Beautiful congratulations on the 55th anniversary to a friend
You applied makeup,
You’ve let your hair down.
You bloomed like a rose,
As if thunderstorms flew by.

You were able to prove to everyone,

That you can become beautiful and successful.
You just need a little patience
And get rid of all doubts.

Be, girlfriend, you are always like this.

Don’t let the years touch you.
I’m sending you beautiful words
On the 55th anniversary evening.
Funny congratulations on the 55th anniversary to a friend
I think I’ve known you for a hundred years,
But two “fives” stand side by side.
Today you put on the crown,
A faithful friend, my beloved.

I will congratulate you on your anniversary today

And I wish to stay young,
So that your body works properly,
So that joy goes on in a continuous furrow.

So that everything is fine and fine in the family:

Prosperity, peace, grandchildren, a full house.
Live, girlfriend, just chocolate.And,
Congratulations on the 55th anniversary of a friend in prose
My dear friend, today you are 55. I sincerely congratulate you and wish you not to lose optimism and faith, to be cheerful and cheerful always, to give smiles and love to your family, to shine with happiness and achieve your goals, not to stop dreaming and enjoying life.
Congratulations on the 55th anniversary to a friend in your own words
My dear friend, I congratulate you on your 55th birthday. I would like to wish you optimistic strength and cheerfulness of soul, respect and wonderful opportunities, incredible beauty and kindness of heart, great mood and high success, family well-being, peace and comfort.
Sincere congratulations on the anniversary of a friend of 55 years
My dear friend, on this festive day, without hiding my delight, I congratulate you on your anniversary. I want to wish you the fulfillment of all your plans, and let all your dreams come true. Be always healthy, beautiful, happy and satisfied with your life. I want our friendship to grow stronger every year. Know that I am always there and ready to help you in a difficult moment with
Touching congratulations on the 55th anniversary of a friend
Two 5-ki stood side by side
It turned out to be an anniversary.
But do not be sad
Smile more cheerfully.
On the anniversary Birthday
I am sending my congratulations.
Be cheerful, fair, cheerful and happy.
To sorrow and sorrows
Never visited.
So that the years do not rush
And for everything, you would be enough
I wish you good health
Success small and large.
The love of all loved ones and relatives.
I wish you a lot of strength, good luck.
I wish my
Short congratulations to a friend on the 55th anniversary
Two fives at your age –
This is a sign that everything in life is on five!
Happiness in the heart, the sun outside the window,
And today – it’s nice to take a walk!
55 years old sms congratulations to a friend on the anniversary
You can create comfort in the house,
Bake pies, greet guests with love…
Let surprises await you every day,
And only health is added!
Congratulations on the anniversary of the best friend of 55 years
Well, honest people, hold on:
We celebrate our birthday.
You get two fives
You’re for the life you’ve lived.

How good are you, girlfriend,

Everyone in the neighborhood knows for sure:
At fifty with a piece of five
Baba berry again.

Don’t cry about the years,

We wish you happiness,
As for youth – passion
And health and love.