Funny birthday greetings to a childhood friend
Childhood friend – you are an island of memories,
When we lived carefree and easy,
How much joy, knowledge,
But everything went away like a transparent haze.

On your birthday, accept congratulations,

Let the mood be great,
May luck always smile on you,
Let life never give a kick.
Birthday greetings to a friend funny words
Happy birthday, girlfriend! Incendiary mood to you, bizarre invasions and desires, sublime flight, not only fantasies, but also personal ambitions. Let your every day be something special and multifaceted, a little reckless and airy, just like you. Have an easy life and enjoy it, conquer the peaks the way you know how. Be happy – this is the main thing and let everything be wonderful.
Funny birthday greetings to a friend with humor
Girlfriend, I wish you,
To perlo always and in everything:
With a shovel to rake money,
And maybe even with a bucket.

Martini, cognac and tequila

I could mix it in the bathroom,
And to them, for decency, also
Champagne with foam to give.

Let it be for walking with your loved one

The Champs-Elysees are waiting.
Be bold and the happiest,
Let it be all “believe good”.
Funny birthday greetings to a friend short
I congratulate you on your birthday!
I wish you a life as sweet as jam,
The guy next to you is cool,
Achieve a lot in this life!
I wish you happiness, success and love,
Live, love and bloom with joy!
Funny birthday greetings to a friend funny
Happy birthday, girlfriend!
You’re my darling.
I wish you a drive, a stormy life in the rhythm of a jive.

Thin wasp waist,

Sweet limousine life,
The sea of sharp adventures
The second ninety.

Thin hairpins, mink fur coat

And a maid for cleaning, cooking and laundry.
And in gifts — jewelry.

So that the man was “what you need”

I’m with you every day.
I was dear to your heart,
Without problems, resentments and troubles.
Funny birthday greetings to a friend in prose
My dear and beloved girlfriend, happy birthday to you! I want to wish you the fulfillment of all desires, stormy, but true love, prosperity, interesting events and memorable travels. Indulge yourself with various little things more often and live on the positive. Stay the same sweet, beautiful, sincere, kind, but at the same time funny, mischievous and inimitable!
Sms birthday greetings to a friend funny
I wish you to shine brightly, live long, love sincerely, spend money efficiently, smile attractively and be joyful. Happy birthday, girlfriend!
Funny birthday greetings to a friend funny
Happy birthday, girlfriend!
May it never be hard for you
Neither in the doorway, nor in the waist, nor in the heart,
In love affairs – more pepper.

Boldly move forward without retreating,

All obstacles and men stepping over.
Be a great queen, smile.
Take treats from life and don’t be shy.

You are beautiful, just fucking very,

Your happiness will be near – that’s for sure.
And only a strong-minded person like you,
Worthy of you and will
Birthday greetings to a friend funny in verse
My sweet girlfriend,
How many years have we been together.
At what kind of parties
We didn’t perform the songs

How many parties were there

Frank and not very.
Do you even remember the duel
We arranged it. Precisely!

Well, I want to note that

So we have become more years old.
In a mini, you won’t notice us,
And the waist is not thinner.

But all this, honestly, is a trifle.

Not a hindrance to you and
Funny birthday greetings to your best friend
Girlfriend is sweet, dear,
I cordially congratulate you!
I wish you joyful moments,
The brightest new impressions,
Bloom with perfect jasmine,
To sparkle with an incomparable diamond,
In the soul of spring, in the eyes of fire,
To live, keeping kindness in the heart,
Beautiful, awesome love,
Gentle, beautiful, passionate, faithful,
Wealth, luxury, prosperity
And dolce vita, sweet, sweet!
Be happy on your birthday,
After all, you are worthy, without a doubt!
Funny birthday greetings to your beloved friend
Like, happy birthday, girlfriend!
Let there be a pond in life,
Let it fart you in business,
Don’t let the engine go haywire.

From burning three-story buildings

And from a pony at a gallop
I love you, fearless friend,
I’ll save it somehow.

Otherwise – how the chip will fall,

As the heavenly pakhan will say.
Don’t slow down yourself,
And everything will be fine.

You do not cough, do not hurt,

Do not drink “Cola” from the
Funny birthday greetings to a colleague friend
At work, we are together,
And you will save with advice,
And sometimes you will replace,
You’re my girlfriend!

And I wish you,

Happiness, joy, kindness,
Happy birthday to you,
Congratulations I love!

And I wish to be beautiful,

Be necessary for everyone,
Like a star to shine,
Never lose heart.

To live in prosperity and without troubles,

Long and magical years,
To be loved and to love,
To live in a three-storey house!