kind, responsive, charming and attractive as you are!
Short birthday greetings to a friend beautiful
I wish you to shine brightly, live long, love sincerely, spend money efficiently, smile attractively and always be the most joyful. Happy birthday, girlfriend!
Beautiful sms congratulations to a friend on her birthday
Happy birthday girlfriend, bloom like a rose and meet the most fabulous prince on your way!
A beautiful birthday greeting to a friend is cool
Wish a friend today
I want to always be in fashion:
Stylish, bright and spectacular,
Let the colleagues in love
Compliments say
Let the lover look forever
You are accompanied again.
And I also wish:
To be loved forever,
For all the long years.
To obstacles and mistakes,
Turned only into smiles,
All obstacles and worries –
Only in life is pleasure!
All the cruel misfortunes
Turned into a stream of happiness!
So that you are always and everywhere
I was only on top!
A beautiful birthday greeting to your best friend
You are the only one for me,
Dear, dear, own.
Congratulations to you today,
My dear friend.

Let everything be super for you,

So that you will never be sad,
So that happiness and love are with you,
We always kept up with life.

To never lose heart,

To bloom brighter every day,
And that you are my girlfriend,
Always would have loved me.
A beautiful birthday greeting to your beloved friend
Happy birthday, dear!
I wish you a lot of joy,
Prosperity, all kinds of benefits,
So that the hearth of love burns.

Let wishes come true,

As in a magic spell,
Let success and luck come –
The world is meant for happiness.

Let the smile decorate,

Let beauty blossom
And it gives confidence –
Whatever you want will come!
Beautiful birthday greetings to a friend touching
Happy birthday, dear! Be the same fun.
Be the same responsive, sweet, simple.
And even though it can be difficult, smile anyway.
Know that I am somewhere nearby, that I am always with you.

And may your heart be happier with every second,

May your eyes never get wet from tears.
Be the same beautiful and loved all the time,
And let the soul live the fulfillment of dreams.
A beautiful birthday greeting to a childhood friend
Happy birthday, dear friend!
I remember this date from my childhood,
I could not imagine life without each other.
And we were friends, without hiding secrets.

You’re the same girl in the shower,

Just like you and I used to be.
Let the sorrows all go sideways,
Stay that way longer.

The sun and now let it laugh like that,

Giving you tenderness and warmth,
Your ringing laughter, as in childhood, pours.
Be happy, my friend!
Beautiful sincere congratulations to a friend on her birthday
Let all the stars fall from the sky,
And they will light up unexpectedly by themselves,
Let spring come knocking to you,
And let love cover you with a wave.

Let there be no sorrows and troubles,

Let luck slide behind you –
You believe that the time is coming,
When we are closer to the main dream.

And no matter what happens next,

Be my friend you are happy,
I will share the warmth of my heart,