Congratulations on the anniversary to your best friend
You are celebrating your anniversary today, dear friend,
Our friendship with you is without edge,
I don’t want another girlfriend.

I wish you from the heart,

Female happiness, faithful love.
I trust you, as I trust myself,
You always keep this friendship.

Know, girlfriend, that I will be there,

And laugh and cry with you.
And share one starfall,
Enjoying one moon.
Congratulations on the anniversary to a friend in your own words
My favorite girlfriend. You’re the best little man in my life. I can trust you with all my worries and joys and I know that you will support me in any case. Thank you, my dear. Today I want to congratulate you on your anniversary! Be healthy, cheerful, free in thoughts and actions, rich in soul, loved by the heart, protected by the forces of heaven, warmed by the rays
Congratulations on the 45th anniversary to a friend
Happy anniversary! You’re 45,
But we won’t tell everyone about it,
So glow like you and shine
And at fifteen, not everyone can even!

Let the amazing shine continue

Does not fade in the eyes, will not go out,
Arouse interest in men,
Becoming both wiser and more beautiful!
Touching congratulations on the anniversary of a friend
You are my life and my soul,
I congratulate you on your anniversary.
You are my best friend for ages,
I wish you a great life.

Even if we don’t see you often,

You remember, I’m always with you.
You will find your great happiness,
And don’t ever let him go!
Sincere congratulations on the anniversary of a friend
Best friend,
You’re like my own,
Happy birthday to you
Congratulations today.

I wish that your

Dreams have come true,
To have your mate in life
You met.

To be successful,

Desirable and beloved,
I want you to be a friend
I’ve always been happy.
Congratulations on the anniversary to your beloved friend
I will congratulate you today as a sister.
Congratulations to you, dear!
In the whole world, my friends are closer and dearer Than you are to me, I do not know.

I wish you many happy days,

Lots of happiness, victories and successes!
Beauty and love, and health – doubly!
Congratulations, smiles and laughter.

And when this anniversary of yours passes,

Let the memory remain:
I want with all my heart, let my wishes be valid all
A short congratulation to a friend on the anniversary
Congratulations, and I sincerely wish
To make life brighter and brighter,
And the heart always beat joyfully,
From luck, happiness, from warmth!
And your road should be bright!
Congratulations to a friend on her 50th anniversary in her own words
My dear friend, I congratulate you on your 50th birthday and sincerely wish you to remain a kind and sweet woman, a wonderful and clever hostess. Let your family love you, and your friends respect you, let everything be great in your life, let luck and success await you in any business.
Congratulations on the anniversary of a friend of 60 years
60 years is not just a birthday.
60 years is an honorable anniversary.
Girlfriend, so accept congratulations
On this great, very important day.

May there be a lot of happiness in your life,

People who are dear to their hearts take care,
So that you, a friend, smile more often,
In the family, so that there is order and comfort.

I wish you success, joy, and health.

So that every day is full of magic.
Let the heart
Congratulations to a friend on the anniversary of 50 years to tears
With you, we cried the sea of tears,
We shared a wagon with you,
We shared joys and sorrows with you,
A million holidays have been celebrated with you.

There are still a dozen left behind,

But at fifty, you’re just as young.
In the soul you keep the imprint of life,
But this is an experience over the years.

Be true to yourself and go through life boldly,

There will be many achievements on your way.
Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of a friend
Happy birthday! 30 years old —
Amazing date,
There are no reasons for sadness,
Rich life experience,
Your family values you,
My husband can’t get enough,
Loved ones, friends,
You are dear to me too.
Have fun and be good –
Even if there is bad weather around,
It will clear up in the soul,
If there is love and happiness!
Beautiful congratulations on the 55th anniversary to a friend
You applied makeup,
You’ve let your hair down.
You bloomed like a rose,
As if thunderstorms flew by.

You were able to prove to everyone,

That you can become beautiful and successful.
You just need a little patience
And get rid of all doubts.

Be, girlfriend, you are always like this.

Don’t let the years touch you.
I’m sending you beautiful words
On the 55th anniversary evening.
Congratulations on the anniversary of a friend of 35 years
We can’t turn back the clock,
Is it necessary to try?
You’re 35 today,
But you look twenty!

Perfume, outfits, heels –

You are extraordinary!
And stacks of men
They lie down invariably!

Girlfriend, have fun living,

Smile more often!
Bloom with happiness and love
And stay cool!
Funny congratulations on the 55th anniversary to a friend
I think I’ve known you for a hundred years,
But two “fives” stand side by side.
Today you put on the crown,
A faithful friend, my beloved.

I will congratulate you on your anniversary today

And I wish to stay young,
So that your body works properly,
So that joy goes on in a continuous furrow.

So that everything is fine and fine in the family:

Prosperity, peace, grandchildren, a full house.
Live, girlfriend, just chocolate.And,
Congratulations on the 55th anniversary of a friend in prose
My dear friend, today you are 55. I sincerely congratulate you and wish you not to lose optimism and faith, to be cheerful and cheerful always, to give smiles and love to your family, to shine with happiness and achieve your goals, not to stop dreaming and enjoying life.
Congratulations on the 55th anniversary to a friend in your own words
My dear friend, I congratulate you on your 55th birthday. I would like to wish you optimistic strength and cheerfulness of soul, respect and wonderful opportunities, incredible beauty and kindness of heart, great mood and high success, family well-being, peace and comfort.
Sincere congratulations on the anniversary of a friend of 55 years
My dear friend, on this festive day, without hiding my delight, I congratulate you on your anniversary. I want to wish you the fulfillment of all your plans, and let all your dreams come true. Be always healthy, beautiful, happy and satisfied with your life. I want our friendship to grow stronger every year. Know that I am always there and ready to help you in a difficult moment with
Funny congratulations to a friend on the 50th anniversary
Ah, beloved girlfriend,
Is it really fifty?
And she looks like a very girly girl, a ringing laugh, a playful look.

Young and energetic,

And fresh as a May flower,
Outwardly you look great,
Well, what fifty kopecks? No,

I don’t believe in your age,

And today I congratulate
Happy anniversary to you
Twice, but at twenty-five.

So that, as in twenty-five, I dreamed

And loved, and could,
I could do everything, I managed
And she was happy.

To make the

Touching congratulations on the 55th anniversary of a friend
Two 5-ki stood side by side
It turned out to be an anniversary.
But do not be sad
Smile more cheerfully.
On the anniversary Birthday
I am sending my congratulations.
Be cheerful, fair, cheerful and happy.
To sorrow and sorrows
Never visited.
So that the years do not rush
And for everything, you would be enough
I wish you good health
Success small and large.
The love of all loved ones and relatives.
I wish you a lot of strength, good luck.
I wish my
Original congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a friend
Happy fiftieth birthday,
Dear friend!
We will celebrate your anniversary,
Pouring it in full.

To drink for you beautiful

Today we will be a lot,
To be sunny, clear
There was a destiny road,

So that every moment

You smiled with your heart,
So that autumn and time
I didn’t give up my soul.

Let it bloom, it doesn’t end

Crimson summer,
And you, my beauty,
You will always be warm

With love and care

Friends, children, spouse.
Until the hundredth anniversary
Be happy, girlfriend!