A beautiful birthday greeting to a friend is short
Girlfriend, happy holiday to you!
I sincerely wish you
To live bright, stylish and loving.
Burning with happiness and good luck.
Short birthday greetings to a friend with a joke
Be desired and loved,
Kind, joyful, beautiful.
As always – irresistible,
Sensitive and just as cool.
Short poems happy birthday to a friend
Be healthy, joyful and sweet,
Kind, friendly, beautiful,
The most, among all, unique,
Always welcome and always loved!
I wish you to joke, love and fall in love
Live in joy, happiness for many years
Without tears, without sorrow, without troubles!
Short SMS congratulations to a friend on her birthday
I wish you to be successful in everything,
So that all hopes are fulfilled.
Let the birthday be bright,
And happiness – sunny and hot!
Vulgar birthday greetings to a friend are short
Let them always kiss you –
To all possible places.
Let it be regular in life
Not only breakfast, but also sex.
Dreams, desires are beating like a fountain
And does not worry about excess weight!
Funny birthday greetings to a friend are short
May fate give you
Hubby on a Mercedes
Three lovers for affection,
So that you live like in a fairy tale!
Best friend’s birthday greetings are short
I wish you spring warmth,
On the day I heartily wish,
Only joy, good luck and kindness,
Happy holiday, dear, congratulations!
Comic congratulations to a friend on her birthday are short
You, my friend, be happy in your destiny!
Happy birthday to you:
So that mink fur coats have their own personal boutique,
The husband littered with flowers and gave a romantic,
So that luck ran towards you,
So that the career shone in a chic fate!
Birthday greetings to a friend short prose
I wish you to shine brightly, live long, love sincerely, spend money efficiently, smile attractively and always be the most joyful. Happy birthday, girlfriend!
Happy birthday greetings to your beloved friend are short
I congratulate you on your birthday,
I wish you happiness, smiles, luck,
So that you are always happy,
My dear friend.
Original birthday greetings to a friend are short
Happy birthday! Happy wonderful Day!
Let the morning be lovely!
Let the heart be filled with joy,
And the cherished dream will come true!