A beautiful birthday greeting to a friend in verse
I want to wish you light,
Myriads of sparkling days,
So that you are dressed in a smile –
So it goes to your essence!

I want to wish you summer,

Warm days, well, hot nights,
So that all day and all night, until dawn,
Everything warmed up in your soul.

I want to wish you a bird

Bright blue, like azure –
Let him fly, so that he will return again,
Protecting from troubles and from storms.


Funny poems happy birthday to a friend
Happy birthday, be happy,
My dear friend,
And wishes in your personal life
I’ll whisper in your ear later!
There are “beauties” that are without vodka
No beauties at all!
Well, we have you, pretty woman,
Intoxicating without vodka!
On your birthday I wish you,
That all your dreams come true,
That Men surround you,
And not March cats!
So that you can achieve everything.
To make life seem more fun,
We wish you a unit
And then a lot of zeros!!!
Congratulations, hugs,
And we shout
Short birthday greetings to a friend in verse
I wish the prince of foreign,
Great love and personal happiness,
To be beautiful and rich
And don’t forget about your friend.
Sms congratulations to a friend on her birthday in verse
My dear friend, happy birthday!
I wish you only pleasure,
Adoration, love, a little passion
Even a little bit of madness in part!
Sincere birthday greetings to a friend in verse
Be, girlfriend, you are always beautiful,
Be loved and be loving.
And also gentle, kind, happy,
And the same so that there was a way of life.

On your birthday you shine with happiness,

Pouring wine into glasses.
Together with him, you sparkle, play,
Intoxicating yourself at the same time.

I raise a glass to my friend,

Let the crystal sing with its ringing.
I hope for friendship with you,
That beckons and calls through the years.
Happy birthday greetings to your best friend in verse
My reliable friend, my beautiful friend,
I wish you, dear, that you were always happy.
So that your dreams do not disappear in the sky like a blue cloud,
So that they always come true, causing delight in the eyes.

So that the wandering island of love will take you into its arms,

This is, after all, the most important thing that I can wish for.
Let the beauty of our nature cause a rush
Touching congratulations to a friend on her birthday in verse
How much I want to say
Dear, on your birthday,
I wish you love, success,
Leaving congratulations in the shower!
Let your dreams come true,
Which are difficult to approach.
Spring beautiful flowers
They will begin to lie down at your feet!
Let it be on the path of life
There will be no bad weather,
And you will be able to go forward,
Carrying love and happiness in your hands!
Congratulations to a tearful girlfriend on her birthday in verse
How good it is that there is a girlfriend in the world!
That we can postpone our business
And just go to each other for an hour
Without pathos and a magnificent table.

I’ll trust you with everything without question,

You will not deceive, you will not betray me.
You reason subtly, like a philosopher,
I’m smarter with you day by day.

I wish you happiness, dear,

So that your eyes shine every time!
I love, appreciate and
Humorous birthday greetings to a friend in verse
I wish, girlfriend, to appreciate my life,
I wish to be young and slender forever,
I wish to tear a piece of happiness from fate,
I wish that not a single hair becomes gray!
I wish for a manicure, so that the money was found,
I wish that your life was sweet,
I wish you to change your hairstyle every day,
I wish that laziness did not overcome you!
Congratulations to a friend on her birthday long poems
I have known my girlfriend for many years,
As if she were already herself.
Today marks the birthday
I will wish only by loving:

Crazy nights and joyful dawns,

And colorful rainbows of kindness.
Only sincere friends of his greetings,
And the bird of happiness of a sweet dream.

I wish the sun a whole armful

And multicolored rays of flowers,
And in life, let everything always go smoothly –
There will be no clouds and gloomy