Beautiful wedding anniversary greetings
Today is your anniversary for two,
Let the time fly by unnoticed,
But the same bride, and the same groom,
And the same love is selfless.

We wish you to keep up,

Without sorrow and regret.
There are so many good things waiting for you ahead,
Luck, success and luck!

Let’s pour glasses together

And we will shout to you sweet \”bitter \”!
Live, love, dream together –
Many more times you are so much!

Funny Wedding Anniversary Greetings
Leopold the cat said to live amicably,
His covenant is known to everyone.
But you don’t need to count the years –
This is not the main thing at all.

Another anniversary

Just let it bring you two closer together.
You have a reason for happiness –
Love! She’s livelier than the living!

Congratulations on the wedding anniversary in your own words
I congratulate you on this bright day! The family is a living organism. Therefore, always remember that if a person has one leg injured, he limps. If a person has two legs injured, he cannot walk at all. And if a person’s feet touch each other, he stumbles. Therefore, I wish you to always live together, in peace and love, and most importantly – take care of each other!

Congratulations on the wedding anniversary to the husband from the wife
It’s our anniversary today
And I want to say now:
I am proud of you, my man
For all actions, every hour!

I wish our hands

They never opened.
And we take care of each other
We have always been happy!

Congratulations on the wedding anniversary in prose
Happy wedding anniversary, dear! How wonderful that your feelings have not faded since the wedding day, but have become deeper and stronger! May mutual understanding, respect and, of course, Her Majesty – Love always reign in your family! Love and appreciate each other, and may your family only become stronger and happier!

Congratulations on the wedding anniversary in verse
Congratulations on your anniversary,
With a beautiful pigeon date!
Once were half –
Now you are forever united!

Let happiness be unchanged,

Everything in life is extraordinary,
Luck will become a faithful friend,
And the feeling will be inspired!

Let your children blossom,

And they dote on you two,
Let everything they dream of
In life, the embodiment acquires!

We admire you tenderly –

In your love you are so boundless!
Cute and slightly funny
By its sinless purity.

So stay young,

Congratulations on the wedding anniversary to the wife from the husband
My affectionate most,
Understanding, kind,
Surprisingly desirable,
Very wise, special.

I wish you sincerely

To live next to me for a century.
Have become close over the years,
How can I not appreciate it?!

Congratulations to friends on the wedding anniversary of 11 years (steel)
Steel wedding is a long time,
You’ve come a long way together.
Years, as the notes in the song flashed by,
And it seems that it’s been quite a bit.

Eleven–well, is that a lot?

For happiness, if it flows over the edge?
Not a long – wide road,
Such that it’s not life, but just paradise!

You have a good time together, friends know about it,

So let the dream go on!
Today your relatives
13 wedding anniversary greetings in your own words
Congratulations on the lace wedding, on the joint 13th anniversary. I wish you to decorate your happiness with lace of joy, tenderness, kindness and understanding, I wish you to put aside all bad omens and live together, beautifully and cheerfully for many, many years.
Congratulations on the 15th wedding anniversary in your own words
I congratulate you, dear ones, on the 15th anniversary of your family, on the crystal wedding, on the anniversary of youth and the heyday of your relationship. I want to wish you a peaceful sky and wonderful weather, good hopes and happy events, funny stories and endless love.
Congratulations on the 12th anniversary of the wedding in prose
I heartily congratulate you on the nickel anniversary, with 12 years successfully lived in love and peace. I wish that your relationship will continue to remain strong, that your happiness will be stable against any failure and misfortune, that your eyes will be filled with the sparkle of joy, and your hearts with the warmth of mutual tenderness!
Congratulations on the 14th anniversary of the wedding to friends
Heartfelt congratulations,
On Agatova’s wedding day, friends,
May the Lord send you a blessing,
Always live in peace and harmony.

you have been together for 14 years, congratulations,

We wish you good health and good luck,
All the best to you, happiness and kindness,
Let the family always live in prosperity.
Congratulations on the 15th wedding anniversary to my husband
Well, darling, can you imagine
That we’ve been together for 15 whole years?
I would never have thought of leaving you in my life,
My favorite cure for all troubles!

I could look at you forever,

At least we studied each other inside out.
And let it be there, where the milky way passes,
The star of my love is burning for a long time!
Congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 12 years in your own words
I congratulate you on your nickel wedding, dear ones, on the wonderful 12th anniversary of your family life. I want to wish you successful dawns, good health, sincere feelings, lasting happiness and a promising future together.
Congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 14 years are cool
Do you live well here,
And you eat and you sing.
We’ve come to congratulate you,
We brought you some threads as a gift.
We suggest taking glasses
And pour the wine.
Let it be in this house forever
It does not end.
Let’s have a drink, friends,
For those fourteen years,
Which did not bring with them
We have sorrows and troubles.
For always being kind
We were for each other.
For being about your friends
We haven’t forgotten everything.
Congratulations on the 15th wedding anniversary to my wife
On the day of our crystal wedding
I want to tell you:
If earlier I would have known
About such a fate,

I would be proud of myself

And envied myself,
So successfully I got married,
Honey, on you.

I’m with you, my dear, together

For 15 years now!
And a happier person
In this world there is simply no!
Happy wedding anniversary 12 years short congratulations
Happiness is the right foundation
Only in love, my friends!
We congratulate you again
Happy birthday to the family!
Beautiful congratulations on the 14th wedding anniversary
Agate wedding is precious:
The wife is beautiful and very modern,
The husband is a mature, wise man.
The family is strong, and it cannot be broken forever!

And there are children – happy offspring.

Do you remember your first acquaintance?
Where did it all start, then,
And how did you manage to survive everything?

May everything be so wonderful in the future

And the night is warm, and the morning will be clear.
Happy – both
Congratulations on the 12th wedding anniversary funny
We are all waiting for love to come,
The wedding is now – how old is it?
Youth, songs and freedom
They come to us like the dawn.

12 years – that’s the strength.

So the holiday has come to us –
The wedding is nickel! Anniversary
We celebrate, and – at the table.

A holiday familiar to us since childhood,

Congratulations, poems.
Let them remain as a legacy
All roads that are easy.

Let it come into your

Congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 14 years to my wife
we have lived with you for 14 years,
And we have never been sad,
Congratulations to my wife today,
And I wish you many joys,
Always stay beautiful,
Dear, smile more often,
Always be by my side,
Let’s go the way of life worthily!